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The official logo of SHURLMNP
Abbreviation: SHURLMNP
Group Numbers: 6
Leadership: CrazedDoc & Johnny Fudge
Goals: Protect Pimbank and Roachtown
Recruitment Policy: Any Survivor in our area

Clan Details

SHURLMNP is a Pro-Survivor group, who patrol Pimbank and it's surrounding areas, trying to keep them safe.

SHURLMNP or superhyperultrarobotlasermonkeyninjapirates is a group founded on 20/12/2007 at 20:45.

We operate in Pimbank and our HQ is the Turpin Building [61, 42] in Pimbank. Our Fall-back HQ is the Trubridge Arms at [67,40] in Pimbank.

Currently recruiting, please email if you would like to join.

Current Members

  • urkileader - Sergeant Lv.22 (1074342)

Events and Notices

16th Febuary 2008

  • Kentucky Fried Corpses?- Killingham 09:53, 16 February 2008 (UTC)

6th Febuary 2008

  • SHURLMNP are now on the list of groups that were involved in the Giddings Siege - CrazedDoc 16:52, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

30th January 2008


27th January 2008

  • Technically the BB is at its strongest ever due to the new game changes. There have been multiple break-ins in all 4 corners of Giddings. I recommend you come back to Pitneybank. -Christo387 11:32, 27 January 2008 (UTC)

25th January 2008

  • Happy Winter-een-mas, everyone! Now heading back to Roachtown- since the BB is basically over I'm going to straiten up the HQ.- Killingham 06:14, 25 January 2008 (UTC)

14th January 2008

  • Private Reks has been promoted to 1st Sergeant - CrazedDoc 22:22, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

13th January 2008

  • NOTICE - Since we are not currently in Pimbank if you need a revive please post in the new Revive Point Section. --Christo387 21:59, 14 January 2008 (UTC)
  • NOTICE - Some members have already started to do this put after you put anything in the 'Events and Notices' or 'Suggestions' part of the page please put at the end of your edit four ~ in a row as this tells us when and who did it, thank you. Also CrazedDoc has been on holiday all weekend but he is now back - CrazedDoc 20:33, 13 January 2008 (UTC)
  • Private Reks has been put up as a possibility for the vacant 1st Sergeant role, due to the fact he is in Pitneybank, and also his superior level compared to the other Sergeants. --Christo387 22:11, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

10th January 2008

  • NOTICE - Killingham has combat revived someone- time for a promotion, maybe,- and he is also dead.
  • NOTICE - Phantomfire06 has been kicked out of the group for being immature and down right pain in the ass. If you see him kill him! And if you see Paul over the weekend punch him in the face from me.
  • NOTICE - Killingham has been promoted to Lance Corporal because he has come to Pitneybank and is helping in the fight.


  • Kill Zombies
  • Revive and Heal Survivors
  • Survive the Big Bash

Revive Point

  • If you need to be revived and you are in the area please head for our HQ, the Turpin Building [61,42] or the junkyard [61,40] above our HQ.
  • Also please email us to make the process faster, at
  • Make sure you are standing so that we do not waste AP. Also as soon as you revive someone/realise you've been revived please remove your name from the list as soon as possible.

Revive Requests:


  • Link to Username Page:
  • Place Name & Co-Ords:


  • Link to Username Page:
  • Place Name & Co-Ords:

Ranking System


  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • 1st Sergeant
  • 2nd Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Lance Corporal
  • Private

How to get Promoted:

  • Recruitment for the group
  • Reviving and Healing group members and allies
  • Tagging our group on buildings
  • Clearing Pimbank of zombies (large amounts)
  • Securing our HQ's and maintenance of them (generator, radio and barricades)

How to get Demoted:

  • Kill group members in any way
  • Vandalise the group wiki site

To make sure that no one is just making up that they have done something (even though we do trust eachother), there needs to be some proof that you have done it. Such as another member of the group saying that you revived them. Or if you can't do this take a screenshot and send it to

When you a become a Lieutenant or above you have access to the group email.



  • Phantomfire06 - Kill on sight, send Pkers after him if you desire.


Any of the below:

  • Zombies


  • Zombie Spies


  • PKer's


  • GKer's


Barricade Plan

The Suburb of Pimbank
Cates Boulevard School VSB a junkyard RP Payne Drive Hewett Place Police Department VSB the Nunn Building EHB wasteland Voules Plaza Fire Station VSB the Trubridge Arms EHB Stedham Auto Repair VSB Silvester Crescent School VSB
Rowley Boulevard Police Department VSB the Hind Building EHB Coward Cinema VSB Frederick Place Shave Crescent wasteland Breddy Park RP Derrick Cinema VSB-EP the Carpendale Arms VSB Seamour Road
Parfit Towers VSB the Turpin Building (HQ) EHB Alvis Boulevard Self Plaza Rapps Road Ottery Drive Hardin Square Mare Auto Repair EHB Culliford Avenue Amesbury Walk
the Gillman Museum EHB a factory VSB a carpark Hippisley Park Applegate Alley Police Department VSB wasteland McDougall Way Bradbury Library VSB-EP Mills Avenue Reid Place
Snook Towers VSB Warfield Lane the Towker Building VSB the Brittan Building EHB Batt Cinema VSB Wolters Cinema EHB the Nuttall Museum VSB-EP Tynte Mall EHB Tynte Mall EHB Cohen Avenue
a junkyard VSB Forse Square St. Dorotheus's Church VSB a cemetery RP Hugo Crescent Railway Station VSB Evershed Cinema EHB Barwood Walk Tynte Mall EHB Tynte Mall EHB Weakley Square
Primrose Bank VSB Bray Square the Pyncombes Monument Manning Plaza wasteland Gingell Road Railway Station VSB Villis Road the Retallick Building VSB-EP Prew Way the Lasder Building VSB-EP
the Cabble Monument Bhore Cinema VSB Clements Square Chamberlaine Alley wasteland Belham Avenue a carpark a factory EHB Eeles Way Weaver Drive
Porter Library VSB a warehouse EHB Lambley Library VSB Blakeman Towers VSB Clyde Towers EHB Frayne Walk Fire Station VSB the Goodrich Building VSB Blackham Drive Carpinter Walk Whitten Place Fire Station VSB
a junkyard VSB Blocksidge Crescent Railway Station VSB the Pretty Museum VSB Ffych Alley Buckmaster Crescent Railway Station VSB Moreby Square Barry Row Shepard Lane a factory VSB Mathams Avenue


Any suggestions about anything to do with group can be said here:

  • SHURLMNP is a gimmick!- Killingham
  • We are Legend is ok but I think it is a bit of a gimmick, and McPhie came up with it - Johnny Fudge
  • McPhie made up We are Legend so therefore it is gay - Johnny Fudge
  • Our name at the moment is immature and not very good - CrazedDoc
  • I think it is a bad idea to advertise rival games on the Urban Dead wiki - Johnny Fudge
  • How the hell did u suddenly jump to captain...the highest rank..!? surely tht shud be for very high levels..give urself summit to work to. - Private Reks
  • CrazedDoc was the second person to start UD and Johnny Fudge started 2 weeks later, and we are both the highest level in the group so thats why we are captains - CrazedDoc
  • I killed urkileader today but I only did it to make him come to Pitneybank with us. Now he knows we're serious! - Johnny Fudge
  • We can demote him if he does not come as it is a group event, most players will gain a rank if they do well in pitneybank - CrazedDoc
  • Just finished off 3 zombies in Byrne Auto Repair, got over 120 exp in one session! Pitneybank is where its at. - Johnny Fudge
  • Phantomfire6's records have all been deleted
  • Killingham has been looking for a promotion but his recent vandalisation of my page puts him out of the running for one. Also the way he starts sentences with "Yep." is annoying. Finally should have posted a screenshot rather than copying all the text of his "kickass" revive. --Christo387 09:59, 11 January 2008 (UTC)
  • It says so in the group rules...........yep. I didn't vandalise your page. Now adding Wanktard banner to userpage. I know, I just forgot how to.- Killingham.
  • I know everyone wants to look Asian, but only a lucky few are blessed as such. You're white. Get over it.- Killingham

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