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Centrifugal governor.png
Abbreviation: Regultator
Group Numbers: open
Leadership: none
Goals: maintain game balance and enjoyability
Recruitment Policy: just follow the policies
Contact: no need, thanks

Regulator Policy

Regulators are players who aim to preserve game balance, most often as represented by the population balance of numbers of zombies vs numbers of survivors. As with players who follow the Dual Nature policy, Regulators do not favor of one side or another as a matter of choice; they simply enjoy the game, and hope others will also. However, Regulators do support one side or the other when that side is currently at a disadvantage, in order to bring the game back into balance. They may do this by intentionally killing / reviving their characters to aid the "loosing side", or they may even go so far as to let one character idle out in favor of another, depending on which "team" is in the lead. When the game is balanced (typically seen as neither side having more than 55% of the population) they may revert to Dual Nature play, or they may keep pushing in order to trigger the sort of imbalance that keeps the game lively- and gives them something to fix!



Centrifugal governor.png Regulator
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