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Undead Campaign #4 - Friends of the Rot

  • March 02nd, 2010:

The launch of Operation: Friends of the Rot is celebrated. Gods Prototype Issued a stirring speech to the Cult of the Rot and began the process of winning the hearts and minds of the hostile breathing residents of Grahgz.

Undead Campaign #2 - The Exodus

The Revival

  • End of Exodus, July 2008:

And so Gragh was kept in Constant Ruin, barricades brought down as soon as they were put up.

  • July 05th, 2008:

...and so the Spry Road PD has now crashed with all the weight of a fallen god, the contents within scooped out and eaten.

  • July 04th, 2008:

It's independence day in the United States today. It is also independence day for the suburb of Grigg Heights in Malton. Rot from the Moors has continued liberate the suburb of their human infestation. It's time to party, or so said S'kyvia who was seen dancing in the Blaxall Way PD. He was even kind enough to take one lucky meatbag into the street for a private lesson. Elsewhere, War Criminal bore witness to FryMyAss demonstrating his version of the fireman's carry. They then stopped to watch a feral enjoy the meal they had prepared. In the meantime, S'kyvia had got himself up to no good as he found himself another chew toy. After he was done playing, he got down to business and laid to ruin the Lees Boulevard Police Dept. War Criminal, now beginning to feel tired from the past days exertions broke into a warehouse to sleep only to find the place was already occupied. After snacking on this trespasser, he began to sway in the breeze. To the South, Middian continues to pound on the barricades of the Spry Road Police Dept hoping to get at the tender vittles within...

  • July 03rd, 2008:

Much to the chagrin of the population of Griggs Heights, the rotting ranks of RFTM continue to swell. More and more lost souls have been welcomed into their fetid embrace.

  • June 30th, 2008:

Rot From the Moors and roaming ferals continue their relentless assault on the Merson Building. The humans inside have tired, their resistance crumbles further by the hour. The Barricades were breached again. Two fools rushed to rebuild but this time, S'Kyvia was there to greet them. Middian awoke, not fully rested from the exertions of the previous night but managed to get inside and with his very last ounce of strength, drag one of the last defenders out into the street.

  • June 29th, 2008:

Sensing convulsed masses of frontal cortex's in the Merson Necrotech Faciltiy, RFTM shambled to the building in hopes of another meal. The festivities began as newcomer, War Criminal, hoped to make his mark early. Upon breaching the human defenses, he unearthed a terrible call to his swaying brothers. However, before re-enforcements could arrive, the occupants of the Merson subdued and injected War Criminal with a Necrotech solution. S'kyvia was busy desecrating the Ashwin Building when he heard War Criminals feeding groan. Middian was shambling to the North when he heard the call. Knowing fresh brains were near, he made a hasty retreat South in the direction of the Merson building. On his way, however, he came across two unfortunate souls who were locked out of their safehouses. In an inspirational display of primal force, he overwhelmed the first and then the second of the revelers. The group spent the next day tearing down cades only to find the citizens inside would put them right back up. It seemed a second breach was imminent but a live cader saved the day for the humans. Some wandering ferals shambled over and began to groan and beat on the barricades. The humans decided to kill the lights in the hopes that the undead would leave. But RFTM could smell the brains. They weren't going anywhere. As the day wore on, the Humans let down their guard and MyMutt was able to penetrate the cades. He was beaten back and the cades were rebuilt once more. After swaying for what seemed like an eternity, Middian awoke and was able to bash the barricades back to "Loosly Barricaded" status. The battle continues...

  • June 26th, 2008:

The last few days have seen a flurry of activity as RFTM have desecrated Seraphim Hospital (Exhibit A and Exhibit B), Bowers Boulevard School, the Wrentmore Bank and The Collis Library. Is no one safe from these blood thirsty monsters? Oh the Humanity!!

  • June 23nd, 2008:

With ferals finishing off the Haddock PD during the night, RFTM moved onto the Victor General Hospital. Upon entering, they found two unsuspecting brainpans with legs. Middian showed a rare burst in getting to one of them first. A flurry of teeth and claws ensued and the poor soul was dragged into the night where the ravenous MyMutt was waiting. The second of the sleeping beauties, alanshawnfeinstein awoke in time to witness himself being infected. At this moment, a starving FryMyAss busted into the room and helped Middian subdue him. The pleas for mercy went unanswered as FryMyAss immediately dragged alanshawnfeinstein out into the cold where MyMutt helped himself to seconds. Leaving Mutt to dabble in the unfortunate victims chest cavity, Middian and FrymyAss proceeded to Ruin the building. Middian, saited, began to sway. But the night was not yet over. FrymyAss, not satisfied proceeded to destroy the generator and the radio. Only then could he rest...

  • June 221st, 2008:

It was a back and forth cade bashing free for all tonight as RFTM turned their attention to a new target! Their palettes temporarily sated, it was not long before that old hunger called out once again...With the Edmund General in ruins and it's human contents scooped out, RFTM turned to Haddock road PD for some good eats! MyMutt was the first in the door doing himself grievous bodily harm smashing down the cades. By the time Middian and Sky'via arrived on the scene, the meatbags inside had already begun to rebuild the cades. No sooner had they finished then Middian managed to crack them again. Sky'via took the opportunity to go on in. Middian himself (he somewhat slower of foot due to advanced decay in his legs) could not get in before the residents managed to pile the doughnut boxes ceiling high. Not to be persuaded otherwise, he crashed his way through those boxes only to see one of the residents begin to rebuild the cades. All the noise woke the sleeping FrymyAss who then busted his way in as well. It wasn't long before a brain pan was opened and screams began to echo through the night. Frymyass wished all a goodnight with the destruction of the Generator plunging the PD into darkness.

  • June 211st, 2008:

The dessicated corpses of the lost ones are seen shambling back into Grigg Heights, their hunger for brains not tempered in the least by the passage of time since the last feast. How long can it be before that awful hunger is expressed in an unholy rage of the damned? Those who have forgotten will soon reap the grisly bounties of their complacency...

  • In the quiet of the night, two condemned souls, Middian and Sky'via make their way to the Edmund general and begin pounding the barricades. After much effort, a kitchen table is tossed aside and the dead came in. The two emit long terrible feeding groans which more closely resemble a sick man's fart than anything that was once human. One member of the Hospital staff is badly wounded before the the duo are forced to retire for the day.
  • Some time later DreadheadDead awoke and dragged the last two survivors screaming into the night. Edmund now lays in ruin once more.

  • On June 16th, 2008:

Just as the survivors of the Feast that took place earlier in the year had buried their terrors in the deepest part of their psyche, a haunting groan is heard. In the dark of night a hand reaches for life, only to find the plagued soil of Malton once more. The Council of Rot, awoken again, begin their trek, heading the call of flesh; The promise of blood.

Undead Campaign #1 - The Genesis

The Ruining of Edmund

  • On January 27th, 2008:

With their dead bodies finally awaken, the council leaders set their undead sights on Edmund General Hospital in Grigg Heights. Within 20 minutes, the flimsy harmanz barricades failed to the talons of the undead. Smoke and screams, gunfire and blood, and the howls of the triumphant dead filled the night.

  • Survivor Account:
      • January 27th

Haddock Police Department.. Edmund General Hospital.. hit very hard. Least ten of 'em. They're in the hospital.. and I'm outta first aid kits. *looks back towards Edmund* Going to try to sneak back in when I can to see what the situation is like, but when I left this morning, the hospital was entirely overrun. I just hope Elingold made it out okay.. northwest needs help.. (Jeremiah Shadehand) (From the Grigg Heights Suburb Page)

Failing Safety: The Death of Haddock Road & Destruction of The Bengefield

  • January, 28th, 2008:

With the fall of Edmund still fresh on the minds and lips of the council, it would only be a matter of time before they regained their strength, and brought their undead influence to the silly harmanz. And so, Haddock Road Police Department was assaulted and destroyed.

As Haddock fell, the undead's thirst was not quenched, and The Bengefield Hotel was destroyed not soon after.

  • Survivor Account:
      • Haddock, Edmund, even the Bengefield Motel.. all gone, all ruined. Some people holed up in Loveridge, but undead are in there already. I went in and used all of my seven first aid kits.. but I doubt it's enough. There's just too many there and not enough bullets going around..

Woodborne NT, Edmund General Hospital, and the Loveridge Arms

  • January, 29th, 2008:

With the screams from those being eaten alive fading, the undead quintet needed more of the macabre orchestra, and as such, proceeded to take down the Woodborne Building, ruin Edmund General Hospital again, and destroy the Loveridge Arms.

The newest member of RFTM, Albei, quickly made his presence felt. He Shambled with crazed, terminator like fury to the Prideaux Street Fire Station. Once there, he completed the job begun by Fry and Middian and ruined the facility.

Death of Science and Knowledge: The End of Genesis

  • On February 3rd, 2008:

Albei of the Moors entered The Challes Building like a viral agent, destroying the generators and radio. Sensing brethren near, Albei threw himself out just as Middian broke through the harmanz barricades. The sextet's jamboree continued through the night, engulfing the Collis Library.

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