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Redemptionists are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 06:43, 12 March 2010 (UTC) Not Inactive?

The Redemptionists
Abbreviation: None, although alternatively called "The Redemption"
Group Numbers: 9
Leadership: He of brave heart, and blind worship of Him
Goals: To be a servant of the Holy Emperor and purge the Mutant, Heretic, and Traitor.
Recruitment Policy: Sinister red clothing optional.
Contact: Imperium Group/RP Forums

The Redemptionists are a group created for the "Gang Wars" unofficially planned to happen in Malton. They were founded on October 2nd as a Warhammer 40k-themed Gang with the goal of purging Malton of the presumed other gangs that would form.

After the "Gang Wars" effort appeared to have been slowed or stopped, the Redemptionists shifted gradually toward attacking and killing nearby Zombies and PKers with bounties... The Redemption is confirmed to be clustered around the Cathedral of Saint Matthew in Gibsonton (Known as "His Most Holy Cathedral" in Redemptionist IC terms) but smaller elements are stated to be in other areas moving slowly in that direction or heading out upon quests to proselytize in public areas.

A "second front" of this group was formed in Molebank around the Cathedral of Saint Jude known as "The Temple of Our Martyred Lady" to its followers. This splinter sect led by Parson Johanas has since become a seprate group called The Ecclesiarchy Militant.

The Redemptionists are perhaps most notable for their adherance to the Imperial Cult of Warhammer 40k during In-Character messages to the "Heretic Masses" of Malton both in-game and on the unofficial forums of Urban Dead. Redemptionists are encouraged to do such things with the speak function as stop in survivor safehouses and preach on various subjects, and to give a small taunt or catchphrase to Zombies ("Mutants") and PKers ("Traitors") they are about to kill to mark their slayer as a member of the Redemption.

Redeeming Malton, One Mutant At A Time

The Redemptionists are many things. Some call them the Holy Warriors of the Emperor's Might, bent on the destruction of abominations in His name, others say they are a bunch of lousy potential Pkers despite the fact that they haven't actually PKed anyone so far. Whatever they are, their stength is their faith in the Emperor and they have been sent to purge the Mutant Taint that has taken His once fair city.

Tremble foes of man, for The Emperors legions never rest in His service!

Membership and Leadership

The members of the Redemption are not split up into a rigid hierarchy, since they all are doing the Emperor's work. As of late, a small number of the Priesthood led by the group's founder Deacon Possenti have started to organize the group and issue crusades and quests for various significant objectives.

Those with Brother, Father, or Deacon in their name are known as the Priesthood and are universally so far created specifically for the group. Those without such a name are known as converts. The Redemptionist splinter sect group mentioned above centered around St. Jude's Cathedral has its own nameing standards

Membership in the Redemption requires no special skills, although a grasp of Warhammer 40k Fluff is probably necessary to fit in correctly with the group's IC Nature. Redemptionists are prohibited from purchasing zombie skills, but like all of the group's rules, this can be ignored provided that the member has a suitably amusing excuse. Hypocrisy is more than acceptable - it is encouraged, as long as it is funny.

Relations to other groups

In a related vein, a zombie group called The Redeemed has sprung up. Though created seperately they have made a comon cause with the Redemptionists.

Though for a while this group seemed to have developed a second branch in Molebank they have recently split over some small points of doctrine. The break ocured with little acrimony due to the distances involved. Some small degree of division is now seen between the behavior of the Redemptionists and The Ecclesiarchy Militant.

The Redemptionists are part of The Imperium.

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