Robertson Walk Police Department

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Robertson Walk Police Department
"ruined for some time"
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Robertson Walk Police Department

Brooksville [34,61]

Dodimead Bank St. John's Hospital Langbrick Street
Mattick Towers Robertson Walk Police Department Gristwood Lane
Hewlet Park Turner Walk Railway Station Lowndes Park

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.

Basic Info

Coordinates: 33,61

Barricade Level: VSB




One of the three Police Departments in Brooksville, this building is surrounded by Dodimead Bank, St. John's Hospital, Mattick Towers, Hewlet Park, Turner Walk Railway Station, and Lowndes Park. The nearest NT buildings located at the same distance include the Flooks Building and the Culling Building.


Prior to the outbreak, Robertson Walk Police Department, in conjunction with Turner Walk Railway Station, served as major shipping hub for the Malton Police Department. New supplies and equipment were checked through the station, and stored in the nearby warehouses.

Panicked mobs stormed the warehouses shortly after the outbreak and stole virtually everything of use. Police were, however, able to successfully maintain control of the police department through the early riots. While it has been years since the last supply train pulled up to the station, local survivors are still able to scavenge supplies from caches inside the police department.

Barricade Policy

It is recommended under the Brooksville Barricade Plan to keep this building Very Strongly Barricaded or VSB++ at all times. Its purpose is to serve as an entry point and shelter for low-leveled survivors.