Ryley Road Police Department

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Ryley Road Police Department
Over Barricaded
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Ryley Road Police Dept

Brooke Hills [42,26]

the Parsley Building McNally Walk Shipp Alley Railway Station
the Chap Building Ryley Road Police Dept wasteland
Blatcher Avenue the Griff Museum St. Wulfstan's Hospital

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


The Ryley Road Police Department is a 2 story yellow-stone building with basement and surrouding parking lot. With its central position between Shipp Alley Railway Station, The Griff Museum and St. Wulfstan`s Hospital it plays a important role for survivors in the area who are stopping by to rest.

Barricade Policy

Following Brooke Hills Barricade Plan and Brooke Hills Optimal Defense Plan the Ryler Road Police Station should at all times be very heavily barricaded (VHB) or more.


Ryley Road Police Department was founded in 1949 after a wave of crime had hit the suburbs of Brooke Hills. Spending the early years with street patrols it quickly developed to riot control due to the unstable conditions in brooke hills. Cause of its position it also took most of Twitt's cases (Also due to theyr incompetence). Once the infection hit the Police Station played a vital role in the evacuation of the victims through the trainstation.

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