Scarletwood Police Department/Hillard Road Precinct

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Hillard Road Precinct
Abbreviation: SPD-HRP
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Juri Arisugawa
Goals: To ensure the safety of Scarletwood's loyal citizens in the Hillard Road Precinct.
Recruitment Policy: Join our forum and make a member request.
Contact: SPD Forum

Located in the Malton's southeastern suburb of Scarletwood, the Hillard Road Precinct protects the area of the suburb situated around the Hillard Road Police Station [74,89]. Juri Arisugawa is in charge of the Hillard Road Precinct's operations, security and resources; she can often be seen running around the precinct with her trusty shotgun, grinning like the cheshire cat. The Garniss Border Patrol also maintains a strong presence in this precinct.

Hillard Road Precint.jpg

Hillard Road Force



  • evilb


  • Ultramar40k
  • dijasom
  • Ylon

Orders from the Chief

I. Complete a daily sweep of the Precinct. Notify HQ of zombies and player killers that one might come in contact with.

II. Actively recruit new members for the SPD and this precinct.

III. When On Patrol:

A.Focus mainly on the southwest sector of Scarletwood.

B.Maintain barricades based on the Scarletwood Barricade Policy.

C.Help to maintain order by eliminating and ejecting any zombies or humans who kill other survivors.

D.Provide medical assistance to fellow survivors as needed. All personnel should try and carry at least two first aid kits and if possible a revival syringe for use on others. Keep 1additional first aid kit and one syringe for emergencies.

E.Check the Bentley Hotel and make sure there is a working generator.

F.Check the forum for operation information and possible additional orders.