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A Zombie Group, currently operating around Pimbank.
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Abbreviation: RZ
Group Numbers: 6
Leadership: Oligarchy of Founding Members and perhaps others
Goals: Level our members and fight the good fight
Recruitment Policy: Any zombies or survivor aggressive humans
Contact: We'll call you

A Zombie Group, currently operating around Pimbank.


The mission of the Revenant Zombies is to make sure all of its members are leveled, and fight the good fight. We will attempt to systematically destroy buildings and survivor groups wherever we might roam.

We've been operating as a private group of friends as of May 07. While we do not currently have a recruitment policy or elaborate organization, you are welcome to join our group and mob with us if our mission lines up with yours.

Official Opening Build

  1. Vigour Mortis
  2. Death Grip
  3. Rend Flesh
  4. Tangling Grasp
  5. Lurching Gait
  6. Ankle Grab

Founding Members

More Members

That's right, your name goes here. Don't forget to include your profile if you've joined us.

Break in List

  • (05/21/07) Nunn Building - Pimbank - 4 kills - Ransacked - Held 5-8 hours
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