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Sentinel Security Services
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Abbreviation: SS
Group Numbers: Unknown
Goals: Assist the Survivors
Recruitment Policy: Now hiring
Contact: ACRID

The SS

Sentinel Security Services is a division of ACRID, existing as a separate entity with it's own independent leadership, goals, policies and ideals. Acting solely as a support group, they provide the installation and maintenance of security coverage to private, group, industrial, commercial, and residential markets in the Malton area. Their security product lines encompass such areas as Burglar, Invasion, PK alarms, Fire Alarms, Closed Circuit Television, Card Access Systems, Heat/Freeze Alarms, Medic Alert Systems, High/Low Water Alarms and Sprinkler Systems.

The primary function of Sentinel Security, is the installation, receiving, and maintenance of these alarms via state of the art patrol route guard duty, guard dogs and near instantaneous on-line communications. They always strive to achieve the highest quality on installation and services that can be provided.

Some of their recent projects have included: Hospitals, Government Agency's, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Factories, Clubs, Schools, Industrial Complexes, Office buildings and residential buildings of all types.

Please contact them on their discussion page or at their field office[1] for more information or to establish a patrol route in your area now.

-Sentinel Security; Securing Malton's future one building at a time


"They are a top notch group. They can keep an eye on your cade levels, report numbers at revive points, look out for PKers and will even kill people for you. We had this one guy that kept griefing us and we couldn't do anything about it without getting reported as PKers, so the SS came and took care of it for us. And with us being a small group they really saved us a lot of precious AP by scouting for us. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." -Satisfied Customer


With the owner of the SS now owing society for his acts of injustice and with the hitman for hire business going so slow, Sentinel security has branched out to include Pole Mall Security, (PMS). PMS is dedicated to the defense of Pole Mall and providing aid to it's clientele.

Jillard Security

Defending a sole Necro Tech in Kempsterbank.


Upon expiration of our contract with our main employer, ACRID, we the remaining members of the SS, have decided to fore go our branch at Jillard for the time being, whilst renegotiating our services with PMS.

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