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Shopping Centre

Shopping centre.jpg
Borehamwood Shopping Centre before the outbreak

Shopping centres are Borehamwood's equivalent to shopping malls in both Malton and Monroeville. Borehamwood contains only two shopping centres: Borehamwood Shopping Centre and Elstree Shopping Centre. Both are large, enclosed 2 by 2 structures.

Shopping centres are very important tactical resource points. The only important items not available in there are flak jackets and fuel cans. A survivor with Shopping and Bargain Hunting in a powered shopping centre can quickly replenish almost any lost supplies in a day or so.

Due to the importance of shopping centres to survivor supplies, they are high-profile targets for zombies. For this reason, survivors often attempt to keep barricades of shopping centres at the level of Extremely Heavily Barricaded, requiring Free Running to enter.

Current danger reports for both shopping centres can be found on their individual location pages. Bear in mind these may be out of date.

Mall-Specific Skills

There are two mall-specific skills which affect survivors abilities to search for items in shopping centres. The first of these is Shopping. This allows the survivor to select which store they wish to search when looking for supplies, greatly increasing the shopping centre's usefulness. The second skill is Bargain Hunting, a child skill of Shopping, which gives survivors a +25% chance of finding something when searching a shopping centre.

Clothes found Items found in bookstore Items found in drugstore Items found in gunstore Items found in Hardware store Items found in Liqour store Items found in sports store Items found in Tech store
Face books first aid kits pistols crowbars beer pocket knives GPS units
a pair of sunglasses poetry books pistol clips fire axes wine baseball bats mobile phones
a pair of glasses shotguns flare guns pool cues radios
a pair of mirrored sunglasses shotgun shells spray cans fencing foils radio transmitters
Head kitchen knives binoculars
a <colour> baseball cap portable generators
a <colour> bandanna1 toolboxes
a fast-food staff paper hat
a <colour> tie
a <colour> scarf1
a bead necklace
a pendant necklace
an ankh necklace
a studded leather collar
a shopping mall staff shirt
a <colour> short-sleeved shirt
a Hawaiian short-sleeved shirt
a <colour> long-sleeved shirt
a <colour> T-shirt
a <colour> blouse
a <colour> blouse
a <colour> jacket
a <colour> leather jacket2
a <colour> sweater
a <colour> hooded sweater
a <colour> dress
a <colour> apron3
a <colour> coat
a <colour> leather coat6
a <colour> raincoat7
a clear plastic raincoat
a <colour> greatcoat9
a pair of <colour> jeans4
a pair of <colour> trousers
a pair of black leather trousers
a pair of <colour> shorts
a <color> skirt
a pair of <colour> boots5
a pair of <colour> leather boots2
a pair of <colour> shoes5
a pair of <colour> leather shoes2
a pair of <colour> trainers
a pair of <colour> stiletto heels8


  1. limited to black, grey, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown.
  2. leather clothes are limited to black, brown and red.
  3. limited to dark red, dark green and white.
  4. limited to pale blue, blue, dark blue, black and grey.
  5. limited to dark red, tan, brown, dark brown, black, grey and white.
  6. limited to black and brown
  7. limited to black, grey, dark green, dark blue and red
  8. limited to black, white, brown, blue and red
  9. limited to black, grey, dark brown, dark blue and dark red
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