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Ridleybank ZKers
Abbreviation: RZK
Group Numbers: 4 and recruiting
Leadership: One Angry Zed (nominally)
Goals: Aid the harman cause by undermining the RRF and other anti-survivor zombies
Recruitment Policy: Post your name + id here, and add the group tag--our members need to be identifiable to our harman friends
Contact: oneangryzed AT aol.com

Group Description

Born out of the bloody battles fought by the Blackmore Bastard Brigade in Ridleybank, this loose-knit zombie group is dedicated to aiding humans and attacking hostile (i.e. anti-human) zombies--particularly, though not exclusively, those of the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Surprisingly, there's a lot of good work that can be done by zombies to zombies in order to aid the survivor cause. That said, the Ridleybank ZKers have no beef with peace-loving zombies who merely wish to go about any other non-brain eating business. We also don't operate exclusively in and around Ridleybank, though inevitably we end up back there.

Current (Known) Members

One Angry Zed
Jym Schortz

Current Operations

Though we of RZK spend most of our time undead, we nevertheless appreciate the valuable services of the YRC for our living comrades. The Yagoton Revivification Clinic is arguably the finest and most famous such clinic in all Malton, and we have decided to give our support to the forces marshalled there to retake Yagoton and restore the clinic to functioning status. All ZKers are invited to join in the fun! --One Angry Zed 04:16, 27 March 2007 (BST)



March 27th

With the fall of Hildebrand Mall in Roftwood (despite our noble efforts to grief the heck out MT'07, which did at least elicit a comment from the famous Mobbo, to the effect that OAZ has not barhah), RZK have decided to head north to Yagoton and fight for the YRC. --One Angry Zed 04:20, 27 March 2007 (BST)


February 27th

The essential role of ZKing to the survival of the Blackmore building is, alas, proved negatively--while OAZ was out returning a book to the QSG, gone no more than 24 hours, the Blackmore apparently fell. Still, a credit to ZKers everywhere that the building held this long. --One Angry Zed 05:19, 27 February 2007 (UTC)

February 24th

Blackmore III is going well for the harmanz, with the inevitable hostile zambah breakins failing to make any significant dent in the survivor population. ZK Punk appears to be continuing to fight the good fight, as are Hesse and myself. Curiously, one RRF'er, Gerny has taken a particular interest in striking back, at least against OAZ. Survivors inside do not appear to register any specific recognition of ZK activities, and, unfortunately, wasted some ammo on OAZ before he was able to exit the Blackmore Building after dealing some harm to a hostile zambah. --One Angry Zed 01:49, 24 February 2007 (UTC)

February 16th

Currently 11 or so hostile z's standing inside Blackmore--OAZ, having enough AP for the occasion, followed them in and brought one zambah down to within a shotgun shell of headshot, and helped bring another within a pistol shot's worth. In the process, he noted that quite a few of the hostile zambah seem to have Nexus War as their group affiliation. One wonders whether naming themselves after a horrible game is in fact part psychological warfare. --One Angry Zed 16:57, 16 February 2007 (UTC)

February 15th

Hesse and One Angry Zed continue to grief the horde of 100+ zambah outside of Blackmore, zmazhing zambah and propagandizing as best they can. Blackmore seems to be holding reasonably well, and the RZK take some credit in helping undermine the menace outside, particularly its RRF members. ZKing in general seems to remain at a fairly high level. --One Angry Zed 03:57, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

February 12th

Having finally given up the flesh he temporarily retained to attend QSG lectures, One Angry Zed returned to Ridleybank to join his RZK colleague Hesse in delightful zambah zmazhing mayhem in the Blackmore area aka the battle of Blackmore III. In the process of chewing a few recognized members of the RRF, he has noted that zombie on zombie attacks seem to be more frequent at Blackmore III; perhaps it is simply younglings taking advantage to level up--perhaps something more is going on. A new, unaffiliated ZKer made what seems to be his first official appearance here today, ZK Punk , uttering "Ah nah harm harmanz. Ah harm zambah baga zambah gan gan aghan! Harmanz nah zanna bagahm zambah, ah ah nah harm zam." Well said, ZK Punk! In related news, some hostile zambah have engaged the issues in public debate: both Crazy Ben Erwin and the ever-familiar Freeky Zombie have both plead the hostile zambah cause, hoping, apparently, to counter the harman-friendly philosophy embodied by RZK. --One Angry Zed 02:50, 13 February 2007 (UTC)


Technically, the mission of this group isn't really to ZK, as in kill zombies, as a priority. ZGing, as in Zombie Griefing (or even more accurately, Zombie Zombie Griefing), would probably be a more appropriate acronym. The only zombies worth ZKing immediately are those who lack the Ankle Grab skill (and will still have to burn 10AP to stand up) or those who have broken into a building that has survivors in it, and might be prevented from doing further harm. For all others, the 1AP cost to our targets to stand up makes ZKing itself a relatively worthless endeavor.

After careful experimentation and study, the following are the recommended tactics for all group members:

  1. Build your contacts list with targets: Every time you see a zombie engage in anti-survivor activity as reported in the game's interface, add that zombie to your contacts list so that you can single it out as a target in present and future encounters. Moreover, this will enable you to effectively track the goals and movements of harmful zombie groups, and undermine the work of their most active members.
  2. Prepare targets for a headshot: In short, bring targets down to within one or two bullets of a headshot (<=10HP). As some of our targets in the RRF have come to discover much to their surprise, a wounded zombie can't recover its health by jumping out a window--it either needs to bite its way back to health (requiring Digestion and either wounding another zombie, or finding humans to chomp, who might well deliver them unto headshot instead), or beg a friend to chomp it the rest of the way to death + restoration, tough to coordinate without metagaming. It is recommended that group members not reduce targets much below 10HP to leave room for exploratory attacks by other fellow ZKers.
  3. Follow the Feeding Groan: A feeding groan, of course, means that a survivor is currently (or recently) under attack--this is the place you may be able to help the most, particularly if it is the result of a fresh break-in. Once in, announce yourself to the survivors with a cry, if you have Death Rattle, of something to the effect of "Ah nah harm harmanz, ah harm zambah!!" Following that, start attacking zombies, and watch the surprise in both human and zombie faces as the target's HP drops as the result of both human and zombie attacks. It is recommended that once you are low on AP, that you depart the building or area in order to avoid having survivors not familiar with you or our group waste bullets on a friendly.
  4. Follow the RRF: Find one of the RRF's key members, or any large group of zombies, and monitor them to discover when they lay siege to a building. As you wait among them, if you see that barricades are nearing breach, keep clicking on the "Enter Building" button--it won't cost any AP if unsuccessful, and it will enable you to enter as soon as the enemy zombies break in. Once in, do as described above. This is one of the surest ways of aiding survivors and reducing the effectiveness of enemy zombie attacks.
  5. When in doubt, bite at random: If you've got Infectious Bite. Some of our RRF targets, particularly the Gore Corps, like to cause trouble when revived. Might as well give them an infection to cure as well once they're revived. Think of it as the zombie clap.
  6. Preach: If you have a lot of AP, and are in a large group (particularly in the case of a siege), and have Death Rattle, consider delivering a short lecture to try to dissuade other zombies from continuing their anti-survivor ways. Brief injuctions such as "zambah brahzaz, nah harm harmanz, harm zambah" or "nah harm barragagz, gah ham zambah, gah ham" may well convert some to our cause--or cause them to spend some AP refuting your point, or simply attacking you.
  7. Support effective revive points: If you are near a revive point with a lot of zombies, consider getting in line and checking for "garbahz" zombies (anti-survivor zombies) per your contacts list and knocking them down in preparation for (one hopes) a headshot, as above. If a survivor is present, and you have the requisite skills, point out the garbahz zambah to the survivor to aid in its identification and destruction.
  8. (NEW) Kill zombies occupying buildings: While actually killing zombies standing outside of buildings remains a generally unadvisable activity, with the increasing use of tactics such as the Salt The Land Policy, where hostile zombies spend their off-hours occupying buildings to prevent their easy reclamation, a potentially valuable response is for ZKers to locate zombies inside opened buildings and kill these zombies, so that if a survivor comes by, it will be easy for them dump the body, repair the building, and start 'cading. The fact that a zombie is inside a building suggests that, in fact, they are intending to rest there for some time, making it more likely that your kill will last long enough for a survivor to benefit. Note that this is most valuable if only one or two zombies are standing inside a building--needless to say, if you have more than that, survivors aren't likely to find it a suitable home.

Most important, however, is that we never harm harmanz (excepting revivified members of the RRF, particularly the Gore Corps). Sometimes, in carrying out our important work, we may be shot by a survivor not familiar with us as a member of this group, or the group's goals. That's ok--a bit sad that the ammo was wasted--but we don't seek revenge for such unfortunate mistakes. Can't blame the survivors for being trigger-happy given the current state of Malton.

Group Policies

  1. Absolutely no zerging. Much of the appeal of the Ridleybank ZKers as a group is, of course, to human players who might want to play zombie without harming the survivor cause. Unfortunately, this also has the potential to encourage zerging, or the use of multiple characters in a directly coordinated fashion. Without repeating the rules found on this wiki and elsewhere against zerging, it is important that every member of the Ridleybank ZKers maintains a significant distance (at least one suburb, and preferably at least two) between any survivor alts and any zombie alts they have in the Ridleybank ZKers.
  2. Absolutely no dental or medical. The Ridleybank ZKers, in expectation that its members will mostly play zombie, offers no dental or medical group policies. This keeps overhead low and befits a group that lacks a formal structure.

Some of Our Targets

The following lists some zombies (primarily RRF members) who have been observed repeatedly engaging in anti-survivor activities. Group members should add them to their contacts list and consider them particularly "hot" targets, especially those listed in bold, who function in leadership roles. Those marked with an asterisk (*) have been noted to spend an inordinate amount of time as survivors, frequently headshotting RZK members (among other dastardly deeds).

Brain Masticator
Carl Muscarello
Chris Feldhaus
Dooms Doug
Dweezle Maharg
Fenris Ungor
Ghoulius Caesar *
Ilmari Walker
Murray Jay Suskind
Night of the Me
Renard Blood
s metcalfe
The Lurker7

Whats the enemy's opinion on this ZKing matter?

--->Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 4:36 pm<---
That One Angry Zed guy attacked me in Blackmore the other day. Makes me wish I'd kept my harman form, just so I could put a bullet in him. Wouldn't accomplish much, but it'd make me feel better. --Goolina

--->Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2006 7:28 pm<---
Bah. ZKing isn't a problem. It's when they leave you at 5 hps that it is annoying. Just check in when you have a few minutes, and spend your 1 AP to stand back up if you've been knocked down. -- "Papa" Patrucio

--->Wed Nov 08, 2006 10:55 am<---
OAZ was griefing me last week after the MH&S article about Zk'ers. I just stood back up for one AP and they moved on after a couple of days (probably to Goolina, though I'm not sure why). Again, I've got to emphasize that ZK'ers aren't an actual threat. All they do is waste AP and make you blow 1 single AP. They're annoying as hell, but if we get back at them, or even acknowledge them (as I found out last week) they get even worse. (In addition, if you attack them you're blowing AP that's much better spent on harmanz.) Barhah! --Murray Jay

--->Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 3:05 am<---
One Angry Zed has moved on, but if I see them anytime soon, they'll get a pice of my mind, and whatever else I leave behind. I saw One Angry Zed gesture at you earlier, so i didnt know if he was friend or foe now. Now I know better. --Deathbymoshpit

--->Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2006 5:40 pm<---
One Angry zed is at blackmore and the bastard got me down to 7hp teamkilling f^cktard--The Lurker 7

Got to love those silly (but tough as nails :) RRFers. We love you too!

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Join the Ridleybank ZKers http://tinyurl.com/2ba8k5

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