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Is a new formed team that researches for some curiosities about Urban Dead universe, like: attack rates, ruins, strategies and some more things.If you want to support our cause please either:

1) Allow us to do our studies in your suburb.We always ask for permissons.
2) Join us directly to support our studies.
3) If we are zombies or survivors avoid pking us, and killing us, unless we state in the game we are hostile or we are doing a quest that needs such actions done.
4) If one of our members attacks a building or kills a survivor that isn´t participating in our current study, u can freely add him to Rogues Gallery or kill him.
5) Be sure to check our page first before doing any of the actions described above.
6) Our Group members have the Ronari tag in the Group slot.

We currently are going to found out this question:

1) How much time you need to level up if you efficiently use the strategy called "Attack & Fak"? More coming soon, feel free to leave a message in our Discussion page We will contact the resident groups in the suburb of Dartside for their help and support so we can use the St. Ferreol's Hospital (Dartside) [34,87] for this operation, and make piñata The Rudd Building [34, 88] to avoid pkers that dont support our cause and minimalize external facts, like ferals coming to try and get us.COMPLETED. 2)under discussion

Current logs

29 May 2009.- Started Wiki page of Group, assigned name to the Group:Ronari. Successfully recruited one member to get a total # of 3 members. Started the collecting of the items required for the first study. Items: Knife, Fuel can X 6,Portable Generator X 1,First Aid Kit X unknown (aproximately 350 to max out), maybe a Toolbox and a NT syringe. Revivification Point for this operation is under disscussion still.
Members needed (at last 3): 2 survivors and 1 zombie for ruinning Entryway to the hospital The Rudd Building [34, 88] and make it Pinata so Pkers wont interrupt our studies.

8 June 2009 The experiment is active, we haved spent 200 APs so far in the Hospital, things are going very well, better than expected, the only thing that we lack is a zed partner that can help us to ruin the The Rudd Building [34, 88], but however no Pkers have arrived or Zeds that try to take down cades, if this is because of our petition to allow us get our work done i thank all the groups in Dartside for respecting our work. Revivification Point for this operation is the Ransom Grove 33, 87, please respect it.

17 June 2009 This is taking more than we originally thought, but we have spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital, very much thanks to all for your support, personally i only haved leveled 4 levels, but still is very much faster than random xp and more constant, we are going to keep the experiment until we can get to a decisive number. AP spent since last log Entry:400 AP. State of the Barricade: VHB Times Generator was destroyed: 0 Times cades dropped from EHB: 3 Times we have refueled the generator: 2.

18 June 2009 I knew it was too much...zombies have taken down the hospital, well the experiment is stopped until our team finds another hospital that is useable.AP spent since last log Entry:400 AP. State of the Barricade: Doors Wide Open Times Generator was destroyed: 1 Times cades dropped from EHB: 4 Times we have refueled the generator: 2 Times we were killed 1.

18 July 2009 Well a month has passed since i last make an enttry in the logs. the study is completed! we havent got anymore issues, the hospital was recovered 3 days after the break in so we finished our leveling up. I used a search technique called the "8 seconds" and it was a complete success searching rate was increased by 65% after a successful first aid search you search again every 8 seconds and u´ll likely get another kit. Now Ronar is level 33 and im level 18 and both have enough xp to get other 2 levels, so i declare this study oficially completed! AP spent since last log Entry:1500 AP. State of the Barricade: EHB Times Generator was destroyed: 1 Times cades dropped from EHB: 6 Times we have refueled the generator: 4 Times we were killed 1

Studies completed

Fak and Attack technique completed 18 july 2009 result: complete success.XP in promedium per AP used:1.

Current Staff

Ronar:Founder and member.Profile:[1]
Firefox Fan: Founder and member.Profile:[2]

Recruitment Section

If u are interested on helping our cause please post here.

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