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Interficio, Mortis, Furiae!

Particiapting Organizations
Red Rum
Philosophe Knights
Legends of Darkness
Kill Deus257
Late Night TV Crue
The Malton Bounty Emo Killers
Creedy Guerilla Raiders
Bad Habit
Brotherhood of the Reckoning

w a l l a b y
Tooth Decay
Sister Anne Simpson
Sonny Corleone
Sister Steamvirgin
Matt Aries

Individual Events
24 Hour Sprint.jpg24-Hour Sprint
Long Jump.jpgLong Jump
Dead Lift.jpgDead Lift
Pole Vault.jpgPole Vault
Shot Put.jpgShot Put

Team Events
4x24Relay.jpg4x24-Hour Sprint Relay
Leap Frog.jpgLeap Frog

Welcome to Malton's First Player Killer Olympic Games!

The Player Killer community of Malton has raised the act of homocide to an art form such as humanity has never seen in its history. Let us no longer be deprived of sport by virtue of quarantine and the presence of the fetid undead. This September, the Player Killer community will gather in diabolical competition to learn who among our number are the best of the best at executing execution.

Across the city, over a multitude of organized events, Malton's Player Killers will have the opportunity to prove their mettle in the homicidal arts, and many, many innocent residents of the city will perish for our sport. Join your fellow psychopathic athletes in a quest for citywide recognition as one of the greatest at what you do - assassinating the cringing cattle that cowers in fear of the rotten hordes. Demonstrate yet again that in the face of our unpleasant infestation, that something beautiful can be created through destruction.

The Games have Begun!! Update for: 9/11/08

Over the past two days, killers across Malton carried the torch in a maniacal ceremony to celebrate the start of the Games of the 2008 Inaugural Player Killer Olympiad. The torch traveled far and wide, and others wantonly ended the lives of survivors in unconditional support of the games. Thousands of survivors woke to the smell of sickly sweet burnt human flesh. Mourn not your fallen fellow sheep, survivors! For once, their deaths were not utterly pointless! They contributed to something larger than themselves! They entertained us, and they allowed us to forever mock their cow-like participation in a festival of death!

Last night, thousands of Player Killers congregated in Buckley Mall in Wyke Hills to carry their organization's standard in a lighthearted celebration of the games. The event was well represented, and many survivors saw the light of their own existence extinguished as the Player Killer Olympic Cauldron of Flame was officially lit.

Seekandyeshallfind kicked off the event with the following words:

Tonight we gather to celebrate violent death. An avocation as old as man himself. Freud said ““The very emphasis of the commandment: Thou shalt not kill, makes it certain that we are descended from an endlessly long chain of generations of murderers, whose love of murder was in their blood as it is perhaps also in ours” There is no perhaps about it, we here are killers, and we enjoy our jobs. This day we take murder beyond Cain’s wildest dreams by combining it with that other worthy endeavor – sport.

For the next 5 weeks, the killers of Malton will demonstrate their mastery of the art of horrifying, terrifying death. Let the walls that contain us tremble with the screams of the innocent, and the streets run with their blood. I hereby declare the games of the 2008 inaugural Player Killer Olympiad OPEN!

Interficio, Mortis, Furiae!

The historical honor of lighting the cauldron went to Freewill1, who kind of runs like a girl when he's on Fire

A full description of the Torch Relay and the Opening Ceremonies will be available soon at the PKO Opening Ceremonies page.

The schedule begins with the following events:

  • 24-Hour Sprint
  • Marathon
  • Baseball

Groups or individuals interested in scheduling baseball games should contact me or post on the Baseball Thread at the forum. I will create another thread for "Collaborating to create teams" for folks in smaller groups or individuals.


How do I Join the Competition?

  • Recite the PKO Oath out loud.
  • Each week, a certain number of events will be announced, with accompanying parameters for each event.
  • Choose the event(s) in which you wish to compete
  • Equip and prepare yourself for the competition.
  • Perform the tasks required for the event – e.g. Kill people.
  • Take the required iWitness reports shots of you performing the event
  • Submit the iWitness reports to the PKOC for evaluation
  • Await your rank based on all submissions
  • Accept medal if appropriate.

Individual events will take place within specific windows of time. During the time window, you will need to decide which events you care to participate in, and equip yourself appropriately. The windows will be devised in hopes that the largest possible number of people will have the ability to perform to their highest potential, given adequate time to prepare and execute a submission for medals.

Team events will take place at scheduled times, determined to work best for the majority of players. A team that does not show up to a scheduled team event with the required number of players, will forfeit that game.

Teams can be any combination of players from any group or groups, and large groups can field multiple teams.

Who is running the Games?

The idea came from Malton's largest Player Killer group, Red Rum, but input shall be solicited for a specified duration prior to the games from the entire player killer community, and nominees from groups will be selected to serve as member of the Player Killer Olympic Committee (PKOC), who will serve as arbiters of all rules, and judges of all events. Watch this space for more details.

Is this another DEM Pancake?

No. It's a fun idea, it's been carefully planned, and you should hush up and join the fun. The rules have been designed to allow the greatest flexibility possible, and should result in a staggering body count across Malton for the duration of the Games.

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