Samhain Slaughter Seven

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Representatives of the following groups took part in this event:

Flowers of Decay · Philosophe Knights · Unholy Trinity · Cobra


Kill 'em All


Who's doing this?
PKA & it's member groups.

Punish Pitneybank.

Pitneybank and the surrounding area

When: Friday, November 1st

Screenshots of the event
You can find records of this event here.

These poems were recited during the celebration.

In the times of yore, the Celtic peoples of the British Isles celebrated Halloween in a very different way. Instead of candy and costumes there was vast amounts of feasting, harvest, and huge fires. Livestock were slaughtered and preserved in preparation for winter, people and livestock were purified by fire, and vast pagan worship was observed. Today, the world has commercialized and bastardized glorious Samhain. To cleanse the sacred day of Samhain, we have slaughtered in Pitneybank and given back to the glorious pagan gods in November of 2013. Bonfires were lit that night and the festivities were merry. Allied PKers used the flames of these fires to light their own individual hearths from a common flame, thus bonding our families together for a stronger future.

Continuing the tradition

Following the footsteps of the past Halloween PKer events, Samhain Slaughter Seven saw the return of allied PKers coming together for the common goal of spooky, scary, glorious murder. Planned weeks in advance, members of Flowers of Decay, Philosophe Knights, Cobra and Unholy Trinity chose Pitneybank as their slughtering grounds. On November 1st, the PKers made their move. The addition of Mask Anonymity again added some thematic flare this year. Most PKers donned masks and picked pumpkins prior to the event, which made for some interesting screenshots.


Samhain Slaughter pic 1.jpg Boo!
This user or group dressed up and trick-or-treated in Pitneybank in Nov 2013.
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List 'O Sacrifices

The following lost souls were offered up to the spirits of Samhain.

  1. - Killer Scarecrow
  2. - Killer Scarecrow
  3. - Killer Scarecrow
  4. - The Deceiver
  5. - The Deciever
  6. - The Deciever
  7. - PENNYWlSE
  8. - PENNYWlSE
  9. - JR BobDobbs
  10. - JR BobDobbs
  11. - JR BobDobbs
  12. - Kalli May
  13. - Kalli May
  14. - Kalli May
  15. - Duke D'oeuvre
  16. - Duke D'oeuvre
  17. - Candy O
  18. - Candy O
  19. - RT
  20. - RT
  21. - RT
  22. - RT
  23. - RT
  24. - ForTheFourthTime
  25. - ForTheFourthTime
  26. - Cataleya
  27. - Cataleya
  28. - Harduk
  29. - Harduk
  30. - Aruhito
  31. - Aruhito
  32. - Aruhito