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This is an unofficial group page for Save the yeti. For other uses see Save the Yeti (parody)

A Zerg group active in Urban Dead from 2012 to the present, mostly consisting of characters with the word "Yeti" somewhere in their name.

The Yeti, in conjunction with other known zerg characters typically operate in Pitneybank and Whittenside in or near Malton's two forts. In the Spring of 2013, after a long siege at Fort Creedy the Yeti moved into Ridleybank for a brief campaign against the RRF.

Yeti Bingo

Some time in 2013, some Yeti characters were found with the following character description:

"Play Yeti Bingo! Add each state yeti to your friends list until you have all 50! If you kill them, don't add them."

Many people in the Urban Dead community ignore this challenge, as it is viewed as encouragement of continued zerging. Still others feel it contradicts what the character description explicitly states, as there are fewer than 50 state-named yetis.

For those that choose not to ignore the challenge, a geographical theme exists, consisting of a state's name from one of the 50 states that make up the U.S.A.(United States of America) the format is as follows-

1. Kansas Yeti

2. Oklahoma Yeti

3. New York Yeti

They all follow the same format with a state's name followed by Yeti.

Other Yetis do not follow the geographical theme and have names with no immediately obvious format or theme besides the inclusion of the obligatory "Yeti"

Partial list of Yetis

Here is a list containing 62 of 63 known "Save the Yeti" group members-

And one Yeti that does not have "Save the Yeti" as it's group-

There is no way of knowing how many Yetis are out there without "Save the Yeti" as their group.. but extrapolating the data from the previous list and making a somewhat educated guess(Warning, opinion) I would say there aren't many Yetis without "Save the Yeti" as their group.. Out of 64 known Yetis only one of them does not have "Save the Yeti" as its group.. I would say with much certainty that there aren't an additional 7 Yetis out there that would complete the 50 states without "STY" as their group. (End of opinion)

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