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The Roftwood Communication Center is a pro-survivor organisation based in and around the suburb of Roftwood. The RCC is not a group, but a loose coalition of other local groups and survivors intended to facilitate cooperation across the greater Roftwood area.

RCC Information Center

The RCC Information Center is a status list of every major building in the RCC area.


The Roftwood Communication Center formed in the immediate aftermath of the closure of the Roftwood Coordination Center, and by most measures such as membership and goals directly succeeds that organisation, with its director ZombGG's blessing. The Roftwood Coordination Center remains a historically separate entity as a mark of respect for ZombGG's stewardship and autonomy over his own creation.

Story Teller

Story teller is a community driven game within the RCC discord server where a story, that's likely to be nonsensical, is written one sentence a time by those who wish to participate. Click the link below to read!

StoryTeller Series


Reach the RCC anytime on Discord. As a community of Urban Dead players the RCC welcomes many others to its public channels both for general chat and to encourage friendly in-game competition.


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