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'Sex Posse'
Abbreviation: The Posse, Posse
Group Numbers: 10 and growing (hopefully)
Leadership: None of Your Business! You some kind of ninja assasin or something?
Goals: Reopen every night club in Malton and show everyone a good time.
Recruitment Policy: To join you go to have 4 things: The will to dance, a shiv, a gat and ...uh...the will to dance!
Contact: Post on the Sexiest forums on the web.

Statement of Inactivity



The Sex Posse, currently located in Dulston, is devoted to making this town a little more interesting. That means dance clubs, booze, and fisticuffs. We hope you enjoy what we are doing and if you don't we will break your legs and your little dog too.

On a more serious note, the Sex Posse is not a part of the Dulston Alliance or any of its affiliated groups, but in times of need (i.e. zombies or PKers trying to crash one of our many killer raves) we will lend our shivs and gats to a greater cause.


Current goals include: Short Term:

  • Maintaining every nightclub in Dulston.

Long Term:

  • Maintaining every nightclub in Malton and turning them into Sex Posse Rave Zones
  • Taking the dull out of Dulston
  • Fighting for our right to PARTAY!

Current Events

  • March 27, 2007- The misunderstanding has been dealt with! On zig, for great party, sex posse!
  • March 23, 2007- The prior plans of the Sex Posse have been put on hold until they can deal with a misunderstanding which has turned deadly.
  • March 17, 2007- As the first official act of the Sex Posse, we would like to hold a Welcoming Party for everyone in the greater Dulston area. More information soon on the day(s), location(s), and festivities coming soon.


know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 28.29 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Somewhere in Dulston

To keep up with current posse events and propaganda...I mean news tune into the Posse Channel

We will have a schedule for programs and times once we find a DJ sexy enough for the job. To apply e-mail us at Alternately, post on the forums.

History of The Posse

In AD 2007,a party was beginning. A party the likes of which had never been seen before...

Captain: What happen?

Mechanic: Somebody set us up the awesome!

Operator: We get signal

Captain: What!

Operator: Main screen turn on

VenetianBlind: How are you gentlemen?

Captain: It's you!

VenetianBlind: ALL YOUR CLUBS ARE BELONG TO US! You are on the way to party!

Captain: What you say!

VenetianBlind: You have no chance to remain dull make your time.

And so, the Sex Posse was formed. For non gamers not understanding the joke...this is what we are refering to


  • All your clubs are belong to us
  • All your abandoned warehouses are belong to us
  • We have a strict no-necrophilia policy. Playing with your food is just wrong.
  • If you take our stuff we break your legs...and your Christmas tree.
  • You must be this tall to enter awesome night club raving.
  • No 'hot chicks' play Urban Dead. If anyone claims to be a 'hot chick', they will be hunted down and taunted repeatedly.
  • All members of the Sex Posse are required to own one Saturday night special (pistol, for the layman) and one shiv (knife, for the very layman). These are for the purpose of enforcing all Possy Policy where diplomacy fails.
  • The Sex Posse also condones the use of all other melee weapons, especially pool cue. The Sex Possy does not condone the use of shotguns, unless they have sawed-off barrels for the use of concealment. Note that all shotguns in Urban Dead have sawed-off barrels.
  • Please don't PK in our clubs. If you have an issue with someone, take it outside. Or we'll shoot you.
PKer recieving justice after Pking in Club Cocker.

All Your Clubs Are Belong To Us

According to this policy, The Sex Posse pledges to maintain every club (VSB, powered, except where in conflict with optimal defense plans) in the Dulston-Rhodenbank area so all may use them when the time calls for it. They call on any and all survivors to aid them in the noble cause of PARTYING DOWN.


The Sex Possy withdraws from any and all alliances it currently holds and declares absolute neutrality. That way, more parties for everyone!

Clubs being maintained by the Sex Posse

The following are clubs that are maintained by the Sex Posse and their bartenders (where applicable)


Are any of you girls?

Pfft. Don't be silly. There are no girls on teh intarwebs.

On a more (but only slightly) serious note, any player of the great game Urban Dead who claims to be a girl is likely lying and deserves to be taunted mercilessly (if they also make the assertion they are attractive it is even more heinous).

Are any of you guys actually sexy?

There is strong evidence indicating the opposite. For one, we play Urban Dead. Except iAlan, he's the sexiest.

What's wrong with consensual necrophilia?

It's not for us to say what two consenting, over-eighteen (over fourteen in Canada, and over eight in Kazakhstan) people/zombies can and cannot do. However, all of our clubs do have a strict no-necrophilia policy. If you must engage in necrophilia, please leave our clubs and check in to a hotel or cemetery. And always practice safe necrophilia. Only you can prevent the spread of Zombie-AIDS.

There has to be at least one girl who plays Urban Dead. Why are you guys so misogynistic?

Everyone that plays Urban Dead is MALE unless proven otherwise. We're not misogynistic. In fact, we love girls.

D00D J00 GUYZ ARE LIKE 1337!!!111!!1!!!!1 HOW DO I JOIN?

Post on the discussion page! Thanks for your interest We are currently accepting Survivors and housebroken Zombies that promise to party down into our group. Erm, that is, "Survivors and housebroken Zombies willing to party down are currently being accepted into our group." (We like grammar and unambiguous statements. And apples.)


Every great group needs hilarious things to shout at people.

  • The Sex Possy: Takin' the dull out of Dulston.
  • Welcome to Painerton! Population: you! And also my soul!
  • The best part of being a baby seal is that people always take you clubbing.
  • Necrophilia is shouldn't play with your food.
  • The criminal was being hung for his crimes. The suspense was killing him.

Victories and Ongoing Battles


Club Garrett is now firmly in non-Pking survivor hands! The notorious Pker Gaybait has been driven from Dulston!

War Against Hostile Zombie Hordes

We have declared war on all zombies who would interrupt our killer raves.

War Against Boredom

The battle against "dull" in Dull-ston is just beginning.


In alphabetical order.

  • Donut3 Sexatary of Alcohol/DJ (Club Garrett)
  • iAlan, Sexatary of Virtual Party, root admin of Sex Possy forums


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