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Renegades of Funk
Abbreviation: RoF
Group Numbers: around 10
Leadership: Guano Apes
Goals: Havoc in Havercroft.
Recruitment Policy: 27.50 weekly
Contact: Go to Ackland Mall, Shoot loads of people

A group for funk

Hey if your reading this then you've stumbled across the Renegades of Funk Page. Its a little bit of fun run by two friends, who like to make this game a little more fun than the mindless running, killing, hiding, searching and reviving it is normally, so we like instead to play little games. This is not a Survivor group, or a Zombie group or a PKer group or indeed an Anti Pker Group...

If you wish to play, change your group to 'Renegades Of Funk' add your alias to the list at the end of the page, the name may be an alias if your characters name would give an advantage to the 'opposition',, or if you are a real hero... just put your real name


Previously this group was run by 15-20 users, whos aim was to spread general mayhem and humour across the city of Malton. Games such as "Eikhaug Must Die!", "Cross City Kill Challenge" and "Lol-charging" were attended to regularly and with great enthusiasm. A short war was fought with the Crimson Clan across Havercroft and Barrville resulting in numerous casualties on both sides. Now only a handful of members are left as regular players, however the group remains commited to its dream of anarchy, hilarity and generally creating a nuisance

Radio Funk

- Regular broadcasts on 27.50 citywide by DJ pepper, MC-Lovin amd Proaganda Pete - All the best in contempary Jazz Funk, Electro and Techno comming at you live from our secret studios located somewhere within East Malton - Song Suggestions and Dedications welcome, but not neccesairly adhered to - Criticism and abuse appreciated from all quarters - RoF news broadcasts once a week on 27.50 giving YOU the latest on the grapevine!

Talk:Renegades of funk


'REAL' names in Bold

  • searmeMCMXCIII - Crimson Killing Champion '08
  • Ted Buckland - City Cross Country Killing Champion 08, 09
  • DJ Pepper - 2 Grammies and counting
  • DJ Dutch - (original radio producer, now possibly inactive)
  • Propaganda Pete - Best Party host in the country
  • Shaolin Joey - Lol-Charge Champion '07
  • MC-Lovin - je suis une robopaon

Other Stuff

Any one who wishes to join our group because they like jazz-funk or really for whatever reason should just change their group in their profile to 'Renegades Of Funk' then get your funk on :D humourous screenshots are always encouraged on this page.

Anticrimson.jpg Hate The Crimsons
This User or Group Hates the Crimson Clan and would like to see them all perish mercilessly

Hat.jpg Honor Among Thieves
This user or group supports the Honor Among Thieves Policy & finds that PKing is more fun when only innocents suffer.
Check-Mark-Reviewed.jpg Group Confirmed.
This group was confirmed active. Thank you for your reply.