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Save the Yeti!
CAVEAT: This page is meant to parody the "Save the Yeti" zerg group, rather than actually support its existence. Please be guided accordingly.

Save the yeti from extinction by listing them as an endangered species!

I've been to Peppardville to volunteer with these amazing, social and family-oriented animals, and it worries me that they might disappear in my lifetime. But there's hope: Right now, there are some rumours that yetis are to be added to Malton's endangered species list.

We've lost more than 80-90% of the Malton's yeti population in recent decades due to massive habitat loss, disease, trophy hunters and the exotic animal trade. Two-thirds of yeti pelts and trophies have ended up in various warehouses and meat lockers over the last three years! If listed as endangered, hunters will no longer be able to bring yeti trophies into safehouses, therefore saving a large number of the yeti population. This is our chance to give these iconic animals the protection they need before they disappear forever.

Spread the word, and let people know that we support endangered species protection for yetis!

Please sign my petition in support of listing yetis as an endangered species. Once you've signed, I also encourage you to leave a comment on the petition's talk page.

Malton Fish and Wildlife Service

Dear MFWS,

If you are still operational, thank you for reviewing the status of yetis in Malton. I strongly urge you to list the yeti as an "endangered" species.

Yetis are among the most iconic animals of Malton, and I worry that they might disappear in my lifetime. I've read about their devastating habitat loss and threats from disease and hunters. We have lost 80%-90% of the Malton's yeti population in less than 50 years. It's especially disturbing to see yeti parts, yeti pelts, and yeti meat sold in Giddings Mall, when this species has lost so much of its wild population in recent years.

Please give Yetis the protection they deserve!

Thank you.

Sincerely, [Your name]

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