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Shortly after the group's inception, it was clear that the RRF's famously fast rate of recruitment meant that the population would soon surpass saturation point. This was dramatically demonstrated at the early October siege of Nichols Mall, wherin the entire Mall was crushed within 48 hours, to the surprise of most involved. Shortly after this, Petrosjko and grim s announced [1] the decision to split the Ridleybank Resistance Front into two combat groups, simply named Group 1, and Group 2. These groups would initially share both offensive and defensive duties in rotation, while one group was sent out into a neighboring suburb, the other would protect Ridleybank.

I shall end much speculation now, as we chart our course for the newly liberated suburb of Ridleybank, which has been largely purged of the unlawful human elements that have plagued our more perfect society.
First, everyone pat yourselves on the back. Those temporarily without arms, seek a friend to pat you on the back, because the Horde takes care of its own.
We have not only broken the back of human resistance in Ridleybank, but we cleaned out a nest of aggressors in the nearby mall, who were assaulting our innocent citizens as they proceeded about their day.
Now, how does one organize chaos, you ask?
And I answer!
With simple math skills!
We will subdivide the horde into two groups.
These two groups will be named, oddly enough, Group One and... oh, get this... wait for it... Group TWO.
Grim will then organize and list the Groups.
At any given time, one group will be busy patrolling Ridleybank, tearing down barricades, and attacking any armed human trespassers, while the second group will be assaulting the bases and stronghouses of our militant neighbors. Every three or four days, the groups rotate, so we defend our home and act proactively against those who would harm us.[2]

With the creation of Group H (Previously the Department Of Homeland Security), the groups were released from the need to rotate defensive duties in Ridleybank, meaning the horde could spread it's arms further than ever before. The Ridleybank Resistance Front has a formidable reputation as the most dangerous horde in Malton, and much of this reputation was built by the groups, who have, between them, laid waste to over half of Malton City.

Command Structure

Operations are typically conducted through the forums at BARHAH.com, while a mass-private message system has also been developed for important announcements. Each group has it's own thread, maintained by their respective leaders.