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Section 13 has very few group policies, reflecting the opinion that members should be allowed to play in-character and how they like. Any group wide policies will be listed below, all others are considered subjective, and to the individuals discretion.

Survival is our Highest priority. As a group we defend all buildings in Malton that bare the name of Saint Maximillian, and use them as our safehouses, and head quarters.

Alt. Zero Tolerance

Alts are NOT allowed in Section 13. Maintianing alts within the same group, organization, or alliance is considered an act of zerging, and alt abuse. This is another reason why the DEM (and offiliates) suck our ass, they are all blatant trenchy zergers!

Members may have alternate characeters, but we ask that these characters do not have any form of direct, indirect, or "third person" interaction or communication with your Section 13 character at any point.

If a member is found to be in violation of our alt policy a single warning will be issued. A second violation of this policy will result in an imediate "Dishonourable Discharge", without appeal to the Tribunal.

This is one of our single most important policies.


Although pro-survivor we do not recognize the MPD, MCDU, Malton Marshals, or the DEM as a whole and other law enforcement branches and groups - The law in Malton was destroyed at the begining of the outbreak, and said groups are imposters.

The only Law in Malton is the law of survival, that between life and undeath. Our members are bound by only this and thier loyalty to Section 13. We will not allow DEM to so much as sleep in our safehouses, beware.

Their authority is false, and self imposed. Their alt policy breaks the one true law.

Bounty Hunters

S13 does not allow bounty hunters, and will not tolerate them in our safehouses. Got PK'ed? Settle your own score, or stop crying about it. find youself a revive and move on with your life.

We view use of the rogues' gallery with disgust and disdain.

Dual Nature Policy

Dual play? A-OK!!!! Section 13 endorses dual nature play to the fullest. Undead? go eat someone!!! There have been instances during break-ins and seiges where our members have been dragged into the street, and returned the same night to kill someone in the very building they were protecting as a human.

Urban Warfare

Section 13 fights like hell for it's turf!!!

Join the fight, take the Oath!

UwarS.GIF Supporter of Urban Warfare Doctrine
I fight block by block

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