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For the Role Play Enthusiast Hidden within the walls of Malton exists a very special bog known only to the locals as "The Moors". The Moors have always personified the filth and inhumanity of Maltonian society. It percolates and festers and from this fetid soup, souls, long thought to be lost, have been spit up from the depths. Free from the murkiness, they now roam the streets. End of Role Play POV

Rot From The Moors never stops recruiting zombies! We have an open door policy where any zombie can become a member of our Horde. If interested in joining, visit us at our forum and tell us about your intentions. It does not matter to us what level your zombie is when you join. If you have few skills, we'll help you level up. If you have all of your skills, we'll show you a good time and help you enjoy your maxed our character. We consider our home to be Grh!gg Haagz but we have been known to hunt elsewhere when our cattle crop has run off. So are you ready to make war in one of the hardest environments that Malton has to offer and enjoy a true meta-gaming experience? If so, get with the Rot.

--Sir WV 20:51, 21 March 2009 (UTC)