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Revenge Squad
Abbreviation: RS
Group Numbers: Growing
Leadership: Agent J Krauser
Goals: Assisting in the invasion of Ridleybank and helping survivors
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: Contact Agent J Krauser via

The Beginning

The Revenge Squad is a collaboration born out of the few brave survivors willing to make a stand at Ridleybank. Through AIM and IRC we have come together to reach a common goal: Revenge. Too many times we've seen our comrades dragged off into the night by the vicious zombie hordes. Too many times have we as survivors been forced to relocate, just because the next big zombie group decides to stroll in our neck of the woods. Well we say enough is enough. This time we're the ones that are going to be strolling into THEIR neighborhoods.

Revenge has never tasted so sweet.


We have no room for loafers and disorganized survivors in this squad. We attack together and we survive together. Our plans are to be kept under tight wraps, and any leaks in information will be thoroughly investigated.

Current Operations

12/21/07- Continuing the invasion in Ridleybank.--Agent J Krauser 05:22, 22 December 2007 (UTC)

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