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Representatives from the following groups took part in this event:

Flowers of Disease · Philosophe Knights · Creedy Guerilla Raiders · Columbine Kids · Blood cult . Legends of Darkness . Browncoats . The Super Six'es . Brotherhood of the Reckoning . Spartans . The Skorpions . Red Rum . DORIS


Previous Event:
Samhain Slaughter


Who's doing this?
PKA & it's associates.

Kill everyone we see that night.

Recruitment Policy
1. Be a PKer.
2. Be willing to slaughter every soul in the Mall.

3. Only one PKer per player.

Blesley Mall, Gulsonside

When: Sunday, October 26th, 2008

Coverage of the Event
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This year's reading courtesy of DT from the Philosophe Knights

Ode to Samhain

An ancient day, an ancient rite.

an ancient evil awakes tonight:

in our souls it reveals its might

our blood boils and we prepare to fight.

Greasy Gangs and Hoplite Phalanx,

knife and impale those that stand

Manson Fans and Rebel Ranks,

spilling blood to stain the land.

Fetid Flora and the Damned Realms;

cutting swaths through the sheep,

Chocolate Cloaks and Learned Helms,

send hundreds to a dreamless sleep.

A Fraternity of Revenge and Myths of Gloom

Vermilion Vermouth and Extraordinary Numbers

Striding in to join you and your deathly groom

as you and your filthy suburb slumbers.

Beware the Candy and beware the treats,

for tricksters come calling - they like bloody sweets

When your mall is falling and all are cannon fodder

You'll remember this night as the Second Samhain Slaughter

This poem was also read by Sir WV of the Philosophe Knights at the onset of the night's sacrifice.


It is the time of burning leaves.

The crispness of the air has awakened memories both dark and hidden.

Memories of past feasts partaken.

I sit comfortably in this silent room.

Computer keyboard beneath my fingers

Yet my mind is never frozen here.....In times past it wants to linger.

I "see" a bonfire raging on a hilltop

With my people all gathered around

Our prayers to the Gods I shout,

Yet, in my dreams I hear not a sound.

The drums beat, the people dance

Wildness fills the Autumn night.

The Other Side is so very close

The Veil just beyond the fire light.

I reach, I feel, I almost touch...

Spirit fingers entwine with mortal

Then dawn's first light appears

And seals again the fragile portal.

I turn away from the cold ashes

Let the wildness leave my aching soul.

Another year 'til another Samhain...

On that night again I'll be whole.

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