Rhodes Park

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Rhodes Park

Tapton [41,73]

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St. Matheos's Hospital Rhodes Park Cullingford Road Railway Station
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Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Rhodes Park (41,73) is located in the North West quadrant of Tapton.

The park is dedicated to Janelle Rhodes, a wealthy woman who lived in Tapton during the 30s. She helped build several hospitals across Malton. It is often said that her ghost can be seen walking among the park's many trees and that feminine laughter can be heard coming from a creek that cuts through the center of the park.

Rhodes Park is now used as a revive point in Western Tapton. It is maintained by the Ständige Vertretung. Zombies in the area looking for a revive may also wish to try Dix Place. Please post revive requests at http://bit.ly/bnhv4y (DEM) or http://bit.ly/oyRPDe (StäV).

Revivification Requests

As of 11th September 2015, there is no possibility to make a request for revive at the Forums of Ständige Vertretung (StäV). To get a revive, you will have to wait at Rhodes Park.