Ridleybank/RIC Minimum Path

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This is a minimum AP path that passes through each of the tactical resource points (TRP) in the Ridleybank suburb. useful for both survivors needing a barricade path and zombies wanting to keep abreast of survivor antics. It requires 27 AP to pass through each square in the open, without entering. A further 15 AP would be required for zombies should they want to check inside, while free-running survivors will use about 4. To use the path, simply chose a start point and follow the flow-path until you return to your chosen starting point.

As a note, having done all the math on this, the author notes he forgot Acreman Road Fire Station. Using Blomfield Grove Police Department as a starting point, go to Acreman, then to the factory. This adds 5 AP to the path length, for a total of 32 AP on an outside-only run of the path.