Remfry Bank

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Remfry Bank

Pennville [85,87]

Surtees Cinema a cemetery a factory
Blight Lane Remfry Bank the Neale Hotel
the Buckoke Building the Holcombe Building the Luff Building

Basic Info:

  • All banks were emptied or looted prior to evacuation. Tagging a bank earns 1 XP.
  • Banks are Dark buildings.
  • Among the internal descriptions found in Banks:
    • "The vault lies open, its contents either looted or transferred."
  • Banks can be barricaded normally.
Picture taken of Remfry Bank with old camera just few days ago.


Remfry Bank
EHB. The PG needs some fuel.
--Kjlometros (talk) 11:45, 17 June 2020 (UTC)

Current usage

This building is being used by Game-Cavemen as their primary HQ. When ever possible, it should be equipped with powered up radio set on 27.80 MHz.

Should be extremely heavily barricaded at any time.

Access from the Buckoke Building.


Era of murder

It was an early March at the year 2006. Remfry Bank was having a pretty usual day, with no zombie attackers or any other danger on sight. But on third week of that month, new heavily armed survivors started arriving there and showed no signs of leaving. Some of them claimed to be in a new group, but most denied everything.

Some time later, on 18th of March, Remfry Bank was taken by finnish survivor group called Game-Cavemen with no warnings. In next two weeks they drove most survivors outside and killed those who were left behind. That started minor conflict between GCM and several other survivors.

Era of peace and prosperity

Luckily the conflict only lasted for several days before, on 5th of April, GCM announced that it would no longer drive people out, but instead offer them a safehouse from all zombie hordes attacking nearby stronghold named Fort Perryn. Along with the changes with the bank, GCM also took the Buckoke Building as their secondary HQ. Meaning of this was to allow easy access to the bank itself and also give cover for those who couldn't get there.

As long as GCM has been on the area, Remfry Bank hasn't even once fallen under zombie hordes and will most likely stand proudly for months to come.

The night of sorrow

25th of May on the year 2006, group of zombies broke past the barricades and started killing people sleeping inside the bank. Some of us never had a chance to defend ourself, but few took arms and fought back. The fight didn't last long and the horde was soon defeated, but our morale was severely weakened because of both losing our safe heaven and many of our friends.

Even with Remfry Bank rebarricaded and cleared of zombies, it's spirit will never be the same.

27th of May, just when we thought that the nightmare was over, Remfry got hit again. This time the mob was bit stronger than the last time and our defences were a bit weaker. I was one of the first to get dragged out of the battle as a walking corpse.

I think that together these two hits took the lives of ten or more survivors.

29th of May there was a third hit in a row... I'm getting tired of zombies hitting us back.

30th of May that would make four.. I guess someone really hates the place.

31st of May Hah! It seems they finally put Remfry out of it's misery. Every living thing either escaped to somewhere else or was slaughtered. Remfry and the Buckoke Building are both taken back already, but it might take some time for people to fully rehab them again.

TBB and fall of Pennville

14th of August, Around the noon GCM gathered in Remfry Bank to build up their defences against The Big Bash. 12 hours later at the start of 15th day the building fell and all but few of GCM members were slaughtered. During that day the whole Pennville was completely annihilated. Several days passed and GCM kept hiding at southern Pennville, barricading and reviving what they could, with more than dozen members alive. The fun lasted untill around ten days after the main wave, when their safehouses (including Remfry) were raided and almost every member was eaten alive. Because of the lack of syringes, after the Malcolm Building was ransacked by the hordes, it took untill the end of month for people to regroup at southern Pennville and to rebarricade most of the buildings.