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The secret location is NOT going to be revealed. The usage of the secret location and other rules of the secret location is listed below:


Under redevelopment


Used when the HQ of the UBCS

    • is ransacked by zombies;
    • is under massive attack;
  • and VIMs of the group needs evacuation.


A generator and a radio transmitter has already been set up in the building ready for service.

  • 1. Must not add fuel when not used or agreed by 2/3 of survivors in the building.
  • 2. When fuel runs out, do not re-fill, everyone must leave the building and find another place to reduce attention.
  • 3. Everyone must be sure to KILL the zombie it has recently contacted with in case it has Scent Trail.
  • 4. If in case you really cannot kill the zombie, make sure you have his profile ID# and tell it to any member in the building to kill it.
  • 5. There will be punishments on the one that cannot keep the building under disguise.
  • 6. The building must be kept at Extremely Heavily Barricaded+2
  • 7. Do not use public speak if any survivors that don't seem to belong to the group. Try to make him/her leave, if he/she won't, hire a PKer to do the job for you(we don't want any UBCS hands dirty).
  • 8. In case the building is being attacked by hostile forces that don't mean to surrender, destroy any evidence showing the building is the secret location(including: the generator, the radio transmitter, graffiti...).
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