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Please note that the Scenteral Intelligence Map is no longer in use.

The Scenteral Intelligence map combines images created using Scent Death around the city to create one large seamless "map" of Malton showing the city wide distribution of zombies and dead bodies. This information can be used to infer or confirm the how dangerous a suburb might be, as well as for more specific purposes, like determining the location / status of specific (even un-publicized) revive points, tracking the movements of zombie hordes, and so on.

There are several versions of / pages for this map, which displays the map in slightly different ways:

  • Scenteral Intelligence Map - this is the original version. Suburb borders are marked around the map edges. This version can be harder to navigate since nothing is marked on the map itself but it is the easiest to view.
  • Scenteral Intelligence Map/grid map - this version adds locational cues that make it much easier to figure out exactly what the map co-ordinates of a given color block are, however the grid does not always view correctly across all browsers. There are two "experimental" variants of this view- Scenteral Intelligence Map/grid map/show buildings and Scenteral Intelligence Map/grid map/show streets.
  • - is an externally hosted version that updates a database using a Greasemonkey extension and then renders a map based on that data. The above versions were in fact a "test program" for the concepts behind this version, and the external version has replaced them , the map is now pulled from this website and uploaded here. This version offers an archive of past map images, as well s many map rendering options: size, building highlights, tooltips, etc. It also provides an indicator as to the age of data for each block.


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