Renegade Brigade

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Renegade Brigade
Abbreviation: REBR
Group Numbers: 1 (at the moment)
Leadership: Sixclaw
Goals: Killing zombies, killing assholes, retaking suburbs and looting
Recruitment Policy: Just be active, add youself, and ask if you want to know more
Contact: Discussion, or ask Sixclaw

The Renegade Brigade is a pro-survivor group which was founded on Jan. 5th, 2011, by Sixclaw. We are currently located in South Blythville and the Southwest Area, looking for suburbs to liberate and rebuild. Recruitment will be up and running soon, and anyone who is good at making Wiki pages can help edit this page to make it better; we are constantly expanding this page. If you would like to join, post on Sixclaw's talk page or alternatively on this page's talk, add yourself to our group or find him currently located at Marven Mall. Just because we are pro-survivor, doesn't mean were playing Mr. Nice Guy. We might not help people out unless there's something in it for us, or if we're feeling generous.

PKing is not encouraged - we're renegades, not psychopaths - though it is not strictly enforced. Usually the only times when it is Okay to PK is if someone has PKed you or someone is being a complete dick to a group member or ally, in which case you have complete permission to blow their heads off their shoulders. You might not want to be too liberal when it comes to that, however; you should be able to tell the difference when someone is joking and when their being an ass. You will be not be reprimanded unless you attack or kill a fellow group member or an ally, or are indescriminately Pking left and right, which may result in a severe warning or expulsion.

More to come on the few policies we have; we're renegades, rules aren't our first priority.

Radio station is 26.40 MHz! Broadcasts will be of differentiating frequency, depending on how often we have a powered transmitter and a safe HQ.

Our Maltonian History:

The Renegade Brigade started with several friends hanging out at The Brinklow Arms, pre-apocalyptically. They drank beer, played pool, fought with bikers and had a good time. When the apocalypse struck, they barricaded themselves inside and fired at any zombie that came too close. When the last rescue trucks finally arrived, they got on board and were almost out of the city, when the truck in front of them crashed into a nearby building, spilling a horde of zombies from the apparently recently infected truck. It became a mad scramble for escaping the city; the military fired at zombies and survivors alike, not discriminating between them in the heat of the moment. Two of the mates from the bar managed to escape the carnage and chaos by running down a back alley. A chunk of the top part of the quarantine wall was slightly busted, allowing room for only survivor by the name of Jim Daniels, a hardcore ex-biker, to escape, with a boost from the other survivor, Chris Godfrey. Before Jim climbed over the wall, he gave Chris his biker jacket, a bandana, and a loaded shotgun, and told him "Remember the Brigade - I'll be back with help, I promise". Chris put on the clothes and cocked the shotgun and left the alley; the wall was too high for two people to climb over at a time. Leaving the alley, he saw that the carnage had died down, the zombies were all dead, but the military was gone and the gates to the City were closed shut. A few survivors climbed out of the wreckages of some buildings, some being from the bar. Chris told them that he would take them to safety and went back to the alley with the survivors in tow, and assisted them in climbing up and over the wreckage. As most of them were over, a survivor succumbed to his infection and attacked and infected other survivors, Chris held them off with his shotgun, until there were too many, and he was forced to flee with the remaining survivors. They went back to the pub, waiting for the day where help would come and they would be rescued...while continuing the legend of the Renegade Brigade.

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