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29.00 Riversong was formerly one of the most popular radio stations in Malton. The station's studio, formerly located on Woodborn Drive, burned down within the first 2 weeks of the quarantine. (maybe the molotov was a bad idea Jim)

Recently however, survivors in the Dulston area have been using salvaged transmitters to bring back the station, to broadcast important information, such as major zombie activity, or help for those who honestly have no idea what they're doing (with the occasional radio show, if someone with a transmitter gets bored, or if I get pissed at Jim and the transmitter is on again).

Notable Broadcasts

First post-quarantine broadcast broadcast from Maria General Hospital in Havercroft on 4/6/2015

"Is this thing on? Jim, I think you broke the transmitter."

"Damn it Jim, first you burn down the studio, and now this!!!"

"Wait, it's working? You can hear us?"

"Everyone with a radio tuned to this station can hear us?"

"Sorry about that folks."

"We're still getting a few kinks out of the system."

"This is Riversong 29.00, Malton's best pop music station "

"Or at least it WAS, before Jim threw that molotov."


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