Riddell Way Fire Station

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Riddell Way Fire Station

Ketchelbank [46, 35]

Banbury Square the Telfer Building Stalling Street
the Russell Building Riddell Way Fire Station wasteland
the Horder Motel Chafey Walk St. Eusebius's Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


Riddell Way Fire Station
Last updated June 2018
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Malton Fire Department

Riddell Way Fire Station's claim to fame in post-apocalyptic Malton is that it borders two NecroTech buildings and therefore has seen more action than a cheap date on a Saturday night. Often used by low-level survivors seeking a safe hiding place from the zombies roaming the street, this fire station is cheerily featured in the Malton City Zoo visitor map, which has subsequently fallen into zombie hands. The bright red fire station with smiling cartoon fire fighters has enraged many a zombie sufficiently that after a long day Graghing at the empty zoo enclosures they stop in for a quick bite.


Before the quarantine, Riddell served as the home base for the first responders who were called on a near weekly basis to respond to zoo emergencies which generally consisted of one of two broad categories: children who did not appreciate that the laws of physics did not discriminate by age and adults who did not appreciate that a zoo involved walking at least some distance before the next opportunity to sit down.

Barricade Policy

Per the suburb barricade plan the fire station should be kept at VSB+2 at all times, but given its proximity to two NecroTech facilities, it is subject commonly to overbarricading. Free running survivors are directed to the nearby St. Matthias's Church revive point for entry. Low-level survivors may seek shelter in nearby churches or the junkyard.

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