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Scurvy Scroungers
Abbreviation: ScS
Group Numbers: 21
Leadership: Zarak Goldleaf
Goals: To control New Arkham
Recruitment Policy: Email the Scroungers at the listed address, and try to contact them in game about a trial membership.

The Scurvy Scroungers are a group of highly organized zombies located in New Arkham. Formed up to organize the New Arkham zombie forces, the Scroungers have been in opperation since early 2008. They are led by their direct leader Zarak Goldleaf. The Scroungers maintain feeding grounds in all across southwest Malton, with their primary base of operations being in The Mitchener Building, where they coordinated their assaults from. The Scroungers often times make use of various banks in the New Arkham area.

Group Organizational Structure

The Scroungers utilize hunting groups to coordinate assaults, with a few groups of 3-4 members striking a variety of targets at the same time. Their coordinated hunting strategies have enabled them to launch highly successfull raids against superior forces. Their efforts are coordinated through small group's individual leadership, with general strategy set by the 'thinking' zombie Zarak Goldleaf.


The Scurvy Scroungers are devoted to organizing New Arkhams zombie population into effective hunting units, with emphasis placed on preserving the 'livestock', with secondary motives being bringing the zone of New Arkham firmly under zombie control. They plan coordinated attacks on the various resources buildings in New Arkham, but mostly towards the center. Occasionally, the group makes raids against territories that border New Arkham in assaults that some survivors have remarked seem an awful lot like protecting their border.

Recruitment is also one of the primary goals of the Scroungers right now. Historically, the Scroungers have always been outnumbered in the SW corner, however their attacks have caused massive alliances to form up in an effort to defeat their group.

Enemies and allies

The Scurvy Scroungers have squared off against a number of human groups with various levels of success. Before solidifying their status in New Arkham, and a few time there after, the Scroungers went toe to toe with CAPD, and Legion of the Octopope. Since then, the Scroungers have done battle largely against New Arkham survivor groups, such as The Bartenders of New Arkham. After a massive unification of survivors known as the Southwest Alliance nearly wiped out the Scroungers, the Scroungers have returned in full force, and have a kill on site policy for members of that, and affiliated groups.

The Scroungers enjoy no allies to date, but their own numbers, as well as organizational skills and tactics make them formidible in themselves. A few terrorist survivors have pledged loyalty to the Scroungers and are known to support their efforts with terror attacks such as generator and barricade smashing, ect. In adition, several other zombie groups exist in the area, some calling the Mitchener their home as well. The Scroungers consider them allies against the humans, but not the true rulers of the zone.

Contacting the group

The Scurvy Scroungers have loose, but cunning leadership, however the few 'thinking' zombies in the group are open to some level of diplomacy with survivor groups in the area. However, aside from Zarak Goldleaf himself, it is difficult to identify which zombies are the groups leadership, so survivors wishing to communicate with the group are left to merely shout at the various zombies and hope the info is passed on.


The Scurvy Scroungers were formed up by the thinking zombies Ebineezer Shifton and Mogwick in the year 2008. These two had formerly been members of the Urban Paladins, a survivor group in the southwest corner, but they were savagely murdered by various other survivors. After returning from the dead as zombies, these two found they had limited higher brain functions intact, and began to organize various other zombies in the area. The group pillaged its way into New Arkham where it found a weak survivor population, and was able to set up shop.

Almost immediately, the group began to suffer considerable attacks from survivors in the area. None the less, the group was able to manage highly successfull raids and gain control of the zone. After a short time, they began to regularly control the Octotemple, and various other territories of CAPD and the Legion of the Octopope. The success of the early Scroungers group caused the Southwest Alliance to become increasingly focused on efforts in the area, a surge which, coupled with assistance from numerous groups from and near the SW, nearly caused the destruction of the Scroungers.

However, one zombie would not go away. Zarak Goldleaf, maintained his vigilant attacks and attempts to reclaim the Mitchener building for considerable time. Often seen pounding at the barricades of the building, attempting to get back into his home. Eventually, he became one of the 'thinking' zombies, perhaps some sort of strange result from being in and around the necrotech building for so long. When this occured, he began to organize the corner, and soon enough, the Scroungers were back, and in control of the Mitchener!

Important events

2008 - Ebineezer Shifton (retired) and Mogwick form up the Scurvy Scroungers. Early 2009 - The Scrounger's present a great enough threat in the SW corner that the Southwest Alliance is formed up to combat the Scroungers.

Mid 2009 - The Southwest Alliance brings overwhelming numbers against the Scroungers and pacifies the zone. The Scroungers go inactive and much of the original membership retires.

2011 - Zarak Goldleaf begins to organize former Scroungers members in New Arkham.

2012 - The Scroungers reform as a particularly formidible group. In the middle of the year they reclaim the Mitchener, and hold it until April of 2013.

March 28th-30th - For about a week prior to the 28th, survivor resistence around Zephyrinus General Hospital increased. On the morning of the 28th, an ill organized and easily defeated attack was commenced on the hospital, where live action zombies faced live action survivors. Later on the same day, Scroungers leader Zarak Goldleaf began a surprise night time attack, and successfully commanded the sacking of Zephyrnius General Hospital which had over 20 survivors inside at the time of the attack (only one or two fled). The fighting continued for the next few days as pockets of fleeing survivors were found and flushed out by the Scroungers and allies. This is the largest battle the Scroungers had participated in, with around 50 participats between both sides.

April 2nd 2013 - With many Scroungers members still not returned from the Easter holliday, Army Control Corps launched a successfull raid on the Mitchener, ending the Scroungers control streak.

April 4th - 7th 2013 - The Scroungers begin to move outside of their home suburb of New Arkham and launch an attack on Tompson Mall begining with the Cheeke Building. Within a day, the Scroungers have sacked all 4 corners of the mall, and by the 7th, all the surrounding buildings are in ruins as well.

April 10th, 2013 - The Scroungers continue their warpath and sacked the Krinks Power Station.

Important Members

Zarak Goldleaf, Gerald Studabaker, Ebineezer Shifton (retired), Mogwick, Maron Deldibon (retired), Balthczar, InChr1st, Shiek2002, Tayshaun Prince, Pirim.


Caused the formation of the Southwest Alliance due to successful scroungers raids.

Ran up a 183 repair cost repair of the Mitchener Building in New Arkham stretching from late 2012 to early 2013.

In April of 2013, led a successful attack on Tompson Mall, and Club Frankland. Later sacked Tikhon General Hospital (Dartside) east in a 50+ battle against Tikhon medical.

Supported Policies

The Scroungers support a number of policies and ideas, all based around the idea of making the game more evenly balanced. At present, there are more standing zombie hunters than zombies in the game. The scroungers feel that this is an incorrect result for a zombie 'survival' game. The point is to have survivors fighting to live, not so easily dominating that they spend most of their ap playing games, roleplaying, and decorating buildings. One look at the danger map will tell you that something needs to be done to balance the game more, as almost every zone is green or yellow, and only a few are red or orange, and almost none grey. The following are actions the scroungers would like to see the administration and players take in an effort to better enhance game play.

1) Decrease odds of manufacturing and successfully using revive syringes.

2) Create a zombie skill where zombies are more successfull when attacking baricades.

3) Create a zombie skill where zombies can 'pile' corpses, thus creating a small (perhaps lightly+2 level) baricade for zombies that survivors couldnt cross.

4) Dissallow the option to create new survivor characters, or at the very least have all new characters start off dead, even if they have another class besides zombie.

5) Remove 1/4 of all necrotech buildings from the game

6) Add a zombie skill that doubles the hp damage from infections

7) Add a zombie skill so zombies can target legs of survivors, thereby causing them to walk at 2 ap per square until healed.

8) Add a 'horde' bonus to zombies so that when multiple zombies are in the same room they have increased odds of hitting survivors

9) Add a 'food stuffs' element for survivors so that if they dont eat and drink (every day or every couple of days), they loose hp like infection.

10) Add an effect where a building becomes 'tapped out' of supplies (ammo, guns, FAK's, etc), after 5 search attempts in it per day.

11) Create a 'hide in shadows' skill for zombies so they can be hidden inside of buildings (this would add a feel of classic zombie movie 'zombie pops out of nowhere' feel).

12) Design a 'basement' system so that zombies can access buildings through sewers and basement tunnels which can only be vsb baricaded, but cost more ap to move through.

13) Alter the buildings so that only certain buildings can be heavily or better baricaded.

14) Add a zombie skill called 'inspire fear' which causes a survivor to enter ento a 'panicked' mode requiring the expenditure of 5 ap to shake off the effects (essentially the zombie equivalent of headshot).

15) Add a zombie skill which has a 10% chance to activate on every successfull hit which causes double damage from 'bleeding'.

16) Survivors opt into allowing zombies to control certain resource buildings to intentionally make the game more difficult for themselves.

17) Some existing survivors convert to the zombie side of the game, at least temporarily.

18) Survivors stage more survivor-survivor action to add an element of infighting which would make the game more difficult for them

19) Survivors intentionally dont baricade buildings past VSB +2


Salt The Land
This user or group supports the Salt The Land Alliance and a Zombie Apocalypse in Malton.
GroupRecruiting.jpg This group is currently recruiting!
If you want to join, please, contact us in game.
DeathValley.jpg Scorched Earth
This User or Group supports the Scorched Earth Policy & acknowledges that all revive points must be razed and their inhabitants killed.
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