Samhain Slaughter 4

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Is é an t-Shamhain ar an seachtú lá eilé.
Chinneadh mé faoi choinne íonad síopadoreacht.
Beidh an Samhain linn. Beidh bas leat.
Samhain: noun • [sow-in]

Celtic harvest festival intended to celebrate the end of light season and the start of the dark. Tributes were often made to the entity known as Mongfhionn, and a communal cull of livestock for butchery was performed, with the bones thrown into bonfires for divination. Samahin has been, since ancient times, a festival imbued with deep reverence and awe for the spirit world of the dead.

What is Samhain Slaughter 4?

Samhain Slaughter 4 is the most recent in a series of yearly festivals held by the player-killers of Malton to honour the city's Celtic roots. On October 31st, 2010, the hostile elements of Malton society are invited to descend upon the festival site and indulge in the traditional culling of cattle - though in these apocalyptic modern times, the chosen livestock are those simpering survivors cloistered in their hallowed mall. Mongfhionn shall rejoice in the blood offered to her, and the bones of the weak shall guide our path for the coming darkness.

Where is Samhain Slaughter 4?

At present, the location of Samhain Slaughter 4 has not been made public. Please check back with us soon for more finalised planning.

How do I join in?

Just go here and add either your own name or that of the group you're attending with to the list, and it'll update the page here with the attendance information. Any of the murderous persuasions welcome, be they player-killer, death cultist, or Axe Hack.
In attendence this year: