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NOTE: This weapon never existed in the game, and was merely spread as a rumour as part of a coordinated PKer hoax in November 2007.

This is a parody page created by Red Rum.

The first seasonal weapon in Malton, found only on Nov 1
Damage 75 points (60 against a flak jacket.)
Base accuracy 50%
Capacity 1 Drum Magazine (50 rounds)
Locations Armories (2%)
Encumbrance 15%
  • Starting Skill: n/a



On November 1st, 2007, people searching the Armory in Fort Creedy and Fort Perryn allegedly were able to find a Tommy Gun in addition to the usual shotguns and pistols, and drum magazines in addition to the usual clips and shells.

The gun and its ammo were only available in the forts; none were reported found in the Mall gun stores.

Researchers who went back the next day to verify these claims were unable to find a Tommy Gun no matter how many AP they used searching. It is believed that the Tommy Gun was a seasonal modification supplied by Kevan specifically for the Dia de los Muertos (November 1), much like the better-known fog and stale candy modifications seen on Halloween.


A building being cleared of zombies with a Tommy Gun.

The Tommy Gun was a groundbreaking weapon in several respects. It was the first automatic weapon in the game, emptying its entire magazine with a single click of the mouse. It was the first insta-kill weapon in the game--every bullet had a 50% chance of striking its target dead on the spot. It was also the first seasonal weapon Malton had seen, adding to the list of seasonal clothing (like masks) and seasonal items (like Christmas Decorations).

Potentially game-changing, the Tommy Gun had the ability to empty a building of a medium-sized horde of zombies within moments. Once fired at a zombie, the gun continued to fire until a bullet hit (and therefore killed) the zombie, and then moved on to the next zombie in the stack, shooting until it died, ect. ect. It would continue to fire until the drum magazine ran out of bullets or until there were no more zombies in the stack (at which time it would display the "Your target has moved away" message).

Immediately zombie players protested, claiming that the introduction of the horde-clearing Tommy Gun was Kevan's biggest nerf to zombies yet. In light of their protests, perhaps it is best that the Tommy Gun was only a seasonal weapon, and (presumably) will not be available again until next November 1st.

Perhaps unavoidably, before November 1st was over, some PKers had discovered the new update and were using it on other survivors instead of on zombies. It seemed that the Tommy Gun worked on survivors much the way that it did on zombies: continued to fire until the first survivor died, moved to the next survivor in the room, and continued to fire until it either ran out of bullets or there were no survivors (other than the shooter) left in the room.

Thus, in several malls across Malton, the Tommy Gun was demonstrated to be as effective at mall-clearing as it was at horde-clearing. It was also an indiscriminate weapon: once fired at a survivor, the shooter could not pick and choose his targets, and was as likely to kill friends and allies as anyone else.

The Tommy Gun in use by a PKer at Pole Mall on November 1st.

On November 2nd the Armories stopped yielding Tommy Guns and their ammunition, and the only ones left in Malton are those that had been hoarded and not yet used.