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Origins and Glorious History

We came out of the sea and evolved, or tried to anyway. Shedvader.jpg


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...

Most Wanted

  • Slipper socks to keep our feet warm.
  • MR K1LLER and BLOODY MESS dead in an unimaginably painful or embarrassing way, for abusing shed hospitality, hiding behind us from Extinction, and then betraying us.
  • New stock for the minibar.
  • Bigger guns.
  • Fresh fruits, fresh veggies, and steak.
  • Extinction...extinct.
  • Shadow Company members(and any known PKers)killed on sight


  • Biff Chitts

Rugged,yet mildly attractive looking former b-movie action star.Dressed in a posh hotels white dressing gown and slippers (was nursing a serious hangover from awards ceremony the night previous to outbreak).A real good-guy, he'll do anything for his fans.

  • Blandnothing

weird freaky haired tramp ...with wild eyes and a twitch , got so may bite scars on him that he looks like a patchwork quilt, and has massive and i mean MASSIVE eyebrows!

  • gavinthepig

still wearing his uniform this cop wants to make your day .... you got to ask yourelf, do you really want to? ... well do you punk?

  • Silent Badger

A heavyset man dressed in flowing robes, excessivly hairy and wild in appearence, his beard and unruly hair are laced by a thick streak of grey. Given to expressions of profound wisdom or irrelevence and occasional bursts of extreme violence against vegetables. He appears calm amidst the growing desolation, as if he knows something profound and reasuring. The song "lonely man" from the Incredible Hulk seems to accompany him everywhere for some obscure reason.

  • Amy Flood

Bright-eyed, shy but friendly-Amy loves books, smart people, trigonometry, and hot chocolate. She hates zombies, apples, and bad poetry.

  • Macfarlane Burnet (M.I.A.)

A charming middle-aged male, Macfarlane has aged well into his late 30s. As you shake his hand, he has a warm and inviting grip. You notice the small scar on his face, probably caused by attacks from zombies.

  • Lordwhisker (M.I.A.)

An uber kvlt survivor

  • Deadly Ernest (M.I.A.)

A Shaven Headed Medium build, only-work-when-you-have-to soldier,Go T Beard, Green combat trousers and Ripped Jesus Saves T shirt, Harlequin Tattoo on Right shoulder,passion for chocolate limes

  • Jane Cross (M.I.A.)

Doing her best to keep the zombies out of Malton but luck isn't on her side.Hoping for better days to come...

Any PRO-SURVIVORS wishing to be a part of the Shed should stick around the Willmott Motel, and been seen to be actively helping to maintain Quarlesbank, and wait to be invited!


  • SanjuroShikimori (M.I.A.)

Carries these memories inside: Thoughts of a soul colored by love. The pile of corpse grow high. Passion will die, down below.

  • Docktor Mishmash (M.I.A.)(last seen out hunting for Captain Walker...waaaalker)

His tattered and bloodied uniform identifies his as a member of the New Zealand flying Medical platoon. You vaguely recall most of them being slaughtered a few months back. This guy must be one of the last.

  • StuartSF (Gone to pastures new with the Philosophe Knights)

He smiles underneath his mask and brandishes dual pistols from his shoulder holsters, as brown hair peeks from the side of his mask and blue eyes stare out from its holes.On his back a shotgun and axe swings.PSN name:StuartDPN


All pro-survivors who seek to maintain life in Quarlesbank are deemed to be allies of Shed, but we have strong affiliations with the following local survivor groups.