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Red Rum

"The largest PKer group in the game" – famed for our massed timed strikes, even Caiger Mall and Fort Perryn have fallen in our wake. A full Rum contingent at war is a fearful sight – often leaving few to escape at all.

One of the elder and larger groups in the game, most Rummers have utterly lost it. We're content to shoot at anything that moves – largely including other Rummers and allies in a mishmash of blatant nonsense. Our antics are largely chaotic; individual Rummers are free to suggest what they like, but ultimately much descends into chaos. We've killed Malls, Forts and ridiculed the largest groups in the game – if it's variety, Red Rum is who you are after. Red Rum make up the most powerful PKers in the game – more than equalling the power of the entire allied forces of every other PKer group in the game. Onwards!
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