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Road Trip
Roadtrip img.JPG
Abbreviation: RT
Group Numbers: Unknown
Goals: To Trip along the Roads of Malton, doing as we very damn well please.
Recruitment Policy: We recruit new members every time we make a pitstop.
Contact: Forums are work in progress at the moment, Check back later

This group is inactive. O'Sheehy has moved on and I was really just following along for the ride. --SmileyChris

On the Move

Like the nomadic tribes of Old, the Road Trip claims no single suburb as their home, and instead constantly moves around from place to place shooting zeds and saving the day. We like to stop in high profile locations, and we have no set road plans; we make'em up as we go along. We might be stopping by in your burb soon! And remember, we like the music loud, the alcohol intoxicating and the zeds dead.

Tagging along on the Trip

We don't post our pitstops anywhere outside the game until after we've left them (to avoid showing up to a welcome party of hungry zeds or malicious PKers), so all coordinates are given in game via speach, radio, and mobile phones. If you want to join us, you'll just have to wait till we get to your suburb or try to follow our path!

Past Pitstops

O'Sheehy's Log

Dowdney Mall - Group Started around late August 2007. Out of original interests, O'Sheehy, SmileyChris, and Spooner Clydio continued on.

Fort Creedy - Met up in NE Barracks around September 21, added Ron Novar, OllieGSuS, and Soldier O'Pain to our ranks.

St. John's Cathedral - Met up September 24th, helped barricade the place.

Mitchem Mall - Made attacks on the zombie infested building 25th-26th. Cleared the building of zeds and rebuilt the place.

Warehouse 68,82 - Group moved into highly dangerous territory surrounded by ruined buildings and zeds on October 3rd. The building was broken into and O'Sheehy was killed shortly, locations of the rest of the group unknown.

Tynte Mall - After a long and arduous trudge up and down Malton, O'Sheehy has been revived at The Jack Building. Now awaiting certain group members to meet up, and also possible recuitments.

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