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(S.T.O.P.) Special Tactic's and Operations Partisan recruitment

This is the S.T.O.P. Recruitment page, if you wish to Join S.T.O.P. then Find Me Mr Chris Redfield 0 or Jarod Griffs and Yuiop705, you can Find us at Marven Mall located in South Blythville We are want anyone who will follow the groups simple Code of honor "never kill survivors unless its PK'ers, and enemy factions (0 accumulated), try not to let any Hostile zombies escape and if attacked by a friendly zombie then either Label it Hostile and fire away or take friendly action and Revive it, and always help fallen Teammates." that code should never be broken or modified to your will, for now S.T.O.P. is and will be actively protecting Marven Mall and South Blythville, but be prepared to fight and also other friendly survivors and cleanse this city of the Hostile Zombie Hordes so be prepared to fight for your's and others lives.

"Were hunting anyone with the will to survive and rescue people without questions, and if they don't want rescuing then help them then leave them thats what I would do personally"

Motto #1: Kill or Heal the dead. #2: We live to protect.

Group motto's.

if there is any questions you can go find my talk page and let me know.

Personal message from Me: "try to survive and have fun after all its supposed to be a game, and please don't kill anyone unless they deserve to die."

--Mr Chris Redfield 0 23:47, 13 August 2012 (BST)

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