Secret Order of Decorators

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Secret Order of Decorators
Abbreviation: SOD
Group Numbers: Small, but growing
Leadership: Amanda Webster
Goals: Giving Malton a Sense of Style
Recruitment Policy: Selective
Contact: Amanda Webster

Secret Order of Decorators

In a city that is desolate, grey and forboding, the Secret Order of Decorators seek to bring back light and color. The Secret Order uses creativity, attention to detail, and a dynamic sense of sytle to strike a balance of aesthetics and function. The results are beautiful, safely barricaded homes that radiate elegance, are well fortified and yet remain comfortable. Join us if you wish to bring civilization and style back to Malton!


Member Revives Zed Kills PK Kills Renovations
Amanda Webster 128 59 1 85
Princess Leia 0 0 0 0

Member = Name and profile link of player

Revives = Sucessfully Revived Survivors (Scanned and Profile checked)

Zed Kills = Number of Zombies Killed

PK Kills = Number of Verified Player Killers reprimanded, ubraded and then shown the business end of something...ummmm...deadly!

Renovations = Ruined Buildings repaired, redecorated and then barricaded up to VSB or better.

Company Policies

The Secret Order of Decorators Supports the Sacred Ground Policy. Do not kill zeds at cemeteries.

Scan before Reviving. No random revives, make your syringe count.

Scan before Shooting. Don't waste ammo on a survivor looking for a revive.

Sh.I.Z.O. = Shoot Indoor Zeds Only. Shooting a zombie in the street is a waste of AP and Ammo. Save both for the zeds that are inside buildings and when you find them, kill them and dump them outside.

No Bots. Design Staff are prohibited from operating any bots.

No Hacking. Design Staff are prohibited from engaging in hacking. This includes deliberately defacing or deleting another group's Wiki site.

No Zerging. Players shall maintain only (1) account among Secret Order Design staff at a time. Players with multiple characters shall maintain a minimum (2) suburbs seperation between all characters.

Our Radio frequency is 28.76Mhz.

Secret Order Friends and Allies

The following Organizations have conducted joint remodeling with or pledged tactical support for Secret Order of Decorators endeavors:

The VZW: Veterans of the Zombie Wars

Yoyodyne Zombie Research Institute


If you or your group wish to join the Secret Order or coordinate redecorating plans in large buildings, please post communications on the discussion page or speak directly with any Design Staff you may encounter through-out Malton.

Secret Order Revive Center

If you have found yourself in the fasion challenged state of undeath, the Secret Order is here to help! Just list your Name, ID#, Location and Time below and we will do what we can to help.

Survivors successfully revived:

eugenie de franval (10/09/07), Brute Squad (10/12/07), DocClarkSavage (10/12/07), CONCR3T3 (10/13/07), Zoraster (10/13/07), Patrick Birfutt (10/14/07), ZombieGanker (10/15/07), humanbutt6 (10/17/07), deathnut (10/17/07), Rav1c (10/19/07), Steelskull (10/21/07), Phantom PF (10/21/07), GreenWing (10/25/07), co fragment (10/25/07), DocClarkSavage (10/27/07), Juleshun (10/27/07), fred muncy (10/28/07), chaplain13 (10/31/07), Reign Muster (10/31/07), Snipingkid (11/01/07), ramza5421 (11/01/07), Aleister Grey (11/04/07), Jack Ivy (11/04/07), hdcrashed12 (11/05/07), Pyropardus (11/07/07), Dr Khallos (11/27/07), Pyropardus (12/05/07), wesker42 (12/25/07), DoomPatrol (12/26/07), randin (12/26/07), Team Doctor (12/26/07), dangertmcawesome (12/27/07), Dr Ocal (12/28/07), Konuko (12/28/07), CorranHalcyon (12/31/07), Bob the Beast (12/31/07), Bruce Singleton (01/17/08), Ariedartin (01/18/08), Redeyesy (01/18/08), Tokarishi (02/04/08), Uncle Huck (02/04/08), Ettore Fieramosca (03/21/08), McSkullcracken (03/27/08), wedgehut (03/27/08), Tokarishi (03/27/08), tarheel93c (03/28/08), Gallarus White Eyes (03/28/08), memoire (04/01/08), G Morph (04/02/08), Aaron Einhorn (04/04/08), John Hackson (04/04/08), No More Angels (04/05/08), Notch Above (04/05/08), Trenton Chase (04/06/08), wealthyman2 (04/06/08), BLAZING CORPSE (04/08/08), Belthazer (04/09/08), BLAZING CORPSE (04/14/08), ColdAsIce (04/14/08), KillaChristian (04/14/08), OmnusOmega (06/21/08), Raharu (06/21/08),

Secret Order of Decorators Radio Information

know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated Radio frequency

Frequency: 28.76 MHz
Transmitter coordinates: None Currently