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December 26th

Christmas passed relatively peacefully. Holiday readings and music were even heard on the 26.80 frequency. Some survivors heard helicopters in the early hours of Christmas Day, but if those helicopter left anything behind, survivors have yet to report anything.--The Envoy 14:55, 26 December 2006 (UTC)

December 19th

The Deparment of Emergency Management officially announces their return to Shearbank. All members of all branches of the DEM assigned to Shearbank are herewith requested to return to the suburb and to begin cleanup operations. --Kal 16:07, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

Decmber 19th has een a glorious day for the human population of Shearbank. A wave of re-inforcements has swept in and revived many at the designated revive queues, myself included. As soon as i can restock on ammo, FAK's and revive syringes, i'll be back. with weapons. yaaaaagh. Kaminobob 20:10, 19 December 2006 (UTC) (Kaminobob, revivified reporter.)

December 18th

Preliminary USIT reconnaissance upon returning to Shearbank find a gradual suburb recovery on the way. In this cursed city, the zombie hordes have become almost natural phenomena weathered by survivors like storms.--The Envoy 00:54, 18 December 2006 (UTC)

Preliminary, um... me intelligence, or rather a glaring lack thereof, indicates... nothing. zombies dont really think a lot, and no-one's bothered to revive me. on the plus side, the Whippey Building is again lit and barricaded, and my new keen zombie senses detect a goodly number of revivifying corpses. life returns slowly, and with it combat and death. --Kaminobob 06:41, 18 December 2006 (UTC) (kaminobob, zombified military reporter.)

December 13th

Due to lack of recruitment and Shearbanks total destruction at the hands of Shacknews (and genral hate towards us.), me and Keith have decided to disband the Black Knights. We are going to focus on killing that damned Revivalofthefittest. But once we do that we will come back and try to help insted of being a pain in the backside. Good Luck to you remaining survivours. --Vidad12 13:40, 13 December 2006 (UTC)

In my first day of shambling about shearbank, i saw... well, nothing good for humanz. several survivors that had tried to hide away in random buildings were dragged out and messily devoured. ranahan, st chris, farrant crescent, and of course the mall proper are all ransacked and zed filled. humanz are hereby advised to stay away until they can get some numbers to resist. sorry. --Kaminobob 07:41, 13 December 2006 (UTC) (kaminobob, zombified harman spy! harh harh harh...)

December 12th

Well, this is it brave and extemely dead defenders of Shearbank... the suburb has fallen and chaos and brainlust reigns in the streets. i came here as a simple military reporter, but now i like this place enough that i will stay here, living, dead, or undead. this concludes my first report as KaminoBob: zombified military reporter / harmanz spy. oh, right, reports need news content. um... the suburb fell to shacknews a days or so ago. how's that? --Kaminobob 04:53, 12 December 2006 (UTC)

December 11th

Watch out if you're alive, this place is crawling... zombies inside and out of many buildings, no high level cades, need at least a group of 10 to keep a building secure. --Shekman

ZombieWire news alert: the shambling horde of Shacknews, responsible for instigating much of the recent carnage in this suburb, is currently attacking Giddings Mall in Pitneybank with some esteemed allies from recent battles. It is rumored that the horde plans to have a retirement party after that siege is over. Shacknews has put out the following press release: "Zambahz, bgzrhha ah ramz rmaa aha ganz hha ggrag, gh gzgh bh mrahagama hmah aam haghah gammmazz." This was translated to read, "Zombies, shuffle on down here and join the party, we wish to celebrate with our fellow warriors." --Pchem 21:34, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

While scholars formerly housed in Ranahan library note the effort would be more appropriately named 'Operation Exodus', Survivors of Shearbank's Shacknews onslaught are hopeful that that Omega Company USCMC's 'Operation Saviour' will indeed safely relocate Shearbank refugees in the neighboring suburbs. Still, given the name, survivors dread the mounting of a Shacknews counter/parody operation along the lines of 'Operation Savory'. On the ground in Shearbank, it is unclear whether the traditional revival points are being effectively run, with no stable NT resources in the area. Efforts to revive infrastructure in the form of resource buildings, have been made by groups too small to effectively secure them, even with "black out" tactics. Optimistic survivors hope Shacknews stay in Shearbank will be shortlived, and the suburb's recovery will be soon.--The Envoy 21:20, 11 December 2006 (UTC)

It is with great sadness that Omega Company USCMC has begun 'Operation Saviour' in response to the fall of much of Shearbank to the Zed hordes. Omega Company are securing safehouses in the neighbouring suburbs of Brooke Hills, Huntley Heights and Millen Hills for evacuees from Shearbank. Squads of colonial marines are clearing the borders of Shearbank and have been involved in the many skirmishes in St Luke's. Sergeant Sam 'Serious' Stone, commanding, today commented that: "despite the fall of Stickling and various NT buildings Omega Company will continue to provide safe havens for survivors with help from their friends in the Shearbash Alliance until the time comes for a counter offensive against the shamblers. All I ask for at this time of turmoil is the coordination of survivors and that anyone who can help lends a hand."

This comes at a time when the last pockets of resistance of Shearbank are dug in around the suburb. Stone had this to say: "We have not forgotten those brave souls who have stayed to fight the zeds. We will not leave you to stand alone."posted 13:28, 11 December 2006

December 10th

The mall is in zahmbah hands. All corners ranshacked and occupied.[[1]]--Danalov 02:19, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

Although Shacknews only turned up in force a week or so ago (according to their page), the Big Bash first started targeting Shearbank over a month ago (according to their bulletin board). Making the invasion, as a whole, quite slow. Also, the long term assaults on the Whippey building should really be counted as a part of the invasion of the mall, which lasted for quite a while, thus making some of the below claims misleading. The grumpy axeman 02:15, 10 December 2006 (UTC) repositioned and slightly edited to reflect new position of referents by --The Envoy 02:31, 10 December 2006 (UTC)

December 9th

Stickling NW and SW corners ransacked and occupied. Other two corners under attack. Tasty brains! ngodzilla 9 December 2006

Survivors making forlorn efforts at holding the suburb of Shearbank notice further evidence of intelligence beyond the horde's uncanny coordination, markers in the area are claiming the suburb as "Shackbank."--The Envoy 17:36, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

Shacknews has graciously accepted victory in Shearbank. Rheingold 09:47, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

Wow. After two weeks of preparation, Stickling has fallen to a single Shacknews raid and the survivors are either fleeing or dead. Rheingold 08:40, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

110 zombies in the SW corner, which has now been ransacked. ---Zombie pies 07:56, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

Less than 20 survivors in the SW corner of Stickling Mall face a horde of zombies around 100 strong. Suspect the ransacking of that corner to be imminent as recent graffiti indicates PTT may be sounding the retreat. Is it a coincidence that Stickling Mall may be taken by zombies on the one month anniversary of Caiger's downfall? ----DirskoSM 07:27, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

Retraction of The Envoy's Prior Self-Assured Assessment of Stickling's Resiliance--The Envoy 02:00, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

In their first raid on Stickling itself, Shacknews has taken the weakest corner from 0 zombies, 109 survivors to 116 zombies, 35 survivors. There is a chance Stickling will fall in a single raid, which would be not only a new record for the Shack (Bale fell in two raids) but a new record for Malton. Rheingold 01:27, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

Not looking good in Stickling Mall at the moment. There's a break-in with 116 zeds in one corner, and only 34 humans left standing in front of them. --Pchem 01:24, 9 December 2006 (UTC)

December 8th

The NE corner of the mall has had persistent break-ins today. For all the blustering that the that NE corner cowards did about being able to "respond quickly" to break-ins at Whippy and the mall, they are apparantly pretty lazy. With 200+ survivors in that corner they can't seem to keep dead-heads from breaking in and smashing generators. Over 200 survivors have abandoned the mall and moved on... I guess it probably won't turn out any different than Caiger will it? -- Reefmaster 16:42, 8 December 2006 (EST)

The news page is for facts, so here are some facts from the last day: 1.) The following Necrotechs were invaded and ransacked in 24 hours, literally without a shot being fired: Gabe, Nisbet, and Turner in Shearbank; Plowright in Huntley Heights; Hawksley, Muller, and Jeffrey in Millen Hills; Serrell in Yagoton. 2.) Turner was briefly retaken, but it has now been cleared and ransacked by RRF forces. 3.) DEM has abandoned the suburb. 4.) The nearest NTs to Stickling which are NOT known to be yet ransacked are 7 or more blocks away. 5.) Whippey currently has ~120 zombies inside. Everyone on this page should feel free to delete news items that provide speculation instead of information. Rheingold 20:31, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

The Deparment of Emergency Management officially announces their decision to employ River Tactics in the Shearbank suburb with immediate effect. All members of all branches of the DEM are herewith instructed to fall back to their designated retreat locations. Assist local operations and await further orders. --Kal 15:58, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

Omega Company is temporarily "decloaking" from our communication blackout to transmit this sitrep. Our assets in Shearbank report that Nisbet NT bldg remains operational and Z numbers are reducing at Whippey NT (from 200+ this morning to less than 80 at the time of this writing). Members of Channel 4 News Team have been observed conducting revivifications at Allder Row.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 15:34, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

Reports of all of Shearbank's NT resources being ransacked seem premature. Powered and secured buildings, including the mall and NT facilities, have been observed throughout the suburb. Rumors that expeditions are being made back into Yagoton suggest to survivors on the radio waves that either the Shearbank incursion is faltering, or Shacknews is spreading itself too thinly in its confidence. Stalwart survivors note that Shacknews has been "rampaging" in Shearbank for over two weeks now. It seems their uncanny command and control, derived from who knows what occult powers, may have met their match in the shear will of the disparate groups who have rallied to Shearbank's defense.--The Envoy 14:56, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

Cybele's Children would like to thank Shearbank for hosting their first event, which proved to be a very good proving grounds. Each Child took on average a life a day, for a total combined effort of 53 kills. We may be back in the future when the suburb has shrugged off this temporary infestation, but for the moment, it's off to different pastures. I don't know if there are any greener than Shearbank though! Torec T-CC 04:50, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

Serrel, Nisbet and Turner ransacked. The horde is currently in, I kid you not, Yagoton looking for powered NTs. The resistance to the horde has been less than minimal, leading some to wonder whether the humans are again making use of their famed River Tactics (aka running away). Rheingold 01:21, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

Pretty much all the NTs surrounding Stickling have fallen as Shacknews, RRF strike teams and feral zombies clean up the suburb in preparation for hitting the mall. Whippey, Hawksley, Muller, Jeffrey, Gabe, and Plowright are all ranshacked... and the status of Serrel, Nisbet and Turner are unknown. If Nisbet and Turner get ranshacked, there will not be a powered NT for 10 blocks in all directions from the mall... Rheingold 01:14, 8 December 2006 (UTC)

December 7th

A Day that May Live in Infamy
An effort to retake The Whippey Building started at 6:00CST. How many will be brave enough to fight when it seems there is no hope remains to be seen. We will try to keep you all posted. -The White Rider

The fall of the Whippey NT facility has led to recriminations among survivors. While some see the loss of Whippey as the beginning of the loss of the entire mall and have begun evacuation plans, some still scout Whippey for a counteroffensives opportunity, and the majority reinforce Stickling mall itself and outlying areas. As of this dispatch, there has been a report of one minor break-in to the mall's NE quadrant. In hopeful news, reports of active fuel depots to the SE and NT facilities to the SE and just N of the suburb persist, hinting that the broad coaliton of survivors in this suburb may still prevail against the Shacknews onslaught.--The Envoy 14:58, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

"You overturn the desks, smash computer screens and sweep lab equipment onto the floor." Whippey is officially Ranshacked :D Rheingold 02:02, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

Four survivors left. Ranshack appears imminent... Rheingold 01:56, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

As of this dispatch: 84 zeds in Whippey, under a dozen survivors. Mall is without transmitters and 3/4 of the mall is without power.--The Envoy 01:50, 7 December 2006 (UTC)

December 6th

Whippey Siege Stats: 79 hard core survivors holding the line, cades up, 421 zombies pushing against them while standing on 280 bodies. The St. Chris entry point has been ransacked and occupied, making reconnaissance and revival runs more difficult than usual. In the SE, river tactic style commando ops are trying to keep the Abrahall fuel detail and the Nisbett NT facility up and running.--The Envoy 13:24, 6 December 2006 (UTC)

Whippey Building is once again pretty much under survivor control. There are about 5 zombies left in the building, but they should be cleared out soon. -The White Rider logs indicate update made at 04:30, 6 December 2006

zombie and survivor numbers are about even at around the upper 60s each inside the Whippey Building. Outside there are another 420 or so zombies. -The White Rider logs indicate update made at 01:27, 6 December 2006

An effort to retake The Whippey Building started at 6:00CST. How many will be brave enough to fight when it seems there is no hope remains to be seen. We will try to keep you all posted. -The White Rider

December 5th

In kinder news, that goddamned kitten who we all hate, came down from the tree in Hulme park, and was promptly eaten, and the winner of the zombie eatathon had these words: 'harmanz nah tasty. ah lak ma zambahs frash', which we cant really translate, but roughly says: shacknews are the whales vagina! Emos appear to be hanging around in the mall, destroying generators and sitting in the dark, crying. We encourage anyone who finds them not to cause them pain; they seem to like it. Just aim for the head. And watch out for their wrists. On a lighter note, sales of the wii at the Whippey building have been so intense that the store has now been barricaded, and Nintendo marketing zombies are just breaking down the door to get their hands on one. --Stuartbman 19:53, 5 December 2006

I ain't no damm redneck boy, Cletus get me ma gun. Just kidding, I really shouldnt pick on people who cant write on a wiki page who're just trying to start up a conversation of some sort. This page has just been bad news since Shacknews arrived, and it isn't helping that i keep getting wasted by those walking pus sacks.Oh and theres 427 zeds outside whippy with cades at EH, theres 64 surviors inside. Gennys out off fuel so am going to pick up some tomorrow. --Vidad12(AKA idle redneck) 14:13, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

Survivors inside still in the low 20s, apparently Rheingold 07:17, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

The Whippey Building's defenses seem to be eroding. During an attack this early morning, at one point the numbers were at 65 zombies and only 23 humans. While not yet ransacked, survivors were actually observed evacuating the building towards the end of the attack. --Pchem 03:41, 5 December 2006 (UTC)

December 4th

It's Lights out for the Whippey Building. The office took another break-in today with 30 of the rotting bastards shambling past the broken cades. Defenses were quickly rebuilt, but not without 13 survivor deaths in the first 30 minutes. Chunks of rotting flesh and sprayed blood hit the walls in a symphany of zombie-related carnage. LupusYonderboy was seen sputtering globs of red and hitting the floor to the highlight of a smoking gun held by Killroy Kutter, notorious "Playa H8ah". A stray perhaps? Who could tell with the zmobie onslaught shmambling towards us all. Madness! And the distinct lack of visibility that went all 'round, what with the power outage and all. I stepped on a cat! If only they agreed to pass Proposition 'Solar Power' down at Malton City Hall! (We do have a City Hall don't we?) Curse you capitalist scum! --Dead Man Wade 23:33, 4 December 2006 (UTC) (Dead Man Wade ain't down at the Whippey. But his counterpart Thomas Willard is.)

Though 400 zombies still stand outside whippey, the NE is about clear, One idle redneck quoted to us: "I ain't seen a seige this big since the Borrer St. PD seige a couple weeks back." and the redneck was---Vidad12 12:41, 4th December 2006 (GMT)

Just a standard day in Shearbank. A zed incursion yesterday almost brought down Whippey, though it was fought off and the cades and power are both back up. Lines at revive points are long, but revivers are constantly working through the flood of undead to bring those back to life who wish it.--J Muller 00:47, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

December 3rd

Zack's really taking the fight to the Whippey Building with 341 of the bastards shambling at the door. Cade's are extreme and the generator's up and running. About 60 in que at Alder, but it looks like some speedy revives are being done at St. Christopher's church. Stickling mall survives with only about three to five of the bastards outside each quarter, break-ins arn't frequent, although the generator's out of fuel. All in all, a sunny day in Shearbank. --Dead Man Wade 16:23, 3 December 2006 (UTC)

December 2nd

Revive line now up to 60. Over 300 zeds outside Whippey. Rheingold 20:01, 2 December 2006 (UTC)

Whippey: cades Heavy, 111 Survivors and no Zeds inside. powered.--TheBerts 18:26, 2 December 2006 (UTC)

As of 0400 UCT, there are about 10 zombies in The Whippey Building, around 70 survivors, with 280 or so outside. Baricades are falling... There is a disticnt possibility the surviors could pull this off, but it will take some guts. -The White Riderlogged 04:21, 2 December 2006

The zombies in Whippey have not been repelled yet - there have been several followup break-ins over the past few hours and the survivors are now down to 70 (from 130 this morning) with around 40 zeds inside. The revive line at Allder has nearly tripled in length from a few days ago (now at 30-something) reflecting the heavy strain on NT resources. Rheingold 03:07, 2 December 2006 (UTC)

December 1st

Radio traffic suggests Whippey is still holding strong. Safe houses for special ops teams operating beyond the Mall to prepare a backup NT facility at Nisbet seems to have been ransacked by marauder Zs save for a daring survivor effort maintaining the depot at Abrahall Auto Repair which provides essential fuel for the Whippey and Mall facilities.--The Envoy 21:11, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

Around 230 zeds outside Whippy with cades at full. --Vidad12 15:03, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

Upwards of 80 Zombies breached the Whippey Building to be repelled after a long hard fight. Stats immediately unavaillable but survivor numbers in the NT Facility were dwindling during the assault. To the SE of Stickling, covert efforts to maintain the Nisbet NT facility and a fuel depot at Abrahall Auto repair have been ransacked. Unclear whether the small clusters of zombies now occupying both are Shacknews, ferals, or something else. Small pockets of survivors still exist but have gone "dark" and radio silent as an added precaution to avoid zed detection.--The Envoy 10:50, 1 December 2006 (UTC)

Over 300 zombies out side the whippey building, but it is still holding strong with approximately 120 survivors inside and EH barricaded.


November 29th

Whippey Siege Stats as of this post: Full cades and power, 136 humans, 277 active zombies, 188 bodies. Reports from Kaminobob, well known military reporter for Shearbank, suggest overbarricading continues by panicked survivors in St. Chris and other entry points. Revived survivors otherwise valuable to the defense effort have fallen on the streets due to the confusion. Unfortunately, Kaminobob's own reports in his patented gonzo on the ground voice of apocalyptic journalism seem to have fallen under the censorious pen of a new editor for the Shearbank wire service.--The Envoy 12:34, 29 November 2006 (UTC)

November 28th

Whippey Siege Stats as of this post: Full cades and power, 109 humans, 212 active zombies. Insignificant breaches since 0919 report.--The Envoy 14:18, 28 November 2006 (UTC)

As of 09:19 GMT, Whippey is still standing and the horde is still numbering nearly 230 outside the Doors.

Whippey Siege Stats as of this post: Full cades and power, 75 humans, 226 active zombies. It's Alamo time.--The Envoy 04:53, 28 November 2006 (UTC)

Breakin at Whippey: 60 zombies, 30 human casualties - so far... [logs indicate posted 01:46, 28 November 2006 by Rheingold]

November 27th

There is currently a mob of 172 zombies outside the Whippey NT Building (which is at EHB and fully powered), with 149 dead bodies laying outside as well. My contacts list shows that these are the same shacknews zeds from the third Caiger seige. --eyeco 27 November 2006

It's established Shacknews policy to RK and GK when revived. It's also apparently Whippey policy to (very stupidly) combat-revive undead intruders. Blame dumb survivors not "zombie spiez zomg lolz." Rheingold 20:52, 27 November 2006 (UTC)

It also appears that Shacknews have fallen to extensive use of zombie spies as well as PKers and Gkers throughout Whippey and Stickling. Not to mention the number of rotters and biters clogging revive points. --Darkmiz 08:04, 27 November 2006 (UTC)

A small attack on the Whippey Building was quickly rebuffed by active barricaders. It appears that either the building has botters, or the defenders have been spying on Shacknews threads to find strike times. Several zergers were spotted in the NT (BishopA and BishopA2, Meanguy & TheMeanguy, etc). Rheingold 02:51, 27 November 2006 (UTC)

We are not using bots. We just have no lives... Kevin Hubert 01:56, 2 December 2006 (UTC)

Intensity of presumed Shacknews assault increases. In a flashback to the Big Bash incursion of last month, St. Chris was suggested as an open revive point. This was part of the Big Bash barricade plan, insisted upon by a representative of the DEM and the Freerunners. Survivors on the ground strongly opposed this and St. Chris became a defacto VS entrypoint to the Shearbank defensive grid. In times of seige, there will be overbarricading. Responsible individuals are encouraged to maintain access points in accordance with the barricade plan.--The Envoy 02:45, 27 November 2006 (UTC)

Over barricading of the entry points as a possible response to the new zombie threat is a problem. especially around the mall. there are survivors on the street outside over barricaded entry points. i suggest turning St. Christopher's Church, which is adjacent adjacent to the mall into an unbarricaded revive point similar to St. Theodore's Church was transformed into one for the battle for blackmore recently.--Yanksta 01:15, 27 November 2006 (UTC)

November 26th

Dozens and dozens of dead and many break-ins at the mall and nearby resource buildings. Revive syringes being used up quickly to recover -- buildings cleared and rebarricaded. --Pchem 22:08, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

Pitched battles at the Whippey NT facility. Multiple break-ins, the largest a small zombie horde of around 28 last night. So far though, the facility hasn't fallen and has remained powered despite multiple efforts by Z and z-sympathizer GKers. NT facilities seem to be a priority target for Shacknews before moving on to other resource buildings, and ultimately Stickling Mall. Numerous organizing groups strongly urge survivors to scan zombies before reviving, and preferably revive only zombie who you are sure are casualties and not committed Shacknews members.--The Envoy 16:11, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

The barracades at St Lukes has fallen but there aren't any zeds inside, a few have gathered nearby but the rest have spread out by themselves --Vidad12 11:36, 26 November 2006 (UTC)

Watch out at Male Way. It seems to be misleading, as instead of reviving the gathered zombies, they are being mass executed. I waited for about a day only to see myself cursed out and Headshot, along with a few other zombies. This discuraged me from joining the ranks of the living, is being alive ment resorting to this lowly and cowardly form of "combat." logs indicated this was added by RevEngEspcat 01:04, 26 November 2006

November 25th

The Cannonball Crew and the Loose Cannons have established a presence in and around the mall. They are actively recruiting and looking for allies. --Koppie 19:08, 25 November 2006 (UTC)

November 24th

Shacknews has arrived in Shearbank, with breakins in Edmund General and 40+ hoardes spotted. The Shearbank Resistance, PTT, and other groups are asking for solidarity against the growing threat. --Bubba O' Hallon 20:04, 24 November (UTC)

Revivalofthefittest has been Pking around St Lukes and has been killing every one so any info on his were about would be acted on quickly and effectively.--Keith 921 19:28, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Today I had the chance to see the other side of live - death. So I left Farrant Crescend PD (no more living inside) to search for revive, but everywhere Zombies and dead corpses. I think Shacknews has arrived, time to change color.--Allmighty One 18:30, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

Forecasts of Shacknews' advance on the suburb continue, though only light zombie presence has been reported over the communications network. Building barricades are being struck, and there have been a few small breaches, but nothing has fallen irrevocably to whatever zombies are operating in the area. Conflicting public service announcements circulate regarding proper mall defense infrastructure. One camp believes that keeping only one corner of the mall generator and radio able will somehow diminish the effect of GK and RK terrorists. Most other groups believe keeping all quadrants of the mall illuminated for better search and shopping odds, and radio equipped for immediate action alerts. Each quadrant has over a hundred survivors, not to mention passersby. If a quarter of those people stocked on generators, fuel and transmitters, the mall would be invulnerable to GK/RK assault.--The Envoy 04:16, 24 November 2006 (UTC)

November 20th

Stickling Mall has suffered breaches today. It's unclear whether this is a vanguard of Shacknews, the Big Bash, or the unidentified groups that had been hitting resource buildings in league with GK and RKers over the week. Radio reports from Yagoton suggests things are only going to get worse. Most groups are in agreement that stockpiling of generators, fuel, and transmitters is essential and all must be barricade vigilant.--The Envoy 00:00, 21 November 2006 (UTC)

It seems about 10 hours ago The Turner Building was breached by no less than 4 zombies according to my logs, the current count of dead bodies is 20, the lights are back on and the barracades are at EHB so for now so it seems the breach has been fixed quite fast and now all that is left is for the poor survivors who were killed in that attack to be revived. --Jinjinkas 22:17, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

November 17th

Refugees with bad news from Yagoton and Caiger mall have apparently begun arriving in Shearbank, using the demolition of one of Yagoton's hospitals as cry for the evacuation of survivors with little zombie fighting experience. Said pronouncements were apparently made without any notice to the massive survivor defense effort that has been going on in Shearbank. Over the past weeks, Zombies had penetrated Shearbank's hospitals, its police stations, its Necrotech facilities, and even Stickling Mall, but all those Zombie efforts were ultimately repelled. While for over a week now there have been few reports (possibly do to persistent RK terrorism) from anywhere in the burb besides the mall and its immediate surroundings, it seems the Big Bash incursion has been repelled for the time being. It is probably in the best interest of the community to restock and continue to prepare for whatever may be coming Shearbank's way via Caiger and Yagoton. Refugees are encouraged to review current events in Shearbank over the past two months and identify themselves to active groups so that they may best contribute to the further defense of the suburb.--The Envoy 15:59, 17 November 2006 (UTC)

November 16th

Looks like kaminobob is right about the zeds, we aint seen a single one for ages. But we have a bit of a problem, a PKer by the name of Revivalofthefittest and others have been killing survivors inside St Lukes. He went on about how St Lukes was cursed and haunted. It turns out he is part of the CotR. We have reson to belive the Church is preparing to attack St Lukes. Me and Keith are going to hunt him down, any volunteers to help. If so meet us in the Bottom right corner of St Lukes tommorow.--Vidad12 11:58, 16 November 2006 (UTC)

The suburb is quiet. Zed presence is little to none, suggesting that perhaps the Bash has broken up.--J Muller 01:58, 16 November 2006 (UTC)

The bash has, as far as i can tell, been defeated. as of my posting time, there are exactly zero zombies in a 2 block radius of stickling mall. Bash = toast. Toast.JPG --Kaminobob 08:17, 16 November 2006 (UTC) (report by: kaminobob, military reporter.)

November 15th

Looking around the suburb there are little break ins. Few zombies and powered buildings. Is the Big Bash defeated?

It is true that Eric Harris announced a truce with Shearbank in light of the Big Bash's incursion. It is documented in the October 27th news item. However, his offer was met with much skepticism and justifiable contempt for his name choice. Further, many people of Shearbank don't read these news items and Eric Harris's truce wasn't announced through any other medium, such as the 26.80 radio frequency. As a result, many survivors still killed Eric Harris on sight, leading Eric Harris to resume his terroristic habits, instead of taking his knocks from the community as his due. A true penitent would turn the other cheek for reprisals, knowing that the clean slate amnesty he sought was likely too much to ask for from the community. He has been noticeably quiet since a conversation a few days ago (deleted, but available in the history) on this page's discussion section where he was called out on his name selection. Perhaps he has "moved on."--The Envoy 12:38, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

In the interest of fairness, I would like to point out that Eric Harris (the real one) has, as far as I can tell, upheld his promise to not attack generators while the Big Bash is attempting to gnaw this fair suburb to death, and then... well... after-death-ness. In his place, a new batch of GKers has cropped up, but I haven't seen him since the shooting started. He just might be one of those honorable thieves you hear about... nah. --Kaminobob 07:15, 15 November 2006 (UTC) (report by: kaminobob, military reporter.)

The Crazy Bosses From hell wiped out the very last of the nasty Nisbet Building zed horde early this morning, which at one point recently numbered 60+ . This was a dedicated and powerful zombie group who terrorized the surrounding buildings as well. I think the people of Shearbank should give themselves a round of applause for repelling and destroying such a force, and for being smart survivors. We clearly learned from the apathetic Caigers mistake of allowing the zeds to take out a precious local NT building with no retribution. On that note, across the street at the Male Way revive point there is currently 12 zombies. Lets learn from the Caigers other big mistake of ignoring the fallen soldiers, and lets clear out the rotters and revive the survivors there ASAP.

Nisbet is cleared.JPG

--CBFh 15 november 2006

November 14th

A survivor name Stipless has fallen the path of Jack Chick, Eric Harris, and Jack Oph, and has engaged in generator sabotage in the mall. Most organized and independent survivors regard these crazed sociopaths, terrorists, or mercenaries as Kill On Sight. Survivors are reminded that, particularly given the persistent effort of these GK and RKers, USIT recommends mall denizens and individuals occupying the buildings outside the mall stock up on generators, transmitters, and fuel cans to preserve the suburb's communications infrastructure.--The Envoy 05:49, 14 November 2006 (UTC)

Some asshole called Stipless or something like that took out the mall generator in the early hours of the morning while every ones offline. ----Logs indicate entry was composed by Keith 921 at 00:25, November 14 (UTC)

November 11th

St. Lukes has now been re-taken from the zeds. The barricades for all 4 corners have been upped, all the zombies have been killed and dumped, and most importantly the survivors inside have gotten faks. Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Crazy Bosses From hell.----CBFh 03:11, 11 November 2006 (UTC)

November 10th

St Lukes has fallen to the zombies. Their is no one inside and it is enterable by zeds. Reinforcments needed to retake it..--Keith 921 23:41, 10 November 2006 (UTC)

November 8th

Radio traffic suggests Zombie groups have made breaches in the North and West of Shearbank, suggesting the Mall may well be surrounded soon, if not already. Situation on the ground is too unstable to give a proper tally of what has fallen and what still stands. USIT reconnaissance has also found undocumented killed generators in the mall. Remember, if your generator or radio has gone off line, make an aid request. There are survivors carrying surplus gens, radio, and fuel. USIT also reminds survivors looking to assist the effort that infrastructure assistance (cading, gen, radio, and fuel supply) is an invaluable service during the defense.--The Envoy 14:35, 8 November 2006 (UTC)

November 7th

The Farrant Crescent PD bldg has vacillated between Z and survivor control for the last few days. Breakins have occured at Stickling, but none so far have proved major. A greater problem has been the repeated GKing by fellow survivors. *sigh* --Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 10:21, 7 November 2006 (UTC)

November 5th

Two three weeks ago the largest horde was outside Nisbet, now they have moved 2 blocks to Borrer. At this rate they probably can reach the mall just in time for the Xmas shopping season. Stay tuned. --Phater 21:17, 5 November 2006 (UTC)

Just a quick update - corner balance in the mall is much better, and there is a 60 zed horde outside of Borrer. That's all! --Kaminobob 08:25, 5 November 2006 (UTC) (kaminobob, military reporter)

November 2nd

Stickling Mall suffered its first reported breach according to radio traffic today. Otherwise, defenders seem to be standing strong throughout the suburb with no major routes or losses described. Some reports that the Big Bash has begun to thin out, but those are hard to confirm without more active reporting.--The Envoy 20:07, 2 November 2006 (UTC)

November 1st

New health protocols have made the clearing corpses from buildings more difficult than previous sweep and drop tactics. Various tactical logicians are discussing the best methods of handling AP management , debating notions such as "clear what you drop" and "dedicated sweepers". Remember, if you see a body, take it outside.--The Envoy 13:42, 1 November 2006 (UTC)

Happy November Shearbank... Fog dominates the cityscape for holloween, or so the zombies would want us to think. This is actually the zombies latest attempt to kill all the survivors - by cigarette smoke! thats right, every zombie in malton is currently lighting up! Malton City Hospitals group is unsure as to whether or not the zombies attempt to kill us with lung cancer will succeed, but all survivors are recommented to barricade their buildings against the smoke and not go answering any zombiesknocking on the door requesting a light. Remember kids... smoking kills! --Danalov 07:33, 1 November 2006 (UTC) <math>Insert formula here</math>


October 31th

The attack is progressing according to radio reports. Get in the mall and keep it barricaded, the west side of the mall is semi-naked of survivors so get over there and barricade. Members of The Watchmen Defenders are in Owsley Crescent PD keeping at least one entry point VS+2. We will fight the zombies out and keep it barricaded as long as our AP holds. If anyone wants to help us out come down there and fight with us.--Log attributed to Mssr Snow

Whatever survivor counteroffensives or uprising that was supposed to be mounted on Hallow's Eve seems to have been disrupted by an unanticipated Malton fog. USIT has tapped U.S. Air Force Spec Ops Weather Technicians to assess this meterological phenomena and will make its finding available to all interested U.S. military groups, its allied UK personnel, and organized and independent Maltonions. Any field operative wishing to report on the fog's effects in patrols and tactical operations is requested to do so via USIT's Intelligence Clearinghouse.--The Envoy 18:59, 31 October 2006 (UTC)

Halloween speeches:

Before Caiger, the zombie hordes moaned that no enemy could ever withstand their might, and the shattered husks that were once thriving malls proved them right. Then, the wave of the mall tour broke against the steel and resolve of the Caiger defenders. Since then, no other foe has stood before them, and their younger members boast that it was a fluke. That zergers, underhanded tactics and a general war weariness bade them retreat, and the hordes today would rip them apart. They grow insolent, and organize again to plunder and pillage the battered lands of Malton. i say: let them come forth at last! Let them come to swallow this land whole, and we shall have them choke on the axes and bullets of our defenders! Fight, so that Shearbank too may enter the halls alongside Caiger as another bastion of humanity that no horde shall conquer! Whenever they come, do not flee, or panic. They are mighty, yes, but let us show them the might that humanity shall bring forth against them, should they dare stand in our land!!!

And finally, please win, so i don't look like a TOTAL nutcase with this speech. thanx!

--Kaminobob 02:35, 31 October 2006 (UTC) (report by: kaminobob, military reporter)

ooh, also, its time for my every-other-day population imbalance report. Its better than it used to be, but still off by a good bit. at least the problem is that there are too many people to organize easily... anyway, both the upper and lower right corners need to send 30 people over to the lower left, and the upper right also needs to send 80 to the upper left. this will insure maximum safety for all mall dwellers, because a mall is only as strong as the weakest corner. although a couple hundered people is by no means "weak". --Kaminobob 02:50, 31 October 2006 (UTC) (report by: kaminobob, military reporter)

October 30th

The Big Bash may have finally met their match. There was never a suburb that stood in their path like this before Shearbank. Though the Big Bash claims to be here, the truth is most of the suburb is safe and powered. Their numbers are even lessening, 100+ zeds total in Shearbank. --Darkmiz 10:21, 30 October 2006 (UTC)

After a relatively quiet Sunday, the suburb tenses for what Devil's Night may bring....--The Envoy 03:11, 30 October 2006 (UTC)

October 28th

St Lukes only has 4 survivors inside. The mall is crawling with hundreds of survivors so why don't some of you help. If everyone is in the mall then the zeds can focus there attacks more on it and clear Shearbank out quicker. Anyone who can get inside is welcome. The easiest way in is to freerun through the museum beside the mall. With current numbers inside and the fact that The Church of ressurection may be heer it will fall quickly.--keith 921

Today United States Military Spokesman for the Malton Campaign, General Henderson, addressed a packed press conference in the green zone surrounding the quarantine. "Greetings, ladies and Gentlemen. Firstly let us spare a moment for those trapped in the hell that is Malton City. I would like to reassure everyone that the United States Military is doing everything it can to assist the British Forces in regaining control of Malton. Many United States military units have been active across Malton's many suburbs. These have included the Decorated 101st Airborne Unit, 9th Infantry and many special forces groups such as Omega Company USCMC. A special mention must go to the many paramilitary groups that have been active in Malton City; without their help Malton would have been lost many months ago. The Department of Emergency Management has also been influential in the success of military operations against the many hostiles in Malton. With the help of citizens and British military personnel the United States Task Force has been slowly regaining control of different suburbs from the unlife threat. I cannot put a time frame on the control of the whole city but fear not it will be as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. Any questions?" General Henderson's statement came amid the contorversial Congress vote to delay the deployment of more United States Military assets to Malton City for classified reasons. General Henderson declined to comment on the vote. Henderson also declined to comment on Congress allegations that the United States government were employing 'Soldiers of Fortune' and using Malton as a test site for Top Secret Military development programs. (according to log history, posted 20:08, 28 October 2006 Sam 'Serious' Stone)

Well if you haven't noticed KetchelBank has went red so we can expect there to be reports of high numbers of zeds going through Yagoton. In local news the seige of Borrrer st PD has ended and the zeds have moved on to Meaker lane fire station although most of them have stuck around The Nisbet building. If anyone is still in there then my advice is run. There is at least 100 zeds within a square of it. Things sounding bad, don't worry i have more, the moblie phone mast is now down and, correct me if am wrong, there is only one entry point in the whole of Shearbank and i didn't reach it in time. Survivour numbers in the W and NW parts of Shearbank are also very low in (in fact there all in the mall) so The Black Knights have set up camp in St Lukes(To tell the truth its just me and Keith 921 as we dont know what happend to our other members so any help would be useful). If The Zeds in Brooke Hills decide to to take a detour then we should get ready for a war on two fronts. This news was put together with what little intel me and keith could get so am asking group leaders to send people out of the barracades to find out what they can. Remember you can't win a war if you don't know what your up against. --Vidad12 20:59, 28 October 2006 (BST)

Scouting on the Bash suggests they're identifying revival points to sabotage revival efforts and perform their perverted unlife rites. Make sure you know who you're reviving, "mrh" is being used as bait. Lot of buildings' transmitters are powered down or lacking transmitters. Patrol your environs and provide your spares and fuel cans where needed. Related to this, there's need for a common frequency for the duration of the Bash, or at least a radio guide on the suburb's wiki to note whose operating on what. The working transmitters in the mall were all on different frequencies, as were most of the buildings surrounding it. I think 26.80 may be the common channel, but will cede to a more seasoned comm. strategist. In other news, Omega Company, leadership alts and all, and perhaps other members of the Shearbank Alliance have either fallen back or moved their Thin Dead Line back into Shearbank. Further scouting of the Bash suggests this may be the result of their having a run in with EON shocktroops.--The Envoy 14:03, 28 October 2006 (BST)

October 27th

I have an idea that The Bash proper will take a few days as it moves north. It's more a theory than anything I know for sure, but thats my two cents. They may even be planning for the main attack on halloween. To Business: Shearbank is poorly prepared for a zombie attack. It can barely defend against a few GK'ers and PK'ers. Over the course of my research, I can think of a few steps Shearbank can take in order to defend itself from people such as myself AND the oncoming zombie horde. 1) Organization: Different survivor groups need to work together. A coordinated defense is a strong defense. 2)Dedicated 'caders, possibly high-level survivors, will be the safest and most frustrating thing to the zombie efforts. There have been breakins all over Shearbank, and at least once in the mall proper, so I hear. Tsk Tsk, you guys need to get on the ball. 3) Stop random revives. Scan anyone before you revive. Time and time again I get revived without anyone even realizing who they are actually reviving. Thanks! 4) Dedicated De-caders, in case anyone likes to over-cade entry points. 5) The Envoy's plan to stockpile necessary equipment is a good one. Listen to him people. 6)The best procedure to follow in the event of a zombie breakin is to BARRICADE IMMEDIATELY!!! Close the doors and throw things in front of them. Then, and only then, can you attend to the zombies that broke in through the gap. 7) I'm going to ask that all GK'ers, PK'ers, and anyone else screwing around with shearbank cease operations until The Big Bash has passed on through. Or find somewhere else to go, since, well, we're going to have nobody to bother in a few days. Provided this helpful message remains in place on the Wiki, I myself am willing to follow this one. --Eric Harris

My idea:
1) In case you haven't notice, we are pretty organized when trying to hunt you down.
2) I don't see you doing any work around here. Have you?
3) Random revive is the only possible way for you to be alive. Unless you have a "friend" to revive you.
4) This is debatable, moving on.
5) You are the one that slows down the stockpiling. Come again?
6) See #2
7) Best idea so far. Leave, and don't come back, ever.
Zeds don't have Free Running, and they don't do hit and run, Gkers and Pkers do. Try standing still next time you smash a genny, let's see how long you will survive.--Phater 00:31, 28 October 2006 (BST)
    • You guys aren't very good at stopping me. I'm noticing that, giving some constructive criticism, and letting you know that I'm not going to bother you for the duration of the bash. I never intended to actually get this well known. I got PK'ed in the mall(for one of my PKings in a school, of course) and targeted the mall itself, and it's been about a month now. You might even see me kill a few zeds. Keep your eyes peeled. --Eric Harris
    The REASON no-one is effective at stopping you, Harris, is that you have freerunning and some idiot of ungodly low IQ keeps reviving you. Now, its about as easy to keep freerunners out of buildings as it is to keep wind out of open windows , but we could (in theory) all join ASS to solve the idiot reviver part of the issue. Not that i will, but seriously, who the hell keeps reviving Harris?! --Kaminobob 04:56, 28 October 2006 (BST) (Kaminobob, military reporter)
PS, excellent intel source, omega squad: the zombie's official website! www.eatbrains.zom was probably taken, sadly. --Kaminobob 04:59, 28 October 2006 (BST)
i just keep thinking of new things to say, now, don't i... anyway, survivor levels in the corners are suffering from imbalance. i calculate that 75 people need to move from the upper right to the upper left, and 50 need to move from lower right to lower left. it would be a really shame if we lost the mall two weeks from now because everyone misplaced their brains ahead of time and stayed in the wrong half of the mall. --Kaminobob 04:56, 28 October 2006 (BST) (Kaminobob, military reporter)

Military recon reports The Big Bash has arrived. It's unclear whether they are indeed here, in which case, if this is the worst they've got, the people of Shearbank should be able to maintain their current holdings and take back the zed claims without a problem. However, the intel could also be read that the z's are in the process of rallying onto Shearbank, in which case Hell Week's about to get a lot hotter. USIT, adapting guidelines from USAID, wishes to issue the following reminder: maintenance of infrastructure is more important than a zed bodycount. Save your firepower for zed's actually inside buildings. Otherwise, maintain cades, generators and radio transmitters. Given the amount of apparent zombie sympathizers and thrill vandals still operating in the area, carrying a either a spare generator, radio transmitter, or fuel can will probably be of greater strategic value in the long run than ammo. Good luck, everyone. If the mall holds past the feast of All Soul's, there's something humanity can be proud of, and USIT is proud to be in the thick on the ground here taking part.--The Envoy 15:39, 27 October 2006 (BST)

Latest intel now confirms that the Big Bash has arrived in Shearbank.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 14:26, 27 October 2006 (BST)

Generator killers seem to be popping up like mushrooms these days! I won't call them zombie spies, because that'll start and orgy of PKing of poor innocent survivors on the basis that they have some zed skills (Ergo, stop the PKing... we need all the survivors we can get!), but I will suggest that people find their hideouts and get rid of them before this horde of hungry hippoes in the south and east decide to find out if the food court is open at the mall. Lets make sure our barricades are holding, and that the entry points stay entry points. St C's church was a bit too heavy for entry for a few hours today.--Danalov 13:45, 27 October 2006 (BST)

Active zed presence at Owsley Crescent PD is light, but there were almost a hundred bodies when I went outside to kill zeds. Continuing to hold the PD will be difficult, but I'm sure we can do it. It's a vital outpost surrounding the Mall.--J Muller 01:20, 27 October 2006 (BST)

October 26th

Eric Harris, the infamous generator killer, is currently sleeping inside Owsley Crescent PD (53, 25). He's injured, and licking his wounds. --Kal 22:05, 26 October 2006 (BST)

Evidence of Eric Harris's GKing is found here Anybody who can take this guy down will be a survivor hero, and Genny's Revenge will be most grateful. -- -- Private Bill Paxton
I can confirm Eric Harris was killed by one "Captain Copyright" at around 22:30 BST (GMT+1). His body now lies outside Owsley Crescent PD. --Kal 23:14, 26 October 2006 (BST)

St Lukes is being attacked by quite large zombie groups and there are hardly any survivors inside. Only about 2 people are in there regualary and they won't hold of any more attacks. Survivors are desperatly needed. Anyoe will be useful. Keith 921

I'd propose that there are so many zombies about not because of a nefarious plot per se, but because the air is rife with feral-attracting feeding groans. A feeding groan can reach up to a suburb away, multiplying the troubles of any building under attack. the unquiet dead are certainly un-living up to their moniker this week.--Kaminobob 06:14, 26 October 2006 (BST) (report by: kaminobob, military reporter)

Victorious Zeds feast on highly intelligent Necrotech educated brain at the Nisbet NT today... These zombies appear to be well co-ordinated and quite talkative, or at least mumbled some inanities whilst they were trying to figure out the tastiest way to marinate my skull before cracking it open. I'd suggest that lower level survivors move closer to the mall, and say well away from the south east, theres quite the considerable horde out there! i'd update the danger status, but i dont know how. --Danalov 04:53, 26 October 2006 (BST)

October 25th

Intercepts on 26.80 MHz over the last 2 hours indicates Z infiltrations of varying sizes at Owsley Crescent, Farrant Crescent and Borer PD, Nisbet bldg and inside Stickling Mall, strongly suggestive of an envelopment strategy on the part of the Z's. --Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 21:30, 25 October 2006 (BST)

Troublesome news comes over the radio suggesting the security of Shearbank's eastern border may be faltering. With Z skirmishers seiging PDs in the suburb's south, Hell Week may bring a full scale invasion.--The Envoy 18:02, 25 October 2006 (BST)

After some careful watching me and my group members think that the Big Bash is trying to surround Shearbank. If this happens then the effects will be bad for everyone. Vidad12 (no official sig or timestamp)

October 24th

As Borer St PD and other PDs in the suburb suffers for another day hard hits from attacking Zs, survivors speculate a "Hell week" from now through All Soul's Day. Doormen are encouraged to answer knocks from Zombie and PK/GK tricksters with treats of hot shotgun and pistol rounds. --The Envoy 21:18, 24 October 2006 (BST)

The civilian population of Shearbank finds "that marine"'s assessment of Shearbank highly offensive, and characteristic of cavalier military, both UK and foreign, attitude toward the people whose defense and relief they are allegedly charged with. From what USIT analysts can tell, that marine didn't witness the disorder he's describing so much as base his assessment on radio hearsay. Indeed there was a rash of PKing over the night, but to blame that on the population, the hearts and minds of Shearbank, instead of the more accurate description of human terrorist infiltration, smacks of the sort of sanctimonious military self-righteousness that sees its mission numbers, kill ratios, leveling up, and other stats juking a priority over the welfare of the civilian population, whose lack of martial discipline becomes a point of condescension. Yes, response times in Shearbank are somewhat slower than what allegedly occurs on the Thin Dead Line (but notice reports on the activities of the Line in Huntley Heights has no where near the detail we Shearbank receives here on itself, something to be said there about informational transperency over classified affairs, or perhaps suggestive of a problem within the Thin Dead Line). Of course, Shearbank is not made up of well trained military units and supporting alt-clones in lockstep rotation, but people. When zombies attack or infiltrate Shearbank, they are put down by the people. When casualties are inflicted, they are healed or revived by the people. When buildings fall, they are reclaimed and restored by the people. When terrorism strikes the well being of Shearbank, it is combatted by the people. An example of people's initiative in Shearbank include the recently formed Libraries of Malton First Aid Outreach, LMFAO. These brave civilian souls represent the power of the people in Shearbank, and greater Malton. They will maintain Shearbank as long as it is viable, and when the zombie menace against Shearbank grows too great, will assist in the evacuation of Shearbank in accordance with the river tactics that prove time and time again that the only effective survival tactic in Malton is to ultimately stay on the move until some real solution to the zombie outbreak can be found. Many others without gang-like military 'colors' do so throughout Shearbank, and throughout Malton.--The Envoy 15:24, 24 October 2006 (BST)

Returning to Shearbank following fighting across the Thin Dead Line this Marine witnessed several incidents of poor cooperation and coordination between survivors at Stickling Mall. Such behaviour undermines both local security and plans to prepare for an inevitable attack on the 'burb once the Big Bash turns its attention to Shearbank. During the night reports came over the radio of a mere 10 or so rotters stealing inside St Luke's and slaughtering the few defenders inside. Why a greater response was not mounted from the mall, and where the barricaders and medics were during this time, is unknown. It is expected that survivors have or will soon retake the building, but the real point is that it fell due to a lack of joined up thinking by survivors. If survivors insist in only prioritising resource points for their efforts (a more forthright response was made to Z incursions at Borrer St PD) both the UBP and optimal defence plans for Shearbank will collapse as soon as first contact is made with a true zombie horde. The mall itself was no better. Divisions among the population spilled over into several PKing incidents which ultimately harmed survivor interests. Among this was the execution of Jack Chick, admitably a known GKer and RKer, who then went on to destroy a generator as a passing gift in his zombified state. Why was his corpse not tossed sooner to avoid this? Erik Harris also continues to haunt the area (or at least, one of his alter egos does). This Marine for one will be glad to return to Huntley Heights where at least everyone is fighting towards a common goal against a common enemy.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 11:00, 24 October 2006 (BST)

October 23rd

Borer PD came under sustained Z assault today. While the Bash may not be coming, activity over the weekend suggests Z skirmishing around Shearbank's SW. In other news the price of pistols on the small arms market plumets as one military reporter tries to unload his stockpile. Also available at the Mall, one pair of customized fatigues webbed with twenty holster belts--The Envoy 23:38, 23 October 2006 (BST)

What a shame, what on earth (or in Malton) am i going to do with 20 pistols now? --Kaminobob 23:34, 23 October 2006 (BST) (Kaminobob, Military reporter)

Preliminary scouting reports indicate that the Big Bash is heading SW towards the center of the map; it's looking unlikely that it will ever reach Shearbank. --Kal 23:29, 23 October 2006 (BST)

October 22nd

St. Lukes cathedral is under seige, with 6 or so zombies inside and almost all of the survivors inside wounded. As such, its a double buffet of Exp, from healing humans AND hurting zombies! Bon Appitite! --Kaminobob 23:11, 22 October 2006 (BST) (report by: kaminobob, military reporter)

As far as I know, Meaker Lane remains open as an entry point. In other news, zeds remain a problem in Owsley, and the building is overcaded and the site of battles between the living and undead.--J Muller 22:43, 22 October 2006 (BST)

Even Kaminobob may find himself clawing at the doors as Zombie's lurch after him, as the recent over-cade outbreak has been compounded at St. Christopher's church by various factions' dispute over whether it is an indoor or outdoor revival point.--The Envoy 06:42, 22 October 2006 (BST)

Eh, maybe i've just been lucky all this time then... so good luck outdoors survivors! --Kaminobob 23:11, 22 October 2006 (BST)

In light of the over-barricading scandal, i would like to mention that i have never failed to be able to gain access to the freerunning network through St. Christophers church (54,22). Hope that helps everyone! --Kaminobob 05:57, 22 October 2006 (BST) (report by: kaminobob, military reporter)

Zombie Count outside Turner Building currently is at 21 zeds. Reports of increased Zombie activity in Neighbouring suburb Roachtown as the Big Bash approaches. 02:56 am (BST)

October 21st

Barricading Authorities go bezerk over overcading in Owsley Crescent PD. Surivors on the street and with ears to the radio know that this location has been subject to heavy zombie assault over the past 48+ hours. Veteran zombie fighters are well aware that overcading sometimes results when survivors are under consistent zombie stress. This reporter got caught outside St. Chris when it was EH'd. It perhaps should be reminded that the news section of Shearbank wiki, or any other section of it, can not realitistically functions as an assertion of policy, no matter the personality or group making the assertion. Rather the wiki only effectively functions as a report on the conditions within Shearbank, not the way we'd like them to be. To assert policy, you need people in Shearbank effectively educating that policy to the population. Alas, it seems there are two many non-aligned survivors in Shearbank for any authorities plans to work right off the wiki.--The Envoy 23:36, 21 October 2006 (BST)

Comfirm: Overcading is widespread. In other news, the Turner Building is clear of zeds as of one hour ago, and up to VSB. There was only one survivor there when I returned to the mall to grab ammo, however.--J Muller 22:29, 21 October 2006 (BST)

Let me make myself clear. Erm hrm...Every entry point in the center and western side of Shearbank has been over barricaded, as well as one entry point on the eastern side. --Axe Hack 20:19, 21 October 2006 (BST)

Owsley Crescent and Lessey Lane PD's should be maintained at VSB+2 per the barricade plan for Shearbank posted below. Borrer St and Farrant Crescent PD's are however correctly barricaded at EHB due to their proximity to both the other PD's and other nearby entry points. I've just checked and the 'cades at both Meaker Land FS and Owsley Crescent PD were incorrectly at EHB, so I've knocked both buildings down to VSB+2 and given the survivors sleeping inside a little speech pointing them to the barricade plan on this page. --Kal 20:12, 21 October 2006 (BST)

Every Church, Hospital, Fire Station and Museum in the suburb is supposed to be maintained at VSB+2; there should be no lack of entry points unless people are being stupid. --Unknown

Why is Owsley Crescent PD at EHB when it's an entry point? Nearly half this suburb has been over barricaded. This is not a good suburb to look for safe houses that can be accessed. I spent all 40 of my AP looking for an entry point after being revived. No luck. Please head to another suburb until we can get the over barricaded buildings here back down to VSB. --Axe Hack 20:03, 21 October 2006 (BST)

As of forty-five minutes ago, there are no zombies in the area directly surrounding Owsley Crescent. The building is EHB, and despite light survivor presence inside, seems to be in good shape.--J Muller 00:30, 21 October 2006 (BST)

October 20th

Turner Building and Josaphat General Hospital in the southwest corner of Shearbank had seen some exciting skirmishes last night. At one point there were only a single survivor up against 11 zeds in Turner Building; however the standoff was ended with the arrival several zombie hunters. It is reported that zed force are still trying to finish the job they almost did last time. It is suggested for those who do not want to be caught in the conflict to evacuate the area.--Phater 18:39, 20 October 2006 (BST)

The debate over the St. Christopher revival point has taken to the streets. During patrol, blocks around St. Christopher's were seen sporting variations on the tag, "Indoor Revival Point 1 [n, s, e, or w], if barricaded, tear down." Passing back through at the end of patrol, some of those sites were re-tagged with "RP 1 [direction], wait outside church." To avoid confusion, USIT wishes to remind all relunctant undead that the Allder Row RP is just 1 block NW of the Church, and free of confusion.--The Envoy 18:20, 20 October 2006 (BST)

There is a mini-mob of 15 zeds at the NT building 6 blocks south of the lower right corner of the mall, just inside Roachtown. The lights were on inside, so someone should probably go help them out. I headshot two of the zombies, but there were plenty more.--Kaminobob 12:49, 20 October 2006 (BST) (kaminobob, military reporter)

While physical security has been largely restored in and around the Lessey Lane and Farrant Crescent Police Department buildings, the focus of Z attacks has now switched to Owley Crescent Police Department which, at one point during the course of yesterday, had been reportedly breached by as many as 15 zeds. Omega Company Command Post has also recieved reports of intense fighting between a mob of as many as 30 ferals and our allies the 4-H just over the border in north-west Huntley Heights. Marines have been forward deployed from the Thin Dead Line to lend what assistance they can to our brothers and sisters in what is proving to be some hard fighting to retain control of key resource buildings there.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 11:27, 20 October 2006 (BST)

October 19th

Stickling Mall's southern bastion, the Owley Crescent PD, is once again breached by Zombie assault. Blighters must eat badges like breathmints, copper shield flavoring and all good for their rottin' gums.--The Envoy 23:46, 19 October 2006 (BST)

Saw two zeds attacking Borde Bank, killed one and wounded the other. Zed presence in the area surrounding the Mall seems to be low.--J Muller 23:26, 19 October 2006 (BST)

Lots of overbarricading of entry points. Unknown as to how many survivor lives this may cost. Based on graffiti, requests for Z kills, and barricading activity, the St. Christopher's Indoor Revival Point is being rejected by the occupants of St. Christophers. Rumors of increased zombie presence and counter-zombie tactical operations on the Eastern border of Shearbank circulate.--The Envoy 16:18, 19 October 2006 (BST)

October 18th

The Envoy publicly protests Omega Company, USCMC charges of treason regarding material anyone who types in "Omega Company" into the search bar will come across. Fortifications should be known to the public interest of all Shearbank and Malton citizens. Martial Law should not result in the slaughter and confusion of civilians. The real question is, what is Omega Company, USCMC really hiding? If you look at their billeting, you'll see the entire membership, including alts billeted in Shearbank (which will have to be "back historied" since they've hidden their fortifications in an effort to horde U.S. Aid resources), a clear violation of the Alt Amnesty Act that came out of the Global Zerge Clone menance. USIT, the United States Interagency Taskforce, was willing to look the other way regarding this violation, but in light of death warrants being issued against Lead Investigator The Envoy, USIT advises all federal security personnel attached to USIT and free lancers to be prepared for warrant delivery if Omega Company USCMC attempts any retaliation for the clarification of public information. Allied organizations of Omega Company, USCMC will be contacted regarding its selfishly covert behavior and, ruthless protection of security assets from the people of Malton. --The Envoy 18:56, 18 October 2006 (BST)

A Z break-in is currently in progress at Farrant Lane Police Department, with Z's inside the Pd bldg. This Marine did the best she could to help and asks any survivors in the vicinity to help.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 17:53, 18 October 2006 (BST)

Following the irresponsible release of classified information concerning Omega Company's operations in Shearbank by The Envoy on this page and on open radio frequencies, it is now this Marine's firm opinion that the individual claiming to be a friendly U. S. asset is in fact a Z spy. Warrants are being drawn for his immediate termination and all civilian and military authorities are requested to cooperate.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 17:53, 18 October 2006 (BST) In the interest of keeping this channel clear for relevant tactical information any further discussion on this matter will continue here.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 22:36, 18 October 2006 (BST)

U.S. Interagency Taskforce, USIT, in compliance with a Freedom of Information Act request, publicly releases to local media and town criers the following details on USCMC Omega Company's "Green Zone" in Shearbank, Omega Company USCMC/Classified. Officially, this is a tactical area, but survivors should know it's one of the most hardened fortification in Shearbank, manned by a cadre of fierce warriors deployed in alt shifts, catered with t-bone steaks, baked potatoes, fresh vegetables and water, and top shelf booze dropped in from orbital dropship.--The Envoy 17:18, 18 October 2006 (BST)

October 17th

Z's with a taste for police officer brains have laid siege to Lessey Lane Police Department over the last 48 hours. This Marine witnessed 4 Z's in the vicinity of the PD bldg, but was returning from a prior operation and lacked the ammo and strength to intervene. While Shearbank is largely peaceful with a larger Z threat over the border in Huntley Heights, who knows how many more of these small packs of ferals are roaming our streets.--Sgt Toni Reyes Union Flag.png OMEGA 16:52, 17 October 2006 (BST)

Lots of chatter today and yesterday on the radios about the fall of Tynte Mall, among others. Looks like the Bash on Shearbank may have been a feint, for now at least. Scant ferral zombies sighted around Stickling.--The Envoy 13:44, 17 October 2006 (BST)

Quiet as the grave in Shearbank today... well not really... graves tend to be pretty unquiet in malton these days but you get the meaning. Most people are just stocking up for the Big Bash.... The quiet before the storm perhaps?--Danalov 05:53, 17 October 2006 (BST)

October 16th

While the hearty people of Shearbank continue to dig in, a GKer whose name is correctly spelled Eric Harris, has been running amok among Shearbank's defenses. Whether he is some sort of Z sympathizer or a deeply disturbed adolescent who can no longer bear the humiliation of not even being able to grab the chin up bar is unknown. Ire-Awry, reputed for their inability to fess up or defend zerging charges, has sent a dispatch apparently cheerleading him. Aiding and abetting, and encouraging, little Eric Harris is unacceptable, and retribution will be sought from Ire-Awry wherever they've made their self-imposed exile. If any Ire-Awry members are indeed operating in Shearbank, it is suggested they report to Ranahan Library for a refresher course in idiomatic English. It is after all, what goes around, comes around, not the reverse.--The Envoy 19:54, 16 October 2006 (BST)

Is the below IRE Awry S.T.F. owning up to yet another zerg clone? --Kal 19:05, 16 October 2006 (BST)
Lol looks like what comes around goes around. GO ERIC HARISS YOU CAN DO IT. --Arpeggio 10:29, 16 ctober 006 BST)
As strange as it may seem, Eric Harris appears to have an actual friend who revives him on request... nah. Its probably just an alt on a different IP address. Feel free to defend yourself at any point here, Harris! --Kaminobob 09:31, 16 October 2006 (BST)
Congrats to YZUndead. He wins a free stick of chewing gum and can collect it from the Mall. --Danalov 10:09, 16 October 2006 (BST)
The mall's generators have been attacked by none other then.....Eric Harris. Wait a minute....What the hell? He was just killed an hour ago! All right! Will the idiot who revived him please stand up... --Axe Hack 06:08, 16 October 2006 (BST)
Eric Harris has been eliminated. Props to YZUndead for killing him. --Axe Hack 05:17, 16 October 2006 (BST)
Eric Harris is hiding in Ranahan Library, two north and one east of the northeast corner of the mall. Shearbank Chewing Gum society is offering one free stick of gum to the bounty hunter that blows his brains out for killing our poor genny. Shearbank DEMANDS REVENGE!--Danalov 04:48, 16 October 2006 (BST)

October 14th

Eric Harris struck the generator at the NT Nisbet Building nearly 3 hours ago. Can anyone bring a spare genny? --Axe Hack 22:40, 14 October 2006 (BST)

UPDATE - Well...after a short look around looks like Eric Harris struck multiple buildings. I counted at least 5 buildings without a genny. 5 hours ago when I last saw those buildings, there was a genny inside.... --Axe Hack 23:02, 14 October 2006 (BST)
The mall population is about 600, and feeling slightly jittery, but most are actually looking foward to the big bash, another source of XP is always welcome! i think i can summarize the feeling of the local mall rats with a statement oft tagged onto the walls or sent over the radio in one form or another: let the big bash COME! We'll welcome them with loaded firearms and cold steel axe blades. i may not have the same desire, class, and leather bound books as the C4NT, but i am still looking forward to some real combat!

--Kaminobob 05:05, 14 October 2006 (BST) (Kaminobob, military reporter)

Eric Harris is at it again, as usual. Striking from an unknown base of operations, he smashes generators and transmitters in Stickling. Rumors indicate the oncoming wrath of the Bash, so he may very quickly become the least of our problems. In the time we have left, we should attempt to find his hideout. If you find it, please broadcast it on local frequencies.--J Muller 04:31, 14 October 2006 (BST)

October 13th

c.3 AM BST, Oct 13 - Z break-ins were reported to the Omega Company Command Post in progress at Holyrod Bank and Lessey Lane Police Dept. Marines of First Fireteam responded to the emergency as it was developing, assisting civilian authorities in restoring security and barricade levels at both locations.--PFC Toni Reyes Union Flag.png USCMC 09:55, 13 October 2006 (BST)

Eric Harris smashed a generator and transmitter in the mall... again. Will someone kill him please? Come on... all the cool kids are doing it. --Danalov 03:46, 13 October 2006 (BST)

October 12th

The U.S. Government's Interagency Investigation, MK Backslash Gemini, has received word that objects of investigation may be attempting to sabotage the investigation through "fragging" investigative personnel. In light of this, the assassination of the lead investigator, and the encroaching Zombie threat, the U.S. Interagency Task Force seeks Security Personnel who may eventually double as Warrant Servers. Both U.S. and UK citizens are elligible, pending interview and background check. Applicants may identify themselves through contacting The Envoy. Investigators and Judicial personnel are also sought.--The Envoy 16:25, 12 October 2006 (BST)

Radio reports indicate the Bash has begun crossing over from Huntley Heights.--The Envoy 14:24, 12 October 2006 (BST)

The defenses of Ranahan library have been breached by PKers, catching off guard the hearty band of survivors who had been holed up and offering barricading and z clearing services to surrounding buildings, particularly Edmund General Hospital and Stickling Mall, and most recently Lessey Lane PD. Known casualties include The Envoy at the hands of Jack Chick, thereby disrupting the interagency investigation of U.S. conduct in Malton. Judging from the bodies outside the library, it looks like at least four others perished in the infiltration.--The Envoy 00:51, 12 October 2006 (BST)

October 11th

Carl Jung needs to be taken down, and I personally have done it before and have witnessed him dying. DO NOT REVIVE HIM!!! He is a PKer. --Mssr Snow, Sgt. MPD, Malton Marshal

Minor Z effort to enter Lessey Lane PD, defenses seem to be holding and repelling.--The Envoy 20:17, 11 October 2006 (BST)

October 10th

Eric Harris smashed a generator and transmitter and killed two people in the mall. I decided to go looking for him, so I took a trip around the nearby buildings. I saw nine in an auto repair shop to the southwest, and near the end I came into a building just in time to see someone kill Eric Harris. May he rest in peices, and be headshot every time he gets up.--J Muller 23:22, 10 October 2006 (BST)

Elsewhere in Shearbank, the investigation into U.S. Military assets' misuse of Zerge Clone technology as well as U.S. Military asset behavior in the city of Malton has been open for public information or participation. All may view and contribute to the ongoing investigation at User_talk:The_Envoy. In addtion to witness participation, The Envoy is particularly interested in recruiting investigative staff, special prosecutors, and warrant executors (who may double as security staff if the investigation eventually requires an office). Specific Job Descriptions will be forthcoming, though at this point, the investigation will consider all applicants. --The Envoy 16:04, 10 October 2006 (BST)

Borrer Street PD has suffered a couple of breakins and a couple of casualties, with over 70 bodies sitting outside at last count (myself one of them... damn feeding drag). To top things off, there has been some nasty name calling by Gravion and Gurist, (they love to kill anyone with zed skills, ex zombies beware!) but apart from that the forcast for Shearbank is sunny with a light zombie shower later in the day. Big bash? what Big Bash? --Danalov 13:23, 10 October 2006 (BST)

October 9th

In an effort to enforce military accountability to civilian government, even in extraterritorial environments such as Malton, the U.S. Dept. of Justice has begun an audit of Omega Co. USCMC's actions in Shearbank. Utilizing any available and willing U.S. and other intelligence assets in Malton, and Shearbank specifically, the investigation, codenamed MK BACKSLASH GEMINI, seeks information on its activities of summarily executing other parties for killing zombified members in provisional "vanity" RPs, and more importantly, DNA information on its apparent leader PFC Lockwood and one of his soldiers, Sam "Serious" Stone, specifically any data verifying allegations that Omega Co. USCMC has employed zerge cloning technologies illegal under U.S. law. Anyone willing to offer testimony or otherwise participate in the investigation are encouraged to contact The Envoy. --The Envoy 15:21, 9 October 2006 (BST)

Eric Harris smashed a generator and a transmitter in the Mall, keep an eye out for him. Otherwise, there is very light zed presence. Talk around the Mall is that the Bash is weakening, but still on its way.--J Muller 05:22, 9 October 2006 (BST)

October 8th

A human named Eric Harris, who has many time destroyed many generators and radios around Shearbank, is up and again going around buildings smashing generators and radios. He needs to be put down immediately.

October 7th

Very quiet. Very very few zombies reported in the suburb. A lot of DVE graffiti, but no apparent immediate threats. Slow day....--The Envoy 14:39, 7 October 2006 (BST)

October 6th

Consensus seems to be that the Big Bash has not yet arrived in Shearbank, at least not yet in force. Rumors claim the bash is still moving through the North and East, with Shearbank in their sights, while other threat indicators suggest the suburbs to the SW are in the "red." South of Stickling mall, survivors found a tattered and bloodsmeared dossier stamped "MK Gemini -- Classified". from what survivors can decipher from the code, the dossier seems to be a report in progress on something called the "Zerge Clone threat". Whatever monitoring agency who put together this report seems to believe some sort of human cloning project is underway in Malton, using the zombie outbreak as cover. Last line of report had not been coded, reading simply, "Awry-Ire cell disrupted, suspects apparently fled, case remains open."--The Envoy 15:14, 6 October 2006 (BST)

October 5th

Edmund General still seems to be feeling the brunt of the zombie incursion to date, with 60+ corpses found outside. While the occasional breach has been made, many of the med students who kept the facility operational in more peaceful days have been evacuated and replaced with hard-core z mowers. South of Stickling, the Owley Crescent PD suffered a minor breach, but nothing threatening to the SWAT forces and roughnecks posted there. Z collaborators have been taking to the airwaves with chastising words, but their threats so far have proven vacant in the heart of Shearbank. No official word has come from the "Operation Thin Dead Line" rumored to be conducted in the East, so it's difficult to say whether that alleged operation has had any effect upon the relative quiet of Shearbank so far.--The Envoy 15:15, 5 October 2006 (BST)

October 4th

Despite the taunting of human zombie collaborators on the airwaves, Edmund General Hospital is still held by the survivors. As the defense of Shearbank begins to get more serious, rougher sorts of characters, the sorts drawn to conflict, have begun to arrive in the battlezone, offering their assistance to factions or gunning independently for personal satisfaction. The days grow darker, the nights thicken with explosive tension, and some survivors use this atmosphere to settle survivor on survivor scores, avenge their killings as zombies in revive zones, and explore rumors of destabilizing clones operating in the area. It's only going to get messier from here on for a while as the horrors of the living dead bring out the ugliest in humanity.--The Envoy 16:30, 4 October 2006 (BST)

October 2nd

Despite an apparent concerted Z effort to lay waste to Edmund General Hospital over the past two to three days, survivors have been able to hold the building with only minor Z penetration. A strong guard of medical students and allied forces hold the hospital itself while the bookish band holed up in Ranahan library interlibrary loan forces over to assist with barricading and Z clearance.--The Envoy 19:05, 2 October 2006 (BST)

Word is the possibility of the big bash moving this way for the mall..... if its true lock and load and dont let them overrunn us like they did so easily at the dowdney mall and even fight them off RespectAquaman

Yeah just make sure people sleep in the corner of the mall that is under Dowdley the survivors were cowards...the zombies broke in ransacked one corner and it was all over. Sleep Tight...


September 27th

The immediate area of the Mall is clear. However, the mall is very heavily barricaded and the area directly west of there has light zombie presence. At least four zombies were seen at St. Luke's, which still has graffiti identifying it as the home of the Church of Ressurection.

September 26th

Omega Company USCMC today announced a deployment of all it's personnel to the Eastern Front. Military Command today stated that should more reinforcements reach the line then Omega Company personnel will be deployed in the NW of the Suburb. At present reinforcements for both fronts are limited with all available reserves being called up. The Shearbash is calling for every living soul to enlist.

September 23rd

The Big bash is starting to crawl from Huntley towards Shearbank. The Shearbash Alliance has constructed a defense line on the eastern border of the suburb. (OOC: This is a place for local news and events, not a place for name calling and your opinion. Leave your personal opinion to your or your group's forum. Phater)

Update: Millen Hills to our north is also in serious danger, it's northern reaches are being overrun by zombies. I commend you for your effort to meet the zombies at the borders, but the north-west corner also needs to remain fortified. The Freerunners have sent several members to the eastern front, but several have also remained in the NW. Remember, that the NW corner of Shearbank is it's heart and soul. -- Pvt. Aaron GoslingFREE (9/25/06)

September 11th

With the oncoming of organized hordes rather than Ferals, The Watchmen Defenders have set up base in Millen Hills and Shearbank. Please check out our wiki if you're interested in joining and defending the burbs. -Mssr Snow


August 16th

The FVZA have now pulled out of the suburb, having completed all their missions with the help of local survivors groups. With the suburb once again in survivor hands and zombie activity at a minimum, there work here is done. FVZA would like to thank all the local groups we worked with and it was a honour serving with you all. Good luck to The Shearbank Resistance and Freerunners in maintaining the area.

August 13th

Due in part to the passing of the Big Bash, and in part to operations employing River Tactics, the safety of Shearbank has dramatically improved. As an emblem of this success, the pile of dead bodies outside Stickling Mall has rapidly diminished and the Mall has remained in human control for several days with no breakins.

August 2nd

FVZA Working with The Shearbank Resistance and Freerunners are holding the suburb well. Its still a hot zone and considered dangerous but lots of progress is being made. Stickling Mall is being held and Revives are happening. Slowly but surely normal life is being restored to this fair suburb.


July 21st

ACC and CDF Malakim Squads have now pulled out of the suburb as it is now clear the Big Bash is heading for Giddings Mall in Pitneybank. FVZA are helping the last survivors to hold revive points and help those who want to leave to get out safely. Edit: Though they have gone underground, The Shearbank Resistance and Freerunners are still operating and will continue operating within the suburb on a daily basis.

July 17th

The MPD announces that the proximity of the Big Bash to Shearbank, Roachtown and Ridleybank warranted a general evacuation from these suburbs. Members of the DEM made announcements to as many pockets of survivors as they could to facilitate the evacuation. All survivors in Shearbank are urged to leave the suburb. Do not try to make a stand, maintain barricades or operate revive points. In accordance with Operation Tumbleweed, and as we can see from recent events in Stickling Mall, if there is resistance, then the zombies stay; if there are no humans to eat, there is less reason for a prolonged occupation. Utilize River Tactics. The MPD issued the following warning: "LEAVE SHEARBANK!" Edit: Though it has gone underground, The Shearbank Resistance is operating and will continue operating within the suburb on a daily basis.

July 13th

Survivor control of Stickling Mall has undoubtedly been lost to the zombies. As of this posting, the NW, NE and SW corners of the Mall have been torn open and 31 zombies have entered and are browsing for humans to eat. A horde of about 90+ zombies (and 79 inert bodies) mills about in the parking lot. Stickling Mall is again under undead control.

July 11th

The situation at Stickling Mall deteriorated beyond repair today. A group of 120-140 Zeds are camped on the NE corner, and there have been repeated, large break-ins with numerous survivors killed. There are over nintey bodies littering the ground outside the mall. It is expected that the last survivors will soon leave the mall to seek safer places to sleep.

July 7-11th

The reoccupation of Stickling Mall continues despite more frequent break-ins and decreases in the number of defenders. The zombie horde has grown from 75-85 rotting husks to greater than 120, with many (approximately 60) dead bodies outside the NE corner of the mall (it should be noted that some of both the Zombies and the dead are defenders, whose return to active defense is anticipated). Though the situation grows dire, spirits remain high, and the valient defenders hope that both local and foreign forces will soon lend their aid to the beseiged survivors.

July 5-7th

Survivors have taken Stickling Mall back from the zombies, and managed to hold it despite occasional, brief zombie break-ins. Massive looting is taking place in all quadrants of the mall as supply starved survivors rejuvinate their stocks. As July 7th (GMT) approached (the official end of the SHOP-A-THON), public debates were held in the food court regarding the future of the action. There were many who argued that now that Stickling Mall was taken, it should be held. The DEM argued that it was too late to change the planned mass departure and that the purpose was to display survivor organization by everyone leaving simlutaneously. Local groups (The Shearbank Resistance and Freerunners) countered that they had never intended to abandon Stickling. Although all hailed the SHOP-A-THON as a success, no consensus regarding continued survivor habitation of the mall was reached. Many survivors (e.g. Army Control Corps, The 4-H, FVZA) chose to remain behind and try to hold the mall. At this date, 75 zombies stood pounding at the gates of the Northeast Corner of Stickling Mall.

July 4th

The brave soldiers of the Army Control Corps, CDF Malakim Squads, FVZA, The 4-H's Long Patrol, The Shearbank Resistance, and The DEM enter Stickling Mall to return Shearbank to survivor hands for the 3 day SHOP-A-THON event. First shots were fired today and Shearbank's independance is being returned. At this point, 35 zombies stood in the North East corner of the mall.


June 23rd

The DEM announces the Independence Day Stickling SHOP-A-THON, an aggressive plan to re-take Stickling Mall for 3 days starting on July 4th.

June 19th

S.A.A.D.A is disbanding its forces, we are only at 15% strengh which is barley enough for continuing operations. We shall return but.

June 9th

Zombie numbers have fallen and hordes have dispersed. The freerunners announce plans to retake Stickling Mall on Sunday, June 11th.

June 7th

Shearbank is largely overrun. The freerunners advise all survivors to retreat to neighboring suburbs, regroup, and then proceed with reclaiming the mall.

June 6th

In honor of PKday The Patriots take Stickling Mall to recreate the Sepetember occupation of Shearbank by DARIS. The mall has been changing hands from the humans to zombies on and off recently.


April 8-11th

Stickling Mall was beseiged and taken by zombies that are believed to be part of The Shining Ones. Team Venture! reports that there was at least one member of The Dark Order of Armageddon active at Meaker Lane Fire Station. He claimed that they were 'Tourists from the South'. Team Venture! suspects that they were aiding members of The Shining Ones in monitoring survivor plans for a counter-offensive at Stickling Mall.


March 22nd

Few zombies around, all buildings are barricaded with entry points existing and most resource buildings good safehouses. Stickling Mall is also well defended and peaceful.


February 14th

There are few zombies to be seen roaming the streets, most buildings are barricaded and several safehouses exist. Additionally, there is a successful revivification clinic in the area, started by Dr Gloucester and aided by all right-minded Necro-Tech staff in the area. Life in Shearbank is good!


January 5th

The Bellhop Boppers formally put a call to arms for any survivors groups in neighboring suburbs to help take back Shearbank. Currently, there are very few barricaded buildings left in the suburb, and thus few survivors. There are scarcely any blocks left that are clean.

January 3rd

Malton Police Department today issued a warning to all survivors walking the streets of Shearbank. Survivors are urged to double-check barricades on a regular basis, and to prepare secondary safe-houses. Zombies are mobbing critical buildings such as hospitals, and a number of survivors trapped in local safe-houses have been slaughtered in their sleep.

January 2nd

Stickling Mall has fallen to zombies. There are no survivors left alive inside. Zombies occupying the interior number well over 150+, with an additional 75 on the outside perimeter.

January 1st

Stickling Mall has fallen under attack by zombies, presumably (based on graffitti in the area) those of a group calling itself The Gray. Over 300 survivors are currently inside, and at least 80 zombies are currently besieging the mall. Several incursions have occured, but all have been successfully repelled thus far.



December 28th

Owsley Crescent Police Department was raided by a horde of zombies just south of Stickling Mall. Masses which were exceeding 25 have dwindled two 12 or less, but the threat remains. Zombie activity in Shearbank has increased over the last two weeks, cumulating in several building raids over the 27th and 28th of December. Reports of several attacks on Necrotech Buildings around Shearbank have come in, some saying nearly twenty corpses outside the Whippey Building.

December 10th

The group of Zombies which had grown into numbers exceeding 50 outside Stickling Mall has dispersed. although large groups still presist in wandering masses around the interior of Shearbank.

December 1st

There are groups of 4-10 zombies throughout the suburb and a group of 20+ zombies outside Stickling Mall, as seen by a Necrotech employee trying to get back to the revive points in Yagoton. Barricades vary from Heavy to none at all, and staying in the suburb may not be safe, especially for low-level characters.


November 4-6th

Zombies moved in en masse and cleared out Stickling Mall and surrounding buildings. Many of these were low level zombies and the large numbers almost immediately disappeared, causing some to suspect this was another case of multiple account abuse. However the zombie group The Undying Scourge later confirmed that it was active in the area at the time and had quickly departed, claiming it had "over hunted" the suburb. This does not necessarily mean that zerging did not coincide with their actions, of course. Regardless of who was responsible, humans were able to move back in to the area within several days.


October 30th

Stickling Mall was once again highly barricaded and under survivor control. The small groups of zombies that had occupied the area since the fall of DARIS were for the most part no longer present within the suburb and it had returned to a fairly neutral status. At the same time, rumors of DARIS's return to the suburb also began to grow fairly frequent. However, as is common in Dealings with DARIS, these turned out to be empty threats, and aside from the 13 days that DARIS held Shearbank, they posed no significant threat to Malton.

Early October

The Shearbank Liberation Army and other groups began an ongoing effort to try to secure the suburb for survivors. Despite the efforts of many humans, however, zombies continued to ravage Shearbank and nearby suburbs, although the survivors slowly gained ground throughout the month, with Stickling Mall a central battle zone during this time.


September 23rd

Stickling Mall, the Necrotech building to its north and the police departments in the suburb became surrounded by several large groups of zombies. However, reports indicated that several of the other important buildings in Shearbank remained barricaded. Many of the more prominent DARIS members were spotted in Millen Hills, further fuelling the speculation that DARIS had decided to relocate.

September 22nd

As of ~1800 GMT, there was no human presence inside Stickling Mall, which had long held a major DARIS presence. As of this date, DARIS was ejected from Shearbank and the 13 day reign of the group came to an end in Shearbank.

September 21st

Multiple groups of zombies, ranging from 10-50 zombies each, were spotted assaulting safehouses in the city. Rumors began to circulate that DARIS might retreat from Shearbank.

Note: Many DARIS members charge and claim to have evidence that the exceedingly high numbers of zombies in the area during this time were due to multiple account abuse, and beleive that the suburb would not have fallen, or at the very least, not so quickly, had players not used such illegal tactics. Opponents of this theory assert that the large volume of zombies was the result of DARIS's high profile in the Urban Dead community and their abrasive policies, which drew ire from many individual players.

September 19th

The fighting in the suburb reached fever pitch, with at least five separate human groups, as well as several of the larger zombie groups, fighting in the suburb. The Many were, however, noticeably absent. During this period, Shearbank was widely regarded to be the main focus of fighting in the entire city of Malton.

September 9th

The Shearbank Liberation Army was formed to "take back" the suburb and overthrow DARIS, whom they charged to be PKers (a claim that is clearly substantiated by the Third Article of DARIS's "Article the Third", which states: "That entry into the suburb of Shearbank by alien nationals is as of now, unallowed, and punishable to the full extent of the law, up to and including summary execution by firing squad."). This prompted DARIS to in turn label the Shearbank Liberation Army a Class Z Threat by DARIS, ushering in a period of open war between the two.

September 8th

DARIS asserted control of Shearbank, declared independence from the rest of Malton, and stated that non-members would face execution if they decided to remain. Expectedly, non-DARIS residents made no claim to secede and did not rush to comply with the "express wishes of the Populat".


August 28th

The original raid by the Many began. The attack lasted several days and involved the entire suburb, with a death toll estimated in the hundreds. A small number of humans resisted, but were eventually routed out of Stickling Mall. Days later, The Many began to leave Shearbank en masse. Several zombies still remained in the suburb, but it is unknown whether they were affiliated with The Many. The remaining residents of Shearbank then set about the task of ridding the suburb of those that had stayed behind.

Note: There is a popular hypothesis that the primary purpose of The Many's attack was to prepare Shearbank for occupation (by DARIS) by removing the existing human presence there. The fact that the members of both The Many and DARIS draw primarily from the Something Awful forums, and the habit of some players to play characters in both groups does little to help them defend against these charges. However, beyond these somewhat reasonable suspicions, there is no actual proof to support this allegation.

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