River (Borehamwood)

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The magnitude of Borehamwood's river is seen when highlighted on the city's map. The river is displayed in blue, to the far right of the map, running north-south.

The river is a map feature of Borehamwood. The river is one of the location types unique to Borehamwood. It is also one of the locations in Borehamwood featured in Dead Set (the television series on which the Borehamwood map is based.) It consists of 379 river squares, 2 river locks, and one associated building: the boathouse. The river occupies 3 regions: Countryside (East), East Borehamwood, and Southeast Borehamwood. It consists of both shallow and deep squares. The shallow river squares act as normal open land. They can be entered by zombies and survivors, and there are even walls on which to spraypaint graffiti. The deep river squares, however, cannot be entered by any player. Clicking on the darker colored deep river squares in the game's minimap results in the following message:

The river is too deep and strong to cross here.
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