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Operation Zombie Whupass 1: An elite contingent of RCDC warriors invaded Ridleybank from 1-15 December 2005. We killed off 55ish Zeds, saved some asses, and then hightailed it back to Rhodenbank in time for a merry little holiday binge at the Ablett Arms. Joint operations with the Randallbank Coalition were successful, and we look forward to working more closely with them in the future.

Operation Zombie Whupass 2...was a civic-minded but ill-timed attempt to bolster the defenses of Treweeke Mall in support of our allies the D.D.D.S. and the Sons of Treweeke. Regrettably, we arrived late on 23 January 2006, when the mall was already hopelessly infested with zombies. Thus, acting with our usual lightning-quick, ninja-like dexterity--and after downing a swift one at the Ablett Arms--we promptly switched to Plan B, or

Operation Zombie Whupass 2.1 Multiple RCDC operators headed to the Caiger Mall in order to help defend against the large hordes of undead attacking the mall. We went, killed a bunch of zombies, barricaded a lot, and then decided to return home. There just weren't enough zombies there to make it interesting.

Operation Zombie Whupass 3: Home Defense - A number of zombie groups and hordes became upset with the relative safety of our suburb. First, a small, new group of survivors calling themselves the Rhodenbank Warriors all died tragically. As new zombies, they tried to break back in to their former headquarters, the Starr Building, but were thwarted by the inablility to remember how to open doors. They later mistakenly claimed to have won their "war" with the RCDC, then promptly dissapeared.

Operation Zombie Whupass 3.1: The Drunken Dead came through, dealt localized damage, and moved on. Passing back through, the DD were stalled by a valliant, weeks-long survivor effort at Hindmarsh Row Police Department. Then the Pwotters showed up with some detestable living turncoats and ruined the day. Fortunately, once the rouges moved on, the station was quickly reclaimed.

Operation Zombie Whupass 3.2: A couple weeks later, the RRF and a number of feral zeds steam-rollered through Rhodenbank on their way to Treweeke Mall. Resistance seemed futile, but recovery was swift once the horde moved on. Noticing the length of the horde's attention span was based on resistance met, some RCDC members began looking in to the newly coined River Tactics.

Operation Zombie Whupass 4: We got whupped: After over two monts of relative calm once again settling over Rhodenbank, rumor began to spread of the mega-horde the Big Bash. This group was formed from many zombie hordes to devastate as much of Malton as possible. A minor difference of opinion formed within the RCDC as to whether to stand and fight (using our AP advantage in barricading) or whether to implement River Tactics and bore the horde into moving on ASAP. Within a few days of the horde entering Rhodenbank, the revive points were crowded, and most buildings were in shambles with zombies swaying inside. Once the main part of the horde moved on, those which had "flowed into the void" came out of hiding and began the arduous task of rebuilding. Fortunately, most of the occupying enemy force were gone soon after they were kicked out of each building. Rhodenbank was back up in working order within a couple weeks.

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