Samhain Slaughter/poem

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The following groups took part in this event:

Philosophe Knights · Creedy Guerilla Raiders · Flowers of Disease · Columbine Kids · Leighton Kru · Angels of Mercy


Trick 'r Treat


Who's doing this?
PKA & it's member groups.,

Kill everyone we see that night.

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a PKer.
2. Be willing to slaughter every soul in the Mall

3. Only one PKer per player

Hildebrand Mall, Roftwood

When: Tuesday, Oct 30th, 2007

Screenshot of the event
Thanks to the BBC for capturing this event for us. You can find a record of this event here.

The following poem was read over the radio moments before the event.

"Come together, oh spirits, ye bogey, ye beast, to the night of all nights, the grand Samhain feast!

The livestock are all coming; sheep bleat before the knife, we’ll wear their clothing to hide us and then we take all life.

Hear me demons of the dark and ye ghosts of the night they are afraid of the shadow; let us turn out every light!

Bring your friends and your fellows to the Hill we shall meet, in the dark, gloomy Rot-wood, we shall force light to retreat.

The Blighted Flowers and Angry Children Thoughtful Knights and Seraphim converge upon one building to feast on those within!

Mall rats hear me now: Your deaths bring great elation for tonight is the night of the Samhain Celebration!