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SRRsmallXXX.jpg The Society for the Reclamation and Restoration of Buttonville-Wyke Hills [or, simply, the S.R.R. B-WH]
The S.R.R. B-WH is a PKer group operating out of several suburbs, but mostly concentrated around Buckley Mall in Buttonville and Wyke Hills. Composed of both old and new players, the people of this group know that a strong PKer presence makes Malton and indeed UrbanDead more exciting. For this reason, they have declared their intention to seize Buckley Mall under the despised and loathed 'PKer' banner. We encourage survivors to contact us to learn about our philosophy and intentions and join us. Bored of the regular grind? Want to be an underdog? Be a part of Malton's PKers.
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