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-The Red Pants
-The Red Peasant
-The Red Raconteur
-The Red Tuesday

Current Nobility
Definitely More Than One.

Depleting Malton's Ammo Stores: One Mall At A Time.'

Body Count

Recruitment Policy
We ask only the following:
1. Shoot people that take the game crazily seriously,
2. Shoot the leadership,
3. Shoot malls and shit in coordinated attacks,
4. Leave your vendettas behind.
5. (Recommended) Have a pro-survivor and/or zombie alt.

♥ Neutral Point of View ♠

The Wanderers are lone nuts of Red Rum. Their behavior is generally marked by the random and senseless killing that tends to enrage straight survivors. It's generally difficult to keep tabs on a wanderer because they live up to their name and wander around Malton, seldom staying in a single spot for too long. Despite their propensity for anti-social behavior, Wanderers do sometimes interact with other PKers to reach common goals, even participating in the occasional Strike.

♣ End Neutral Point of View ♦

Department History

The Wanderers were originally set up by Sirens Discord to bring random and senseless death to the survivors of Malton. Many wanderers are true lone operators who seldom interact with others -- including fellow Rummers. However, wanderers often join in common cause to hunt down members of a specific group, specific survivors who have committed egregious crimes against PKers, collect shiny medals and awards, revive other wanderers and other assorted activities.

Department Aims

The aims and activities of the Wanderers are varied. Most wanderers strive for a certain level of freedom and autonomy that inherently leads them to participate in a variety of activities. Typical activities include hunting down specific groups of survivors, hunting down a specific survivor due to egregious offenses against PKers (this is not to include griefing, an individual wanderer is to kill a single survivor only one time) and attempting to win awards for various activities (including killing a survivor in each mall in Malton or killing 26 survivors whose names begin with each letter of the alphabet). However, there are some collective enterprises taken up by the Wanderers, and they are described in greater detail below.

Department Leader Profile

Suburban Ed is the current leader of The Wanderers, given that he is never around to lead them and they are never around to be led.

If we were to reopen the wanderers, then I'd say that Ed would be the perfect leader. However, until then, he's just a guy wandering around killing people and not helping us with our goals.

Given, wandering is his right and all, and I really have nothing against him, but it's a little annoying to have a *leader* of a group doing so little to actually help it pursue its goals.

—ThreeSided, from forums

Ed is far too busy killing people for this forum nonsense!

Seriously, he has like 10%+ of our kills by himself.


Yeah, Ed is a murdering machine! Pretty sure he's killed more chaps than anyone else in the game, never mind this group.

Karloth vois

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There is no need to worry, for this user will soon enter your suburb, kill you, then fade back into the night, for this user is a Wanderer.
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