Sendell Saints

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The Sendell Saints - Open Bar, Loaded Guns

We have the largest pints in Malton, so large in fact that they aren't even pints.

"Destroy all that which is evil, So that which is good may flourish."
The Sendell Saints - Open Bar, Loaded Guns
Abbreviation: The Saints
Group Numbers: Classified
Leadership: Hot Damn, Mr Cole
Goals: Help the stranded survivor
Recruitment Policy: Open
Contact: User:Hot_Damn, Mr Cole, Nonya C
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.88 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Probably the pub we're named after.


  • With a little luck a rag tag group of survivors ended up working together in good ol Saint Ferreol's Hospital in Kempsterbank. After a lil feud with some local zeds the hospital was ransacked with the rest of the suburb by a horde from the north. After a good routing and regrouping some of the old St. Ferreol's regulars decided to move south and form an organized group based out of The Sendell Arms in West Grayside. Hot Damn and Mr. Cole took up residence in the extremely tactical(plentiful booze) Sendell Arms and the rest is hazy history.


  • Purge that which is evil in Malton
  • To help in the maintaining of WestGrayside and Kempsterbank
  • Provide emergency healing to stranded people in the area
  • Recruit new members and find old friends to expand
  • Just have some fun


  • Retake Saint Ferreol's Hospital (in progress)


  • We are currently partying in the fabled St. Ferreol's Hospital of Kempsterbank, our spiritual area of origin. The SMW and Knights Templar along with a few others are partaking in the largest pints in all of Malton directly from Nonya C's magical keg pocket with us so come on by and help us take out the only organized zed group in Kempsterbank.
  • The Sendell Arms, the best dive in all of West Grayside.


  • Open to anyone, stop by the pub and talk with us over a pint. We are a very laid back group, we are more into having a good time than anything else. There wil be no strict control over what you do as long as you play as a pro survivor.
  • If the pub is too much effort catch one of us in game, post your request on our discussion page, or post on our forum when we can open it to the public again.