Republic of Scarletwood

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Republic of Scarletwood
Abbreviation: none
Leadership: President-ShadowScope (Z)

Head of Octagon-Trotski USSR (H)

Goals: Remain netural in the Zombie-Human War. Rebuild Scarletwood and restore it to its original greatness as an economic superpower in Malton.
Recruitment policy: Both Zombies and Humans are allowed to join the Republic. Must contact the head of the branch they want to join, or the President himself, unless invited by the head of a branch or the President.
Contact: Shadow Scope

Trostki USSR

The Republic of Scarletwood is founded by President ShadowScope (Z), with the purpose of economic recovery of the subhurb and declaring neturality from the Zombie-Human War. This netuarlity means that both Zombies and Humans are allowed to join the Republic, as long as their love is for Scarletwood. Because of this policy, members on this wiki page has a (H) or a (Z), indicating their race.

In the first meeting of the Republic of Scarletwood, a vote was held to declare its indepedence from the City of Malton, citing its failure to maintain order, and as protest for oppressive tax burdens placed on businesses pre-outbreak. The Republic has established a military branch, known as the Octagon, with the goal of defending Scarletwood from those that wish to destroy or overthrow it. It also passes a declartion that anybody can enter and exit the Republic of Scarletwood, without need of passports. However, the Republic are against anyone who is attacking the its property. It also passes a law stating that they are not connected to DARIS and hates them for their PK policy.

The Republic of Scarletwood has a no-PK tolerated policy, unless the PKer in question has a practical and plausible reason for PKing (i.e., taking revenge on a PKer, being a bounty hunter) The Republic of Scarletwood do not engage in PK themselves, unless they have been attacked first.

History of Scarletwood

-March 14, 2006: Republic of Scarletwood holds first meeting. Declares indepedence.

-March 26, 2006: Zdastroich, comrades! The Octagon has sucessfully taken over two warehouseskis. One willski be usedink for the storage of the vodka the factoryink is producing and the other will be usedink for confidental purporseskis. Rejoice, comrades! Long live the Republic of Scarletwood! —Trotski USSR, Head of the Octagon

-April 14, 2006: Zdastroich, comrades! The Republic of Scarletwood has allowedink Bribebal Bail to establish his neutralski economic groupski, the Bail Real Estate Foundation, in Scarletwood. The HQ for his groupski is Cummings Bank, so do not killski any zombieskis at or inski the buildingski unless orderedink by the Octagon! The sameski goes for Club Dort, which is the meeting placeski for the Bail Real Estate Foundation. Long live the Republic of Scarletwood! -Trotski USSR, Head of the Octagon

Economic Progress

We ask for aid to help rebuild the Republic. Both surviors and zombie groups are encourged to help pour in forigen aid and maybe set up trade agreements. If you are interested, please contact The President or the head of one of the branches.

Completed Projects None.

Current Projects: Will be added in soon.

Important Buildings

Vodka Factory (78, 83)

Vodka Warehouse (72, 86)

Government Warehouse (70, 84)

The Republic of Scarletwood McZeds (71, 85)

Other buildings to add soon.