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Search Odds Common Projects
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Mall Stores Data
Mall (No Shopping) | Book Store | Drug Store | Gun Store | Hardware Store | Liquor Store | Sports Store | Tech Store
Fort Buildings Data
Armoury | Barracks | Exercise Yard | Gatehouse | Infirmary | Storehouse | Training Ground | Vehicle Depot

Mall Data

Please put all data under the specific store's page, as listed above, until enough data has been collected to create a summary on this page.

Adding Data Guidelines
1. Use ~~~~ to sign your entries in the Sig field. If the data was not collected on the day it was recorded, use ~~~~ anyway, and then edit the date once you've saved it.
2. Always check your data to ensure that it is accurate before posting. Make sure you add up all your items + nothing searches to ensure that it matches up to the total number of searches you've recorded. Data that doesn't add up can't be used in data analyses, so try to make sure it's all accurate.
3. Ammunition level of found firearms is recorded in separate column for sake of easier processing. For example use Pistol (N) column for number of found pistols and Pistol (Q) for their quality (ammunition level).
4. To record condition statuses, use the following in the Building Condition field :
  • L - For a Lights on Condition
  • R - For a Ransack Condition
  • R(r) - For a Ransack & Ruined Condition
  • LR - For both Ransack/ruin and Lights on Conditions
  • N - For no Condition
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