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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Roftwood Assault Force
Abbreviation: RAF
Group Numbers: 20+
Leadership: Deathnut
Goals: Recapture of Roftwood
Recruitment Policy: Anyone willing to take and protect Roftwood from the zombie threat
Contact: Deathnut

"Zombies feel no fear, so why should we?" -RAF motto


About the Force

Formed on October 24, 2005 the Roftwood Assault Force (RAF) is dedicated to the protection and anti-zombiefication of the suburb of Roftwood in the city of Malton. As of recent it has become overrun with zombies. This esteemed group is well armed and dedicated to the protection of it's members. Any who wish to ensure that Roftwood remains a place of safety in the bastion of darkness that has become Malton join the force and march onward. The RAF is proud to take up arms against this common foe. We are dedicated to the eventual destruction of the zombie menace, and the savior of the human race. To join the RAF contact one of its members.

History of the RAF

October 22, 2005, "Black Saturday" - On this fateful day PartyParrot and a small group of survivors ventured into Roftwood in order to meet up with their friend and comrade, Diggs. On their way however they were ambushed by a large group of zombies. Diggs rushed to rescue his friends but by the time he arrived he discovered that the only surviver was PartyParrot, who was badly injured. Seeking sanctuary in the nearby Truell Museum, Diggs barricaded them in before they collapsed of exaustion. But while they slept a horde of zombies broke through the barricades and killed them. Also killed on this day was MichinaeSupr3macy, who was on a lone scouting mission of the Roftwood borders when he was ambushed by a large group of zombies; red greg who was on his way to Roftwood with two friends in order to meet up with Diggs and PartyParrot, when his small party was ambushed; and Uber04 who fell in a vicious, albeit short, battle at Hildebrand Mall. As a result of the terrible amount of casualties this day has been named Black Saturday and has become a day of remembrance and respect.

October 24, 2005, The formation of the RAF - Amazingly Diggs managed to retain enough conciousness as a zombie that he managed to from a plan to get revived and managed to bring together his comrades and from the RAF. The newly formed RAF vowed that they would take back Roftwood by whatever means necessary and that they would gladly die in the process. The RAF currently half of which were zombies, began a retreat to the nearby Stanbury Village where they would be revived, stock up on weapons, ammunition, medpacks, and syringes before heading off to do some damage to the zombie horde.

October 27, 2005, Operation: Ressurection - Operation: Ressurection was a massive revival project spearheaded by the RAF. The many members who had fallen were revived by RAF scientists in Stanbury village, to which these scientists had retreated, along with other RAF survivors and others. This plan was successfully completed and many high ranking RAF members were revived, including Diggs, MachinaeSupr3macy, and PartyParrot. This is an ongoing operation and any who need reviving need only to talk to an RAF member and arrange a time and a place.

November 3, 2005, Operation: MoMo - Named after an inside joke between several high-ranking RAF members, this attack went incredibly well despite the small numbers that the RAF possessed at this time. Departing from Daynes Alley PD at 8:00 pm the force arrived at Grimshaw Road PD within minutes and proceeded to take down all the zombies outside and inside the building. After barricading themselves in the group had to contend with frequent zombie attacks as the numbers outside the PD built up to well past 20. Because of the small number of RAF members holding the building they were forced too retreat back to Daynes Alley PD after three days of holding the building.

November 13, 2005, Operation: Remember - Called Remember in order to remind RAF members of their successes and failures during Operation: MoMo, this attack involved the taking of Grimshaw Road PD much like in Operation: MoMo. The RAF set out from Daynes Alley PD at 4:00 pm and defeated the large hordes of zombies which had congregated inside and outside of the PD. This time communication between RAF members was much better and as such their numbers were much stronger. Within the hour the RAF had over thirty of their members within the walls of Grimshaw Road PD and within days they had revived over twenty zombies and killed over thirty. Soon the entire North-West corner of Roftwood was zombie free and soon after that the entire suburb of Roftwood was empty of zombies. Their work went on here for over a month but on completion they decided that Roftwood was now safe and that it was time to take the fight to the zombies.

November 18, 2005, The Assassination of Ryola - Ryola, a former member of the RAF turned savage PKer, was successfully eliminated on this day by BobEatBob of the RAF. Though he had attempted to flee after his safe house was discovered he could not run from the RAF and was subsequently executed. His body quickly vanished, but soon he turned up inside Grimshaw where he attacked Diggs. Diggs was able to repel this attack and kill Ryola. The RAF began a man-hunt for other members of the cleansing and successfully eliminated many of them causing extreme grief to Ryola. He, along with many other members of the cleansing, never stood up again.

December 17, 2005, The Loss of a Brave Soldier - This was a sad day for the RAF and represented one of their lowest points in moral. MachinaeSupr3macy, loyal RAF soldier and second in command to General Diggs went insane and killed Private Heckkk and jumped out a window to his death. Many wonder as to the cause of MachinaeSupr3macy's apparent madness. Some suggest that the growing zombie threat had become too much for him to bear, some say he'd seen too many of his comrades die, some say he simply went bad, but it is hoped that he will be remembered not for his terrible final moments but for the valiant effort he put forth during his term of service in the RAF.

December 25, 2005, The Fall Of Grimshaw PD - The zombies have hit a new low. On Christmas day a horde of zombies moved into Roftwood and started to overrun the place. In all the action our leader Diggs and many others were killed and thrown out of Grimshaw PD. The only thing that was left was a message written in blood saying "Merry Blood Filled Christmas."

December 27, 2005, Operation: Christmas Night - On this day a few of the RAF members and a group of survivors enter the zombie infested suburb of Roftwood with Grimshaw PD in their sites. With a quick fight Grimshaw PD was retaken. Over night the zombies broke in and attacked the members killing one person. One of the RAF members quickly barricaded them in and the zombies were quickly killed and dumped.

December 28, 2005, Diggs is Recalled - On this day Diggs was recalled by the Armed Forces after serving faithfully in Malton. Before he left he promoted Deathnut to Lieutenant-General and left Malton. Perhaps one day Diggs will return to the RAF and once again lead his faithful brothers into combat against the zombie menace. Someday you'll probably catch a glimpse of him for he has vowed to return and purge the zombies from the face of the Earth. Only time will tell, and during this time the RAF will continue to grow strong and fight hard. RAF forever.

December 30, 2005, Operation: Alpha - Called Operation Alpha for lack of a better name. This operation was to take the North-Western part of Roftwood back from the zombies. The mission was a huge success for a little over a week. The mission went bitter when the RRF Mall Tour '06 came into Roftwood and started attacking every little thing from the West side of Roftwood to the mall. In the massacre many members of the RAF fought hard and died bravely. All members that were involved and died in the Operation received the Purple Heart.

January 3, 2006, A New Alliance - When Roftwood was starting to be retaken the RAF discovered A group of dedicated zombie hunters were discovered. The groups name was the Uncanny Valley Alliance. Deathnut spent a few days trying to contact them and on Jan. 1, 2006 he received a response. After talking to the leader Lunatique he made an official alliance.

January 25, 2006, An Alliance With An Old Friend - On this day an old friend Inquisitor Bob, who left the RAF to complete his own goals, contacted the RAF. He responded to a message left on The Malton Inquisition page for an alliance. He left a message saying that there is now an official alliance. This looks to be a powerful alliance.

February 1, 2006, The Return Of The Revives - Today the RAF Revive Zone officially opened for action. Within a hour we had four zombies saying "Mrh?" for our needles. As of a week later the revive zone has become one of the most popular destinations in Roftwood. The Revives are goin' well.

April 18, 2006, The Retirement Of A Leader - On this day Lt.G Deathnut officially receives his retirement papers. On them are orders to find a replacement for himself. He will remain the leader until he finds the replacement. After he finds a replacement he will move to the border of Malton and retire.

April 19, 2006, The Rise Of A New Leader - Today the old leader Deathnut hands over his trusty pistol to Jack Well. He said "Only the Leader of the RAF deserves a gun." With a smile on his face he walked out into the zombie streets and moved to the border of Malton. He may sneak back into the Streets of Malton again but for now he is Retired.

September 6, 2006, The Day of Promotions - Today three RAF veterans were promoted: Captain Heckkk, Lieutenant Nighthunter and Corporal Spudd have every and each one of been part of Roftwood Assault Force for more than six monhts, and risked their lives several times on defending citizens of Malton.

December 19, 2006, Holiday - When snow falls and Roftwood is peaceful, members of RAF have started to decorate buildings under their protection with Christmas trees and lights. Roftwood Assault Force wishes merry Christmas and happy holidays to every survivor in Malton.

Summer 2007, All Clear? - Since undead threat in Malton is getting relatively small, RAF's current leader Lt Gen Well is declaring that the main problem in Roftwood are murders. People have turned against each other too often during this "all clear"-period and RAF is going to take strict policy on these killers. This project that aims to stop increasing murders rates in Roftwood will be lead by Lt Gen Deathnut. In the meanwhile Gen Lt Well is heading out from Malton for a while.

Janyary 2008, Going Smoothly - After the hard work during the fall Roftwood is once more quite nice place to live. Zeds, zombies, the undead, are being pushed further and further away from our suburb, and places like Quarterly Library are being tolerated as interesting places for tests. Unfortunately the number of active members of RAF has fallen and we need You now. Join, be active, you'll get important tasks and you'll have a strong change to climb up ladders of RAF soon. We'll be waiting for you to contact us. Don't wander alone. Be part of something bigger.

January 2008, Unknown Numbers and The Fall of Roftwood - After many scrmishes in Roftwood most of the suburb has fallen to the Zed Hordes. Two RAF members, Knight and Dromar coordinated a defence,but were unsuccessful to defend Roftwood's last standing NT. Which leds me to wonder where the other officers are. I have only seen Knight (and Jack at the RP about 3-4 days ago)and would like to know how many RAF members are left standing. Also, yes the RAF can use new members all the time. Just contact one of the members and meet the expectations and guidelines.

April 2008, The future of the RAF On this day the RAF was officially declared Disbanded.

July 2008, Zombied members often still roam the streets of Malton. You can tell them from their shredded RAF jackets bearing tarnished medals.



All RAF members should have Roftwood Assault Force written as their group on their UD profile. This is to help the RAF gain recognition as the established group that we are. A basic template is located here.


The RAF fully supports heavy barricading as it provides a larger degree of safety from the zombie threat. However some buildings need to remain strongly barricaded so as to allow entry and exit by lower level players and as a way to get to heavily barricaded buildings by entering the strongly barricaded building and free running to the heavily barricaded building. For this reason it is required that every few buildings in an RAF held area are to remain only strongly barricaded. RAF members are encouraged to get the Free Running skill as soon as possible. They are also encouraged to get the Construction skill in order to help protect their fellow members.


RAF members are strongly encouraged to take down people on the wanted list (see below) and will rewarded for doing so. Proof is required to get recognition so upon successful elimination of an enemy members are encouraged to take a screenshot. If you kill one of the people on the list and have proof talk to one of the ranking officers for the award.


It is encouraged that RAF members buy the Construction and Free Running skills as soon as possible. These skills are invaluable to the survival of the RAF, both it's individual members and the group as a whole. Also RAF members should NOT have zombie skills. Though the RAF will not be actively PKing survivors with zombie skills, they are currently not being allowed into the group for safety reasons.


If a member is able to revive a zombie revive them. If you know that the zombie has brainrot do not revive them, they are mostly wanting to level up, get helpful supplies Ie. flackjacket, or spy.

User Pages

RAF members are required to create a wiki account as soon as possible so that they can assisst with the maintenance of this page and help boost the wiki community. This is also required because it is on these pages that your rank and your awards will be displayed.


All members should register for an account on the RCC Forum. This will help ensure further communication out of game when the phones go down.

Important People

Members of the RAF

Though not all members are named here, some are. The RAF is currently just a small group but we are very well organized and are constantly growing. Join up today!




  • RAF Freelancer Dromar 3 - Greenhow NT Defence Cordinator

Allies of the RAF

The RAF is currently allied with:

The RAF also supports the Council of Leaders.

Enemies of the RAF

The current enemies of the RAF, from most to least wanted, are as follows:

  • Richerd Leaper - For murdering Lt General of RAF.
  • Mister Stateless - For murdering two members of the RAF.
  • Axe Hack* - Murdering Two members of the RAF and being an ass hat.
  • bobshoby - For murder of two member of the RAF.
  • xzraks - For killing a members of the RAF.
  • Budd Dwyer - For murder
  • Dick Upright* - being a zombie spy, killing several RAF members, and killing several Allied members.
  • I'mabountyhunter - for murder of an RAF member.
  • cabbage cookies - for murder of two RAF members.
  • Integrated* - For joint Murder of an RAF member.
  • Integrated3 - For joint Murder of an RAF member.
  • Flak Fire [1] - For murder of an RAF member.
  • Ryola** - For mass murder, assault, association with PKer groups, fraud, betrayal of the RAF, threats against the RAF, threats against survivor controlled suburbs and their revive points (especially Stanbury), for threatening to join and ally with zombie hordes, and for generally being an asshat.
  • Moleman Bob* - For fraud, spreading lies about the RAF, and supporting PKers including Ryola. (Note: This survivor is actually played by Ryola and used to spread lies about the RAF.)
  • A Cloaked Figure* - For supporting PKers including Ryola, and attempting to recruit PKers. (Note: This survivor is actually played by Ryola and is used to recruit PKers and spread lies about the RAF.)
  • Thandar- Zombie Spy, Murder of a RAF member, general PKing, random Douche-Baggery
  • Ian Preston - For the murder of an RAF member.
  • nitz - For the murder of an RAF member.
  • The Hose - For assault of an RAF member.
  • Curly Bill - For Murder.
  • Ray Nagin - For Murder.
  • Mall Cop - For murder.
  • Al Azif - For vandalism of public property.
  • Evan Zero - A PK'er wanted for the murder of RAF members Canuhearmenow and Nighthunter.

* indicates that this criminal has been executed by the RAF


You can gain ranks in the RAF which you can post on your page. You can also gain badges for reaching certain skill levels and madals for proving yourself in the field. Currently only the ranks have been sorted out.


  • Rank/link for profile
  • General / [[Image:RAF General|150px.jpg]]
  • Lieutenant-General / [[Image:RAF Lieutenant-General.jpg|150px]]
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant-Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant / [[Image:RAF Lieutenant.jpg|150px]]
  • Sergeant / [[Image:RAF sergeant.jpg|150px]]
  • Corporal / [[Image:RAF Corporal.jpg|150px]]
  • Private / [[Image:RAF Private.jpg|150px]]

All members will start at Private, even scientists and civilians. Your continuing support of the RAF will quickly boost you through the ranks. Ranks also have pictures which you will be able put on your user wiki page so keep up the hard work!


Medals are currently being implemented. There is so far only three medals, but there will be others:

  • Purple Heart - Death in combat
  • Distinguished Service Cross - Rescue of an RAF member under seige
  • War on Terror - Successful execution of an enemy of the RAF
  • Death during an attempted rescue of an RAF member
  • Successful participation in an RAF confrontation


Badges are also currently being implemented. There is currently four badges:

  • Marksman's Badge - learn all firearms skills
  • Medical Badge - learn all scientific skills
  • Melee Badge - learn all hand-to-hand skills
  • Headshot Badge - learn Headshot

If you think that you deserve an award or a badge, contact Jack Well or another high-ranking member of the RAF and they will look into it. Also if you recieved the badge and a new skill comes out you dont lose the badge. Members will be promoted to higher ranks according to their Contributions to the RAF. Asking for a promotion will probably only get you demoted.

Official Restaurant

McZeds.png McZeds™
This User or Group eats at McZeds™. They also support the Use of Corpses for High Quality Processed Fast Food.

Sacred Ground Policy

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.